Web 2.0 Websites You Should Create In 2018 For Backlinks And Traffic

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Web 2.0 Websites You Should Create In 2018 For Backlinks And Traffic

Web 2.0 sites are basically websites that allow you to create free blogs.

You can use these websites to create mini blogs that link back to your website or as a way of promoting the products and services you may offer or be promoting as an affiliate.

I highly recommend trying to be everywhere when trying to market your main website. So, create as many of these free blogs as possible and add content to them that gives value to potential readers.

It will take a lot of time but you need to think long term if you want to build a successful website. So, add as much value to each of your Web 2.o blogs because you never know, they might rank for keywords and bring in traffic to your website or affiliate links.

Here’s a list of Web 2.o websites you can create..I will try and add more as time passes but these include some very popular sites you can start with.

Tumblr.com http://www.tumblr.com/
Blogger.com http://blogger.com
WordPress.com http://wordpress.com
Livejournal.com http://livejournal.com
Wix.com http://www.wix.com/
Weebly.com http://www.weebly.com/
Goodreads.com http://goodreads.com
Storify.com http://storify.com
Bravesites/Bravenet http://bravesites.com
Yola.com https://www.yola.com/
WikiDot.com http://wikidot.com
Mouthshut.com http://Mouthshut.com
Webnode.com http://Webnode.com
Pinkbike.com http://Pinkbike.com
Soup.io http://Soup.io
Justpaste.it http://Justpaste.it
Pen.io http://Pen.io
Fotki.com http://Fotki.com
Smore.com http://Smore.com
Jambase.com http://Jambase.com
Portfoliobox.net http://Portfoliobox.net
Beep.com http://Beep.com
Kickofflabs.com http://Kickofflabs.com
Sitew.com http://Sitew.com
Snappages.com http://Snappages.com
Webgarden.com http://Webgarden.com
Cabanova.com http://Cabanova.com
Onsugar.com http://Onsugar.com
Sosblogs.com http://Sosblogs.com
Thoughts.com http://Thoughts.com
Doomby.com http://Doomby.com
Hazblog.com http://Hazblog.com
Zoomshare.com http://Zoomshare.com
Devhub.com http://Devhub.com
Cookeatshare.com http://Cookeatshare.com
Alivenotdead.com http://Alivenotdead.com
Blogbaker.com http://Blogbaker.com SHUT DOWN
Webspawner.com http://Webspawner.com
Sciencestage.com http://Sciencestage.com
Over-blog.com http://Over-blog.com
Wallinside.com http://Wallinside.com
Bcz.com http://Bcz.com
Page4.me http://Page4.me
Manifo.com http://Manifo.com
Postbit.com http://Postbit.com
Modwedding.com http://Modwedding.com
Getjealous.com http://Getjealous.com
Yousaytoo.com http://Yousaytoo.com
Socialmediatoday.com http://Socialmediatoday.com
Purevolume.com http://Purevolume.com
Insanejournal.com http://Insanejournal.com
Inube.com http://Inube.com
Bugs3.com http://Bugs3.com
Webstarts.com http://Webstarts.com
Xanga.com http://Xanga.com
Total-Blog.com http://total-blog.com
Jimdo.com http://jimdo.com
Jigsy.com http://jigsy.com/
page.tl https://www.own-free-website.com
Snackwebsites.com http://www.snackwebsites.com/
Edublogs.org https://edublogs.org/
All4webs.com http://all4webs.com/

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Something like this will help:


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  1. How do I get these web 2.0 links indexed?
    Is writing a unique article and adding the link to my main article is enough?
    Do I have to get the Web 2.0 articles indexed separately by google?


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