The Perfect Affiliate Product Review Template

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The Perfect Affiliate Product Review Template

Here’s a template that’s worked wonders for my product reviews. It converts really well for me, so I’m sure it will work wonders for you.

I always make my review pages full width without a sidebar.

The reason for this is, you don’t want any distractions or leaks to other pages because our main focus is getting the visitor warmed up to visit the affiliate link and buy the product we are reviewing.

And if my site is purely a review site, I will take away the navigation menu and sometimes even take away the logo or homepage link.

The only link I want my visitor to click on is my affiliate link 😉

Use this template as a guide to help you write your reviews. Have a good read and you might just get some ideas flowing for your review pages…

Let’s get started..

Rating: ⋆⋆⋆⋆

My “Product Name” Review: Here’s What I Really Think!

This is a short paragraph to grab the visitors attention. Mention something that might shock them or something weird, alarming or truthful. Bold important parts so their eyes quickly glance to see what it is.


Hi there! Now it’s time to introduce yourself (your name or a pen name) and tell them what you’re reviewing. Make sure you add a picture of a persons face – your own or one from a stock image site.

I think having an image of a face and putting a name to it helps dramatically. Now the reader can put a face to the article and they will feel more like you are speaking directly to them.

Sometimes I drop an affiliate link in this section by making the name of the product a link.

Images paint a picture, so add them.

Time to break the ice…

Now that you’ve introduced yourself and told them what you’re reviewing tell them a bit of a story to break the ice, something that the reader will relate to.

I always think about problems a reader may have that’s related to the product. Try and hit some emotions or make it entertaining and fun to read..

Make up a funny story or a sad story that’s related to the product. Even better, talk about a common problem the reader would have and turn it into a story.

I normally write 2 or 3 paragraphs telling a bit of a story.

My Review: Here’s My Thoughts and Opinions On “Product Name”…

(Another Heading This Time A H3 Heading with your keyword.)

( image of product to break things up )

This section I will go into some details about the product.

I will mention things like how I came about buying the product, why I chose this product over others, who the product is for and what the product does.

You’ll also want to think of questions the reader would like to know about the product you’re promoting. Your review should answer as many questions possible the reader may have.

This will be about 5 or 6 paragraphs long. If you feel like writing more, then write more.

What’s Included In/With “Product Name”

(Another h3 heading)

(Image of product you’re promoting)

Now I will tell the reader everything that is included when they buy the product.

Make a list and tell them how much value they will get for their money.

For example:

I was very surprised at just how much was included when I bought the zoomshot2000 camera. Check out what I got when I unpacked it..

  • I got the camera
  • A fancy lens cap that’s very solid, I think this will protect my lens for sure!
  • A carry strap. This strap is the perfect length, almost too long.
  • The cables and leads came in a nice little pouch which really impressed me.
  • And all this came in a stylish camera bag that has pockets for everything I need when out on the field.
  • It looks like they have now included a free camera mount (Click here to see if it’s still included <<) Drop a sneaky affiliate link 😉

Notice how I dropped an affiliate link in there. It builds curiosity and gets them to land on your link and sets the cookie so if they don’t buy straight away, they might come back and buy later but you still get a commission.

List some benefits of using the product as well.

Now I realise you probably will never buy or have never used the products you’re reviewing, so just imagine you have or use the product image for ideas (just like I did above) and answer as many questions as you can in your review that your reader might have.

Product Name Compared With “Competitor Product Name”

(Another h3 heading)

(add an image of each)

Every now and then, depending on the product I’m reviewing, I will compare it to another.

Find a more expensive brand or a brand that isn’t very good. That way you can show that the product you are promoting in the review is the best or cheapest option.

The reason I don’t always add another product in the mix or compare it with another is because I don’t want the visitor to get distracted or venture off my site without clicking my affiliate link 😉

Try not to have ANY leaks to other pages, products or websites.

You might find this strange but I want the reader to get f#@k off my site..but the only way I want them to leave is via my affiliate link.

And, if I’ve done my job right, they will be excited to buy the product = nice commission for me $$$!

So, this section is optional but if you’re going to do a comparison make sure you can make money from both products and if you can’t, don’t link out to it.

“Product Name” Pros & Cons

(another h3 heading)

This is where I will list some benefits and some negative feedback about the product I’m promoting.

You don’t want your review sounding salesy or to perfect. Always mention something, nothing major but something that you didn’t like.

List a bunch of positive stuff about the product and then under that add some cons but only mention a couple of things.

(You should also drop an affiliate link in this section as well)

When writing my cons, I normally say something like:

To be honest I didn’t really find any faults with “product name” but here’s a couple of things I would really of liked included:

  • The camera didn’t have any batteries included, luckily I had a few spare at home.
  • I might be being fussy but something else I didn’t like about “product name” the manual is very hard to read, I needed a magnifying glass just to read the instructions.
  • Other than that, “product” was a good buy and I’m really happy with it.

Also, I will normally add a small image of a thumbs up next to my pros and an image of a thumbs down next to my pros.

I do this just to break the big block of text up 🙂

Check Out My Results From Using “Product Name”

(Another h3 heading)

I can’t stress this enough…ALWAYS show some kind of proof that the product works.

Some product owners or vendors will give you plenty of marketing material to use but if you can always show either before and after photos or an image that show the product in use.

This helps with your click through and conversion rate…Trust me, I’ve tried it over and over.

After your image, tell them the benefits you have now the product has helped with the problem you had before buying it. And add your affiliate link in this paragraph as well.


I just thought I was a bad photographer, but now after using the zoomshot2000 camera my photographs look amazing, and it’s with very little effort!

Other people even give me compliments on my photos now and I’ve even been asked if I do this for a living.

I’ve noticed that links near an image will get the most clicks.

Keep reading because I have another juicy tip that not many people use in the conclusion further down…

“Product Name” Price: What A Bargain, Here’s How I Got Mine Cheap!

Here I will talk about the quality of the product and the price.

If the product is expensive then you really want to go hard on all the benefits it has and how it will solve their problems they may have.

Tell them why it’s so good and why it’s worth their money.

Re-assure the reader that they are getting a really good deal and if the product owner or the website the product you’re promoting is having a sale, make sure you let them know.

Tell them you got a good price because of the sale, if they want one they better hurry because it’s a limited time only.

And, don’t be scared to ask the product owner if they can offer you a discount that you can offer your readers. Sometimes they will give you a coupon.

Exclusive discounts and coupons are gold!

Tell the reader you stumbled across a hidden promo page or found an exclusive discount in a closed Facebook group. That way they will think you’re doing them a favour!

Conclusion: Very Happy With “Product Name”

(Another h3 heading)

I’ve mentioned this in another article where I talk about writing general articles here, the conclusion in my opinion does 3 things.

  1. It’s the closing statement of your review or article that wraps things up and tells them what to do next.
  2. It’s for those who visit a page and scroll down to the bottom of your site without even reading anything. ( Just like people read the back of a book before they buy it )
  3. A great way to finish off by telling the reader where they can buy the product and why it’s such a good product that will solve the problem they may have.

Remember how I said links near an image always seem to get the most clicks. Well links near an image of a face get clicked even more!

In your conclusion add an image of a person face and in that paragraph add your affiliate link. It’s always important to have some form of the human element on your page so readers can put a face to the writing..


Overall, I’m really impressed with zoomshot2000. It’s helped me take better pictures and it’s a very good camera for the price. 

I highly recommend this camera especially if you’re just starting to get into photography. 

Don’t forget to check and see if the discount is still available here <<.

Well, thanks for reading this zoomshot200 review. I hope it answered any questions you may have but if you do have any questions please do feel free to leave me a comment below..

The SNEAKY Comment Section 😉

Some people don’t allow comments on their blogs and review pages but I think it’s a MUST.

This is where I add a bunch of comments written by myself as another reader, asking questions related to the product.

I have a ball with this, probably because I love talking to myself 😀

Make your “Fake” comments look natural. You can look at other blog comments to get some ideas.

Then Answer each of the comments as the person who reviewed (author). You can also drop some affiliate links here too.

Why this works so well is because it shows social proof!

If you see other people talking about a product, and they are saying positive things about the product I can just about guarantee the reader will be more inclined to buy!

BUT…what ever you do, don’t make it look to obvious. Readers will pick up on it.

And if a reader does pick up on it and they leave a comment saying “these comments are fake” simply reword your comments to make them more believable 😉

OPTIONAL: Add An Alternative Product

Not all reviews are positive right?

So if you’re writing a “not so good” review about a product, here’s a great way to promote an alternative.

Just make sure you can make money from this alternative and you talk it up compared to the one you gave a negative review of.

Well I hope you enjoyed this write up as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask them in the Affiliate Marketing Ninjas Facebook group here.

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23 thoughts on “The Perfect Affiliate Product Review Template”

  1. Hi wazza
    wasn’t sure to ask here or on the fb page so here it is ☺
    Just looking at starting to write another review page for my site on another clickbank product.
    I was just wondering if you can throw your thoughts on about this to answer this question that just popped into the noggin.
    With a product that has lots of affiliates and very competitive say like 3 week diet on clickbank
    starting off we all know its like pushing shit up hill to try and compete with the big players the likes say you for example. you have the knowledge to load up with extra pbns and link and this and that and everything that you have in your survival kit.
    So here it is the way i am thinking. tell me if it has merritt to my thinking or just wasting our time.
    1- for our review page use the clickbank landing page as they have spent lots of $$$$ to make it convert and make it a nofollow so don’t get ping by the bots.
    2- concentrate on writing posts and point them back to the review page with longtail and any other keywords that will rank easier for and put the effort in there more.
    If done like that i know all link juice will stop at the review page but can it be a way to start off and not really worry about trying to rank the review page.
    let me know your thoughts if im just pulling myself or is it a option when building sites to keep our self and then maybe when getting traction look at writing a review when get better at it?
    thanks mate

  2. Either here or the FB group is fine mate 🙂

    I would write the review regardless of the competition, but add supporting pages that help bring in traffic that you can point people to that main review page. So, for your 3 week diet example you could write a big review that answers all the questions someone would want to know about the 3 week diet.

    Then I would write another article on the same site but have something like Where to buy the 3 Week Diet, does the 3 week diet work, 3 week diet results before and after or do pages for long tail keywords like “best way to lose weight fast for women”.

    ^ in content of these pages give as much help as possible and link back to your review page from these pages.

    You can also add your affiliate link on those pages as well so it’s a win win but think of these pages as supporting pages. Just make sure you write your articles/reviews so they are helping the visitor. The more you help them find the answers they’re looking for the more they are likely to click your affiliate links and buy or opt into your email list.

    So, write up your review pages, find long tail keywords, write articles around those keywords and link them together to help give more authority to that review page. Hope that makes sense, if not feel free to ask questions. Thanks mate 😉

  3. Do you know fo any fivver gigs where I could have them write the article/review for me? I would give them keywords to use, and maybe a link to a blog to mirror off of to help rank my review. I’m not a good writer, but I also don’t have the desire to get better at it either.

    Or any alternatives to fivver, upwork, freelancer, etc. I personally would rather use the sources sales/landing page using FB ads, or a PPC. Any tips or resources on where to find the best place to promote offers from Clickbank through a PPC would be great. Mainly for the top niche, you suggested. I want to make sure I the PPC’s target audience they have been building up. That way I can promote the right offer to their list.

    • Heya Jey.
      Fiverr is very hit and miss. You can sometimes get really good writers and yeah some very not so good writers. You just have to test them out to find which ones you like – read the gig reviews and see what kind of feedback they have.

      I also like to give them as much instructions as possible. Write up a bit of a template to give to potential writers of what you want in the articles/reviews. It will make things easier in the long run.

      Upwork is very much the same – hit and miss but make sure you’re clear in your job description and giving instructions.. Again it’s all about testing unfortunately. Most of my writers come and go or they’re swamped with work.
      Thanks for dropping by.

    • Hi Chis.
      This is called interlinking – linking from one of your pages to another one of your own pages. It helps build relevancy to that page as well. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  4. Extremely grateful for this information Wazza!

    This bit made me laugh! “This is where I add a bunch of comments written by myself as another reader, asking questions related to the product. I have a ball with this, probably because I love talking to myself “

    • Heya Gina.
      Thanks for your comment and glad you like the post.

      Hahahaa, yeah I love talking to myself as well and get a little carried away with my comments 😛

  5. Hey wazza can i lie to ” After purchasing the product at Late night, I Gone through his STEP-BY-STEP guides.
    It Freaking WORKED For me…”

    but this is a review and i am not purchased the product but i knew.Can i do that?

    • It’s a bit of a grey area. You can but will you feel good about it kind of thing..
      I know not everyone will use the product they’re reviewing but ideally you want to have used it or own it. You could word it to sound like you’ve used it..”If you follow his step by step guide, you are sure to see results.”
      Hope that makes sense.

  6. “PRODUCT NAME” PRICE: WHAT A BARGAIN, HERE’S HOW I GOT MINE Cheap! Below this heading you decreased the you did that.they already know the price. If I not get discount mean can I do that.

    As you said I asked some vendors for discount they didn’t response to my mail. If you don’t mind can you give some tips on how to ask vendors for discount.

    Anyway thank you for all your response.

  7. Hi, Waza I am new in your group and I love actively help the group with your answer. Okay I have the same question as Haseen, I asked the Vendors for discount and some reply they don’t have and another didn’t give any feedback. What can we do in this case?

    • Hi mate,
      Not all vendors will give them out. Also don’t forget to check their affiliates dashboard pages on their website. They will have material and sometimes have links to discounted sales pages of their product.
      Alternatively, you can simply link directly to your affiliate link without a coupon page OR set up a landing page and say one of the two:
      1. This coupon has expired. Click here to check latest deal.
      2. Instead of saying coupon, simply say it’s their cheapest deal. Click Here To Activate Deal.

      The idea is to get them through your affiliate link so the vendors sales page can sell them.

  8. Hey Warren,

    Quick question about articles. (Specifically review ones but I’m guessing it’s the same for all)
    Do you always have to write more content to be able to outrank the competition or do you just have to make it better content? I think it’s called skyscraper method when it’s basically adding more content to beat the opposition, but I’m not sure I could add more stuff without compromising the quality of the article. Let me know what you think when you have a sec, getting it done though, hope to have some traffic in the near future!

  9. Hi Warren, wanted to ask I have actually used your template and it was really effective in driving those clicks, however they did not buy it immediately. Since amazon have 24 hours lee time for the commission,what should I add to increase conversions?


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