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Vidnami Review: My Honest Opinion + How You Can Use It To Make Money

Hopefully, this Vidnami review will answer your questions and give you enough information so you will know if it’s the right fit for you and your business.

If this is the first time visiting my blog, my name is Warren Wheeler and I’ve been making money as an affiliate marketer since 2006.

I first started using Vidnami about 2 years ago when it was originally called Content Samurai.

You may have even seen some of my videos showing how to use it back in 2018 but if you want a more up to date review and tutorial check my new video below where I go over Vidnami and give you a tour……

ATTENTION: The people at Vidnami have a special deal running right now. Get 25% off EVERY MONTH + check out the awesome bonuses…

I do have other videos on my channel about Content Samurai but I’ll leave it up to you if you want to check out my Youtube channel and watch those.

A lot has changed since I created that video and they’ve added a bunch of amazing features in since.

So what has changed since then and do I still use it?

Apart from the rebranding from Content Samuria to Vidnami they have made some really cool changes to their app.

First, they added a bunch of new templates and styling options. These new templates are great for social media and creating videos for video sharing sites like Youtube.

Something else that is fairly new – a new set of what they call influencer video templates. These templates give you the ability to upload your own video and wrap your content around the video just like this…

As you can probably imagine, these will be very handy for creating video content for social media and building your personal brand. And, because the captions are there, it’s perfect for those who watch video while muted.

Ok, let’s get on with my Vidnami review and I’ll do my best to explain what it is, what it does and how YOU can use it to make some money….

What Is Vidnami Exactly?

I’m not going to bore you with a bunch of fluff with this, simply put – Vidnami is an app that allows you to create marketing videos fast.

You start with a template, add your video script, select some of their video blocks or images for your scenes (or upload your own) then add a voice track and finally choose if you’d like to use one of their music tracks or not and hit the Generate video button.

By using Vidnami you can literally pump out a professional looking video within 10 minutes and it’s very easy to use. True story here, my 15 year old daughter even used Vidnami (previously Content Samuria) for one of her school presentations and the teach was blown away.

Vidnami is For…Everyone!

For example, if you’re a real estate agent or property manager you can create sales and rental video listing tours fast. I’ve even charged real estate agents $90AU for a single 3 minute video that took me about 15 minutes to make.

They sent me their photos of the property, a short video tour and details for the property. All I had to do was add those images/video and description into Vidnami and let app do most of the magic for me.

Course creators: If you love creating courses Vidnami has templates for you too. These templates are designed to grab your students attention and make it super easy for you to create.

Check out this course example to see for yourself…

This is just one of many templates and they have over 790,000 royalty free video blocks and over a million images you can use within your videos – it really is amazing!

Affiliate marketers: If you’re an affiliate, I want you to imagine having the ability to create faceless videos, product reviews, top lists and informational videos on topics that can generate commissions on autopilot.

If you’re writing blog posts you can also turn those articles into video then link back to your site to help rank both your article and videos.

I’ve been using Vidnami for a couple years and many of my videos I created back then are still generating sales to this day – I did the work and now I reap the rewards over and over without touching them.

Check out this popular video created with Vidnami.

This video has over 14 million views at this moment writing this review. Can you imagine how many leads, sales or commissions you could generate from that kind of traffic?

How YOU Can Make Money With Vidnami

You can use Vidnami for fun, for making video ads for social media marketing, as an affiliate or you can use Vidnami as a service provider.

Let me explain then show you how to make money using it…

I think it’s safe to say video is becoming more and more popular as the internet evolves. More and more people are turning to video to consume their content because it’s so much more convenient and easier to watch than read.

With video on the rise, that means more demand for video as a service. Did you know people pay good money to have videos created for them?

You just have to look on sites like and to see the number of reviews and feedback to know there’s plenty of proof that it’s a high in-demand service.

And that’s how you can make some serious money by creating your own video creation service.

Here’s how you can do it…

  1. Create your own website to sell your service or join a freelance website like or and start your own gig providing professional video service.
  2. Target a specific niche in a popular market…think real estate, bitcoin, investing, natural remedies, dentists, roofing companies, builders…
  3. Make your service affordable but add upgrades and upsells – this can be extra video lengths/minutes, higher script wordcount or add another service you can offer.
  4. You could even teach a VA how to do all of this and outsource the entire process and charge enough to make a nice profit for yourself. Example: You pay a VA $20 to make the video for you, you charge the client $50 and you then keep the $30. This is also called drop servicing (not dropshipping).

And this my friend is just ONE way to make money using Vidnami. You can make videos promoting affiliate offers, create video ads for people, use it to create a course and sell it, monetize with Youtube/Adsense – the list goes on!

I highly recommend jumping on the 25% off discount before they take it down. You can cancel at any time but if you don’t want to spend the money, you can take the 14 day trial for a test drive first.

And, if you do like it and love it as much as I do you can add it to your arsenal of marketing tools.

I approve and recommend Vidnami

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