Copywriting: The Number 1 Skill I Recommend Affiliate Marketers Learn ASAP..

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Copywriting: The Number 1 Skill I Recommend Affiliate Marketers Learn ASAP..

Copywriting, especially persuasive copywriting would have to be the number 1 skill set I recommend learning.

When you can write ads, emails, blog posts or reviews that excite or persuade a person to take action or buying what you’re promoting – making money becomes a lot easier.

Words have the power of making someone sad, happy, excited and they also have the power to encourage someone to buy something.

You don’t have to be the best at grammar, you don’t even need to use fancy words…

In fact, these days it’s better to write as if you’re talking to a 10 year old. You want your content to be easy for everyone to read.

Depending on the content type, I mostly recommend writing your content like you’re writing an email to one person – just like you’re writing to a good friend.

Make Your Content Easy To Read…

Don’t use fancy words or try and write essays!

Instead, tell stories and take your visitor on a journey. Get them excited or make them worried.

Make them feel sad if you have too…

The more emotion you can put in your story and the more you can relate to your readers the better.

Below are some of the best copywriters in the world.

Some are still with us and some have passed but their books, seminars and teaching are still available. (Thank god)

  • Gary Halbert
    This man would have to be one of the greatest, if not THE greatest copywriters of all time. If you want to be a good copywriter read anything Gary published because it’s brilliant.
  • John Carlton
    Many say he’s the most ripped off copywriters because everyone copies his ads – that’s because he’s so damn good! Probably one of the most respected copywriters as well.
  • John Caples
    With books like Tested Advertising Methods and Making Ads Pay, you will soon realize why he’s in the top list.
  • Michel Fortin
    This man wrote the sales copy for the internet’s very first one million dollar day.
  • Clayton Makepeace
    Said to be one of the best video sales letter copywriters in the world.
  • Ray Edwards
    Ray wrote the best seller – How To Write Copy That Sells.
  • David Frey
    He’s an absolute legend in marketing
  • Bob Stone
    An all-time great in direct marketing. He was also one of the earliest inductees into the Direct Marketers Hall of Fame.
  • David Ogilvy
    This man was hailed the “Father of Advertising” and has some of the best books to learn copywriting and advertising. He passed away in 1999 but his book “Confessions of an Advertising Man” is one to read for many years.
  • Dan Kennedy
    Many of the top marketers in the world look up to Dan and that’s because he’s a legend in direct response marketing and copywriting.
  • David Garfinkel
    Author of “Breakthrough Copywriting” and an amazing copywriting coach.

If you want to be the best, you need to learn from the best…

Google them, search them on youtube – buy their books and read. Learn and take action.

You won’t become a great copywriter overnight, this takes practice and you will learn over time.

But learning the power of words is a must if you want to be a master of conversions. I highly recommend any marketer to learn as much as they can about this amazing art.

Learn & Practice & Then Practice Some More.

Once you learn how to write better copy you’ll find it easier to write:

  • Email funnels and newsletters
  • Blog posts
  • Reviews and comparison articles
  • How-to’s that make money
  • Video sales letters
  • PPC Ads and advertorials

Trust me, I’m not that good at copywriting but once I discovered the art of persuasion using words, that’s when it took my affiliate marketing business to a whole new level..

There’s no better time to learn than now! Go learn from the greats

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10 thoughts on “Copywriting: The Number 1 Skill I Recommend Affiliate Marketers Learn ASAP..”

    • Hi Richard.
      I could definitely add a lot more to the list, there’s a few really good ones that I might add in later today.

      What to begin with:
      If you like learning by listening – jump on the CopyChief podcast. Kevin Rogers interviews a lot of today’s greats and they all talk about the people in this list.

      Youtube: I like watching and listening to Gary Halbert. He has some great seminars and his son’s Kevin and Bond are both great copywriters as well.

      I also like John Carlton’s videos ( ) as well. Look those two up and watch or listen to any of them.

      Chris Haddad who’s not in the list has a great video to watch, this one kind of opened my eyes up a little to persuasive copywriting back in 2013 ( ).

      A good book that I enjoyed was ‘How to Write Copy That Sells’ by Ray Edwards.

  1. Hi Warren,

    thanks for the names of the BEST! I’m sure there is a lot to read and to learn.

    I have two questions:

    1. Do you use copywriting for all your articles – or do you use it only for the rewiew/money making pages and not for the informative pages?

    2. Do you have a recommendation which book to start with, for someone who is totally new to persuasive copywriting?


    • Hi Andreas.
      No problem at all. This is a good starter list, there’s definitely plenty of other legends I should include like Jay Abraham & Claude Hopkins..

      As for your questions:
      1. When writing articles I’m always thinking of what my readers pains, struggles, desires and all of their emotions that they could be having when they’re searching for their problems.

      So if I’m writing a how-to article for example I will try and understand their struggles that they have and try help them overcome them.

      I also use stories with a lot of my articles so people can relate to my content a lot more. So yes, I do use certain copywriting tactics.

      2. ‘How to Write Copy That Sells’ by Ray Edwards is a good start. But I also recommend watching youtube videos or listening to podcasts – look them all up and binge watch.

      Binge watching will quickly bring you up to speed.
      Another good book I recommend all affiliates read is by Russell Brunson – Dotcom Secrets.

  2. Hi there Wazza,

    Thanks for your input so far… I just tried to swipe your FREE COPY OF THE AFFILIATE MARKETING NINJAS CHEAT SHEET! But the link is down, the note said to inform the web owner ,, So here I am

  3. Could not agree more Wazza, this article has totally inspired me to return back to writing more and improve my standard of writing again. Thanks for those great resources. I’m so glad that telling a real story is truly proving more valuable to readers and they engage with the content MORE. How good is that! Another excellent blog post Wazza.


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