Web 2.0 Websites You Should Create In 2018 For Backlinks And Traffic

Web 2.0 sites are basically websites that allow you to create free blogs.

You can use these websites to create mini blogs that link back to your website or as a way of promoting the products and services you may offer or be promoting as an affiliate.

I highly recommend trying to be everywhere when trying to market your main website. So, create as many of these free blogs as possible and add content to them that gives value to potential readers.

It will take a lot of time but you need to think long term if you want to build a successful website. So, add as much value to each of your Web 2.o blogs because you never know, they might rank for keywords and bring in traffic to your website or affiliate links.

Here’s a list of Web 2.o websites you can create..I will try and add more as time passes but these include some very popular sites you can start with.

Tumblr.com http://www.tumblr.com/
Blogger.com http://blogger.com
WordPress.com http://wordpress.com
Livejournal.com http://livejournal.com
Wix.com http://www.wix.com/
Weebly.com http://www.weebly.com/
Goodreads.com http://goodreads.com
Storify.com http://storify.com
Bravesites/Bravenet http://bravesites.com
Yola.com https://www.yola.com/
WikiDot.com http://wikidot.com
Mouthshut.com http://Mouthshut.com
Webnode.com http://Webnode.com
Pinkbike.com http://Pinkbike.com
Soup.io http://Soup.io
Justpaste.it http://Justpaste.it
Pen.io http://Pen.io
Fotki.com http://Fotki.com
Smore.com http://Smore.com
Jambase.com http://Jambase.com
Portfoliobox.net http://Portfoliobox.net
Beep.com http://Beep.com
Kickofflabs.com http://Kickofflabs.com
Sitew.com http://Sitew.com
Snappages.com http://Snappages.com
Webgarden.com http://Webgarden.com
Cabanova.com http://Cabanova.com
Onsugar.com http://Onsugar.com
Sosblogs.com http://Sosblogs.com
Thoughts.com http://Thoughts.com
Doomby.com http://Doomby.com
Hazblog.com http://Hazblog.com
Zoomshare.com http://Zoomshare.com
Devhub.com http://Devhub.com
Cookeatshare.com http://Cookeatshare.com
Alivenotdead.com http://Alivenotdead.com
Blogbaker.com http://Blogbaker.com SHUT DOWN
Webspawner.com http://Webspawner.com
Sciencestage.com http://Sciencestage.com
Over-blog.com http://Over-blog.com
Wallinside.com http://Wallinside.com
Bcz.com http://Bcz.com
Page4.me http://Page4.me
Manifo.com http://Manifo.com
Postbit.com http://Postbit.com
Modwedding.com http://Modwedding.com
Getjealous.com http://Getjealous.com
Yousaytoo.com http://Yousaytoo.com
Socialmediatoday.com http://Socialmediatoday.com
Purevolume.com http://Purevolume.com
Insanejournal.com http://Insanejournal.com
Inube.com http://Inube.com
Bugs3.com http://Bugs3.com
Webstarts.com http://Webstarts.com
Xanga.com http://Xanga.com
Total-Blog.com http://total-blog.com
Jimdo.com http://jimdo.com
Jigsy.com http://jigsy.com/
page.tl https://www.own-free-website.com
Snackwebsites.com http://www.snackwebsites.com/
Edublogs.org https://edublogs.org/
All4webs.com http://all4webs.com/

Organising Your Lists For Easy Management

I recommend creating a spreadsheet to keep all your usernames, emails and passwords organised.

Something like this will help:


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41 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Websites You Should Create In 2018 For Backlinks And Traffic”

  1. Hi wazza
    When making accounts for the above 2.os can we use same artlicle on all id same niche and do we link to main site or certain page

    • Heya buddy.
      I recommend creating as much unique content as possible. You want your web 2.0’s to be quality sites as well because this will only compliment your money site.

      Let’s look at an example:
      Say you had a website and you went and created all these web 2.0 sites with the same article.
      Then say a competitor done the exact same but they wrote unique content on each of the web 2.0. Who do you think will rank higher? The site with the unique content.

      You want to try and make quality sites. Google and other search engines want quality websites in their search results for their users so, it only makes sense to give Google/Bing/Yahoo ect what they want.

      You can re-write the same article but make sure it’s 100% unique or close to it.

      Hope that helps mate and thanks for being apart of the FB group 🙂

  2. When you start creating the web 2.0 sites…do you create a unique gmail account for each one or mix it up between like gmail, yahoo, and hotmail accounts?

  3. Hi Stephanie.
    You can sign up using one email to each..Then when you create another lot of web 2.0’s use a different email again repeating the process. Some blog platforms do allow you to create multiple blogs inside that account but I normally only do 2 or 3 in one account. Hope that helps 🙂

  4. Great write up bro! “Your Affiliate Marketing Cheat Sheet”, this guide is comprehensive and straight to the point. No need to buy crap courses elsewhere. Thanks.

    • I normally mix it up, one might be the keyword as the name another might be something random like a persons name or something weird.
      You have to remember why these web 2.0’s exist in the first place and that’s for people to create a free blog to write about the things they want – not for backlinks.
      So, make them look natural and name them things people would name them if they were to create a free blog. I will be posting a youtube video today about web 2’s actually.

  5. I’m looking forward to trying this web 2.0 stuff out!

    Now that you mention people give them random names, I must be seeing some of these in the allintitle search results I get when I’m doing my keyword research. I click on them and they usually redirect me to another site, which I’m guessing must be the site they are trying to rank.

    So, maybe a good question is, have you every been penalized by google for this link building technique?

    • It’s all about quality and providing value to the web and it’s users. If you’re providing helpful articles or value that people will either share or link too then you’re doing it right.

      I’ve never had a penalty from this, the only penalty I’ve ever had was in 2012/2013 and that was because I was getting links from a link farm that was penalised by google. The whole network got slapped and because I had link pointing to a music site I owned it went from making $800 week to $200 a MONTH..

      Since then I’ve learned not to fall for these shiny objects to game the system – I focus more on quality and adding value.

  6. http://storify.com said it is shutting down in may, and snackwebsites.com said it was shutdown too..

    is that a common thing to happen to these kinds of blogs? it would suck to invest so much time and effort to see it all disappear.. poof!

    • Thanks for the heads up!
      It definitely can happen. What I suggest, if you get notified – make a backup of the web 2 and add it to a new one, then move on.
      It does suck, but sometimes it can’t be helped unfortunately.

      Only other way is to build your own PBN but that can be a pain to manage and cost money – web 2 are free and a lot of people like that.

  7. Thanks man for your wonderful blog and videos , been learning a lot from you in this game. Just wondering how much of this web2.0s or business model do you do yourself or do you actually outsource it. It’s really a lot of work doing content because it has to be decent quality sites.

    • Thanks for the kind words Jonathan and thanks for reading..
      You can definitely outsource all of this pretty cheap. You can even hire a VA from say UpWork and give instructions to create them for you and pay them $5-$10 per hour. Just give them good instructions to follow and they will do it.
      Or, you hire a writer for cheap and you do all the set up and blog creation while they provide the content.

      I do a lot of my own stuff. To be honest, once you’ve done a few and see improved rankings, you will see the power (mixed with other links of course) of them.
      Say you have a niche blog with 30 pages or so. For this blog you might have 20 web 2.0 that link to this niche blog, a bunch of blog comments, forum links, links from youtube and other video sharing sites, social media accounts, some guest posts on other blogs…

      Yes, this will take a lot of work and time, and you may not see results for a month to two months of your hard work BUT when you do start seeing results you will be glad you put the hard work in..Especially if your content is good and converts.

      Having good shareable and linkable content is a must. You will get backlinks and shares naturally which makes it a lot easier for you 🙂

      SEO is a lot of work – you either hustle and do the work yourself or outsource it.
      Another important thing is choosing the right keywords. Some keywords don’t need a lot of backlinks – with little competition, you may not need many at all and I have ranked pages WITHOUT any backlinks.

  8. Hi Warren,
    Hope you are doing good. I am following your web 2.0 video plan but I want to ask few questions, hope you will answer them.

    1. How many posts should I add to a web 2.0 site before adding my site link to it?
    2. You explained about adding one prime post (1000-1500 words) and then internally link it from other posts of the same web 2.0, so when should I put my link in the prime post (before internal linking or after)?
    3. How many web 2.0 should I use for one page to avoid Google penalty?

    • Hi mate,

      1. I normally add around 3-5 to begin with then every now and then I will update it with another.
      2. I always add my links back to my money site straight away. As for interlinking from post to post I will add them when editing the post I wrote. I sometimes visit older posts and add a link to a new post if it’s relevant.
      3. There is no exact amount but I normally do a few to begin with, then I will add some over time.

      It’s important to build other types of links as well like blog comments, forum posting, profile links, social media, guest posting ect…

      Hope that helps.

  9. Hi there Warren ! Thanks for compiling this list of web 2.0s , it makes life easier for all us who are newbs in this and just start 🙂 .

    If you don’t mind I got a question for you … So , it is about the home page of both the main site ( for example if I made a site reviewing CB products ) and the home page of the web 2.0s . Is it more efficient to just make a static page as a homepage or it is better to just have the latest posts displayed there ?

    I am not sure but i think you said when making a tumblr , you prefer to have a big post in the front page … but what about let’s say a weebly , or a free wordpress site?

    Thanks for your quality content again !

    • Glad you like it John.
      I prefer to have a static page for both. That way I have more control of how the site structure is and some posts I don’t want on the home page.

      Tumblr, weebly I do like to have a big post on the home page and then some more content supporting the home page or linking to another big article on that web 2.

      Hope that helps.
      Thanks for dropping by

  10. Thank you Mr. Wheeler for this list . This list comes in handy as I’m just starting out my affiliate marketing journey and your site is simply a treasure by itself 🙂 .

    If you don’t mind I have a question for you regarding backlinks and tumblr in particular…
    Say I want to rank a review page or an article page that has some keywords baked in , but making 3-4 web 2.0s proves to be insufficient . In your opinion , would it be reasonable to create let’s say 3-4 or even more tumblr profiles in order to rank a hard-to-rank page ? I guess what I am really asking is if tumblrs are powerful enough to justify creating a bunch of them .

    And again thank you for the list you compiled for us ! 🙂

    • Oh and one more thing lol .

      What do you think about using ONLY tumblrs or weeblys as web 2.0s ? My intuition says that Google may see this as suspicious and not really ”genuine” and as a result hand out a penalty , but I am asking you in case you have tried this .

    • I wouldn’t just focus on Tumblers but you can do them over time. Say 3 per month.
      Just make sure, when creating your tumblr blogs you stay active on them in some way. Like, reblog and share interesting stuff to get more followers and build up the account.

      Your content also has to be on par – make sure you have good content on your review site plus good content on your tumblr blogs.

      Hope that helps and thanks for dropping by.

      • Ok and a final question about tumblr lol …
        Do you believe the tumblrs ( and the rest of web 2.0s for that matter ) should be relevant content wise to the money site theme ??? Does Google actually scan for that kind of relevancy ? I would guess it does look for this kind of relevancy but I am asking to be sure .

        Thank you !

  11. Hi Warren and many thanks for the list !
    When you have the time please answer a couple of my questions:

    1) When you build one web 2.0 do you link from it just to the review page of your clickbank product or you also build links from that web 2.0 to your supporting articles too ?

    2) When building backlinks to our money website , could I create multiple web 2.0s on one domain ( say weebly) and then link to my website or it would be better to create web 2.0s from other domains instead ( wix,WP,tumblr etc.)
    Also, about the forum posts you have mentioned … Is it enough to create only one account and share a link of our money site or is it better to make more accounts on the same forum and again build links ?

    Pheww.. that’s all I think haha . Again thank you for your work Wazza !

    • In my opinion, over time the 10 high-quality web 2s will send more juice.
      The 50 web 2’s will also send juice but wont be as powerful.

      If you’re doing this to a new site – go with 10 high-quality web 2’s. I always focus on quality over quantity these days.

  12. Hi Warren

    I’m really glad I found your Youtube channel that lead me to your websit here 🙂 The tips are really helpful. I noticed that you used Web 2.0 as one of the SEO strategy. Can I use PLR articles for the Web 2.0 but writing unique, long and relevant for my website?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Nicole,

      Glad you’re liking the content.
      I think I answered this on Youtube but I will also answer here as well.
      Yes, you can use PLR articles but completely rewrite them if you do. You don’t want duplicate content because it will be of no real value on the web. I write articles new – but you can also take one article and then rewrite that article over and over creating different versions.

      You want to add value to the web. I also create my web 2’s like mini money sites.
      If you can get traffic to those web 2’s they can send visitors to your main site so it makes sense to make quality sites all round.

      Hope that helps.

  13. Hi Warren. I’ve created 5 of these Web 2.0 following your recent and very successful niche site study. I’m just wondering how is this Web 2.0 method any different than a link farm or a public blog network (PBN)?

    Is it because the Web 2.0 method that you taught focuses on unique contents versus the spammy site of the link farms?

    • Great stuff! Glad it’s inspired you to take action. Be sure to build other types of links as well.
      It can be classed as building PBN’s the big difference is the quality. I focus on quality content where most people only do one article for each web 2 and most are spun junk articles that don’t make sense. I build these into mini sites with multiple unique articles which adds value to the web. I also build links to these web 2s as well and join the conversation by commenting on other blogs in the same platform (eg – comment on a blogger blog while logged into blogger and link back to my web 2.) Plus I like, reblog or share other peoples stuff that I find interesting and know will help my readers.

      Hope that makes sense – it’s all about adding value to the web. Avoid trying to take shortcuts – most shortcuts are short lived.

      • Thanks for the clarification buddy. Just wondering do you put much effort to try to rank these Web2.0 sites (seo, keyword research, etc.)?

  14. Hey Warren,

    Firstly, thanks so much for your WEB 2.0 creation guide.

    I have a question about how to make your web 2.0 strong? I mean, what kind of links do you build to your WEB 2.0 (PBNs, just social signals, links from other WEB 2.0s etc.) ?

  15. I normally just build the same kind of links as I do to a money site.
    BUT you can like, comment and share other peoples stuff in that platform for the web 2. This builds inner links.

    Most platforms show something like “Wazza just liked this post” with that linked back to my profile which then builds more juice back to the blogs I create within that platform. Hope that makes sense.

    Tumblr is a good example for that. Check peoples posts and they have notes – then go to the notes it says username liked this post with a link back to their profile. Or reblogged this post.

    Share on social media sites as well and bookmark them on bookmarking sites.

  16. Hi Mr. Warren, your cheat sheet is Amazing

    Let’s say that I have 10 articles in each of my 2.0’s websites.
    Is it safe to link to my money website in all of the articles?

    • Hi Amin.
      I personally wouldn’t link from all of them but you can link to different pages.
      So Web 2 Page 1 links to money site page 3, Web 2 Page 2 links to money site page 2, ect…

      That way you’re using different pages to link from.

  17. How do I get these web 2.0 links indexed?
    Is writing a unique article and adding the link to my main article is enough?
    Do I have to get the Web 2.0 articles indexed separately by google?

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