The Best Hosting For Your Affiliate Sites – Why I Moved And What Happened

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The Best Hosting For Your Affiliate Sites – Why I Moved And What Happened

UPDATE: 13/09/2017 is now hosted with Siteground and I have also changed to a SSL so all links should redirect from http to https. Please let me know if you notice any problems. Thanks!

Heya Ninja!

Today I want to talk about hosting.

Here’s the thing, if you have a slow hosting provider and your site load time is slow – you’re missing out on better search engine rankings, you’re probably getting high bounce rates and you’re most definitely losing money!

I have a lot of sites, on all different hosting providers. I’ve been making sites since 2008 so I’ve used a lot of different hosts.

Over the years, I’ve found that not all hosting companies are created equal and things have changed a lot of the years.

I’ve learnt some valuable lessons in the past 9 years and one of those is doing your research on hosting providers and these days it’s even more important, especially considering there’s a new hosting company popping up every week.

Here’s what I recommend and personally use and have used in the past..

Best Hosting For Affiliate Sites

Siteground – These guys are the BEST hosting provider I have ever used for WordPress sites! Seriously, I’ve been with these guys for a while now but recently moved 3 big sites and a smaller site over because the host they were on was terrible!
Click here for their cheapest deal

Here’s some hosting companies I use and have used for affiliate sites:

Godaddy – (fairly slow, terrible support but great for registering domains).

Hostgator – Speed is ok, but definitely not the fastest. Their support is pretty good and they are cheap BUT you get what you pay for.

Bluehost – There’s a lot of mixed reviews on the web about these guys, but I personally have never had a problem. 

InMotion – I used to have sites with these guys but downtime was terrible and I just seemed like I was always asking for support.

iPage – Seriously, these guys would have to be the slowest, well that’s my opinion anyway. Another host that I seemed to always be in contact with support costing me time and money!! Avoid.

Here’s What Happened When I Moved To Siteground..

So my previous load time, downtime and overall experience with Godaddy hosting was pretty terrible. I use Pingdom Tools and the site was a slow old score of 70

We all know Google favours faster sites in their search results these days so I knew it was time to switch. The reason why I didn’t do it earlier was because I was worried something might happen with the change over.

Now, the good thing about Siteground – they will transfer your site over for you if you need help. I did this with my big site because I didn’t want to stress over it, but with my other sites I done myself and was surprised how easy it was.

Here’s the results after the change over:

That’s a HUGE jump…This site loads instantly and I was super impressed with the increase in performance. This is why I recommend Siteground over the others!

As for my other sites, they all seen very similar results all performing way better than previously.

That’s not the only thing that happened..

Increased Rankings From Moving To Siteground!!!

After the move, I monitored my rankings like a hawk because I was super worried about losing rank and traffic.

I noticed a bit of jumping around in my ranking and after 1 week since moving to Siteground for one of my sites – BOOM! Rankings increased, traffic spiked up and I had an increase in sales.

Something else I noticed was time on site and a much lower bounce rate..The time on site was performing better and my traffic and sales

It just goes to show that people hate waiting for slow sites, even with fast internet speeds available.

Another good thing about Siteground is they have free SSL so you can have a secure site so you can go from http to https.

Google is now warning people about unsecured sites that have forms or collect data. Now is the time to change to https if you have not already done so because you will lose visitors and sales because of it.

Using Sitegrounds LetsEncrypt plugin is dead easy!

All you do is click this the Let’s Encrypt icon, select which site (if you have multiple sites) and you’re done!

I will do a video tutorial showing you how easy very soon because I’m going to move the blog over in the next few days.

So, if you’re wondering which hosting provider to go with – I recommend Siteground hands down!

Have a good day and I hope you’re loving the affiliate ninjas cheat sheet.

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2 thoughts on “The Best Hosting For Your Affiliate Sites – Why I Moved And What Happened”

    • Hi Jatin.
      Definitely worth the move. I recommend either the GrowBig or GoGeek. These two might be a couple of dollars extra but worth it because the Starter account only allows you to host one site.
      If you do move to SiteGround hit them up, they will do the migration for you. I got them to move one of my sites and it was fast and professional.
      Hope that helps.


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