Robby Blanchard IS Legit! (PROOF)

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Robby Blanchard IS Legit! (PROOF)

Hey ninjas!

Let me get straight to the point…

Ever since doing my interview with the #1 Clickbank affiliate Robby Blanchard I’ve had a few emails and messages asking me if he and the screenshots shared are legit or not.

First, I just want to clear something up and hopefully if you’ve followed me for a while you’ll already know this – I only promote and share things I believe in and know will truly help you become a better affiliate.

That’s my number one goal and the reason why I created my group, to help people leave their jobs or have more time and freedom to spend with their loved ones. Plus make some serious money in the meantime 😉

So, is Robby Blanchard legit? Of course he is!

Don’t worry, I was a little skeptical myself but before reaching out to him I did my research, watched his content and checked his stuff. There’s no way I’m promoting garbage that those fake it till you make it type ‘Gurus’ try jam down your throat.

I recently emailed my list of loyal subscribers (shoutout to those who follow me) and shared some of Robby’s student success from his Commission Hero program.

Here are some of his student’s results…

More juicy screenshots here

Now, this is just a small handful of the students that are absolutely killing it following what Robby teaches and for some, these numbers may look far fetched but when you’re driving traffic using paid ads, there’s really no limit to what you can make.

You feed money in and if your campaign is set up right, it spits money back out at a profit.

That might sound simple enough but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you will burn through a lot of money and possibly get your ad account shut down!

Robby shows you step by step what he does and how he promotes affiliate offers using Facebook ads in his training. That way you don’t have to guess or feel like you’re missing that piece of the puzzle.

How Do You Know He Is The #1 Affiliate?

Another question I get asked is, how do you know Robby is the number one affiliate on Clickbank?

Well, that’s easy…

Here’s a video from the Clickbank headquarters interviewing Robby on their popular series What Makes You Click?

Here’s the Clickbank leaderboard that also shows Robby Blanchard won first place…

So hopefully this will clear things up for those who are skeptical.

He is definitely legit and also a really nice down to earth guy. He’s super transparent and very friendly, unlike those fake gurus who take your money and run. He even tells you what kind of ROAS (return on ad spend) he gets.

In fact, some of the people from my group were surprised to find how much Robby actually helps in the program. (Well done to those who already took action)

Why Buy A Course When You Can Learn For Free On Youtube???

While that may kind of be true, the problem with that kind of attitude and mindset is this:

If you’re NOT willing to invest in yourself then how are you going to grow?

Are you really going to take that ‘free’ info seriously or do you invest in yourself which will make you take things more seriously?

Are you going to spend hours upon hours searching through Youtube, blogs and free resources learning bits and pieces hoping that the info you’re consuming actully works? I can guarantee most people reading this are already suffering from information overload from those Youtube binges…

Or do you follow a proven system from the best of the best (The number one affiliate on Clickbank.)

Ok, this is turning into a bit of a rant but I just wanted to put this page up to show Robby Blanchard is, in fact legit, he does make a tonne of money and is the number one Clickbank affiliate.

Again, I only promote and share stuff I believe in and know will help you and Commission Hero is one of them!

Haven’t Watched My Interview With Robby Yet?

If you’re not in my group or subscribe to my email list then there’s a good chance you missed my interview with Robby.

Funny/awkward story – I messed his name up at the start but he was cool with it and we laughed it off. (It was just after midnight and I got the times mixed up lol.)

You can watch the interview below…