Video Sharing Sites For Backlinks

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Video Sharing Sites For Backlinks

Here’s a list of video sharing sites you can upload your videos to for traffic and backlinks.

Perfect for those who are using Content Samurai to make quick videos for links.

Too many people focus on Youtube alone.

Youtube is definitely the big one (for traffic) but don’t forget there’s plenty of other sites…

Submit your videos to all of these, add your url in the description for backlinks and enjoy the SEO juice it sends to your site!

This is a list I got from a mix of websites – some may not be working but still worth trying.

Don’t forget you can make multiple versions of the same video in Content Samurai

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3 thoughts on “Video Sharing Sites For Backlinks”

  1. Hi Wazza,

    Do you mean, we should upload the SAME video to as many of these sites as possible? Or do you mean use the “clone” button in content samurai, and tweak the video differently with either images or text to create a new video for each video site?

    Thank you for this video sharing site list as well 🙂

    • Hi Karen,
      You can upload the one video to multiple video sharing sites. Try to write unique descriptions on each (150-250 words or so and include your link to the page you’re trying to rank).

      Then create a new version of that video and do it all again. Eventually you’ll have a bunch of videos that can potentially bring in a lot of traffic plus help boost your rankings.
      Good luck.


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