Feeling overwhelmed or maybe you find yourself sitting in front of that computer wondering what you need to be doing?

I totally get it because I've found myself in this position many times and without a solid action plan you will find yourself stuck in a really bad rut if you continue without one.

So, in this post, I've decided to put a simple 30-day content marketing action plan together for those who are blogging and want to get more done in their day...

If you find yourself doing nothing and want to see floods of traffic then follow this for the next 30 days. 30 Days is only one month and although it might seem like a long time to some, if you stay disciplined and follow this every single day for the next 30 days you will get a LOT done.

You'll see just how much at the end of the list so keep reading to be shocked...

Simple Daily Action Plan For Massive Results!

1. Write ONE article for your blog ✔ This can be a review, a tutorial, a listicle or a helpful article you can publish on your blog. If you struggle with writing content I have videos and blog posts on this below.
2. Turn that article into a video ✔ You can edit this article so it’s a little unique and makes sense as a video. At the end of the video tell people to visit your website and visit the link in the description (this will make sense in steps below). I use Vidnami to turn my articles into videos because it makes the whole process super fast and it’s very easy to use. I have some videos on how to use Vidnamia (Previously called Content Samurai) – it’s 100% worth having if you want to take this seriously.
3. Publish the video on Youtube ✔ Simply upload it to Youtube, write a brief description and make sure you link back to the article or blog post you created on your site. I also have a blog post with a list of other video sharing sites you can post to for backlinks…
4. Publish the video on Facebook ✔ You can write a short description in the post which also links back to the article on your website. If you want to be even more productive – upload the video on any other social media sites as well. In Vidnami you can duplicate the same video you created but use a social media template.
5. Create an image using Canva.com that relates to your article ✔ You can create a simple image with the title of your article, a snippet of text or a quote from your article. This will also be used for social media. The images I’ve used in this blog post took me a total of 10 minutes to create. I might try make a video tutorial for this as well.
6. Post the image on social media ✔ Upload to Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media sites you have accounts with. Write a short blurb and add a link to your article. You can also link to your Youtube video as well if you want.
The next few are optional. If you want to keep things super simple just follow the 6 above, you'll be surprised how much content you will get out - definitely more than staring at that screen clueless right? Keep reading...
7. Turn your article into an infographic (optional). Head back over to Canva.com and now create an infographic from your article. This can take some time so if you’re time deprived then just focus on the steps above. But if you have the time, by all means, create an infographic using parts of your article – or all of it. Here’s some links on creating infographics…
8. Upload the infographic to infographic sharing sites. Upload the infographic on popular infographic sharing sites – don’t forget to watermark your infographic and where possible, link back to the main article on your website. Here’s a good list:
9. Email your list and tell them about your article. If you’re not collecting emails you really are missing out. If you are, great! Now you can email your list and tell them about the new article you published on your site. I use convertkit for my email marketing – it’s amazing and has great features. List of email autoresponders you can use to build a list with:
10. Rewrite the article and publish it on other websites.  This is also optional but if you want to you can rewrite the article and then upload it to any web 2.0 properties you may have. These are simply websites that allow you to create free blogs or share your content on the web. This can also be any kind of website that allows you to publish content. Make sure you link back to your article or website.

How Much Content Will You Get Out In 30 Days Following This?

Ok, so I know this might be hard for some people but 30 days really isn't that long if you challenge yourself and do this consistently for the next 30 days you're going to get a LOT of content out which can lead to huge traffic. And without traffic, you won't get any sales 😉 Let's work out how much content you can get out from just one article from following just the first 6 steps in this simple action plan...
  • One article per day = 30 articles on your website.
  • One video from that same article = 30 videos on Youtube.
  • One video post on Facebook from that same video = 30 posts to Facebook. 
  • One image created using Canva posted on Pinterest/Tumblr/Facebook & Twitter = 120 posts across the 4.
As you can see, that's a LOT of content (Over 200 posts worth) and the good thing about this strategy is it all starts with just one blog post. The potential traffic from this can be huge and it can snowball into floods of continuous traffic. Something else to think about, this all helps with SEO and will help rank your articles higher. From this strategy, you can build out the recommended number of pages I recommend hitting (30 pages), build a following on social media and if your content is good you'll also get Youtube subscribers as well. So, now you have a simple content marketing plan you can follow to see massive results. I challenge you to do this for the next 30 days - you'll thank me later 😉 Feel free to share this in groups, on your page or your website to help others. If you do, let me know and I might just give you a shoutout in my group!

6 Responses

  1. Challenge accepted! Planning what to do next is always an obstacle before you think of how to do it. I hope the next 30 days will be different because of this strategy. Thanks Wazza!

    1. Great stuff Augustine! Try and stay laser focused and do only this for the next 30 days. It will also help condition yourself to be more productive and get shit done!
      Good luck and please keep us updated with your progress. Thanks

  2. I also want to do this 30 Days Action Plan and want to See Results that it is working or not but in my opinion You are Right Because 30 Article in 30 Days , Google will love it and will try to Push Blog Higher in Ranking.

    Thanks For Sharing such an amazing Idea.

    1. That’s great Mario! Glad you like it and you’ll definitely have a lot of content by the end of it 😉

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