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Niche Overview

The fitness/sports niche is massive and one of the sub-topics within that niche is Testosterone boosters. Testosterone impacts the ability to develop muscle, burn fat as well as impact our energy and libido.

Testosterone levels begin to fall in men at around 30 years and they continue to fall by 2% each year.

This makes it an incredible niche to get into. Theres plenty of search volume, its an evergreen niche and there are some amazing commissions to be had.

Key Benefits of This Niche

  • Fitness Industry Worth $87.23 Billion in 2019
  • No Dramatical Seasonal Trends
  • High Commission Offers (40%+)
  • Evergreen Niche
  • Sub Markets To Target – IE Gym Goers, Older Men, Libido Enhancement

Content Ideas / Keyword Research

The testosterone niche has some a lot of potential when it comes to content. It can help with so many sub niches such as muscle growth, energy and sex drive. This therefore opens up even more generic content ideas such as workout routines, meal plans etc.

Below you will find content that is focused on Testosterone being the main keyword.

Site Structure / Content Clusters

As you can see from above, the great thing about the testosterone niche is just how much content is available. This gives you a lot of opportunity to create a decent amount of support content to help with relevant internal links.

Now you could just have 1 large silo, where you link all the supporting content to your Best XYZ post. Or you could create smaller silos and link these through to the best xyz as well as internally to each other.

Ingredient Focused Cluster

This content cluster is all aimed around the different ingredients that are said to help increase testosterone.

All of the different ingredients would link through to the Best XYZ page, as well as linking to two other ingredient pages.

Look at the different ingredients and see which work well together or compliment each other and link those, so they add extra relevance.

As you can see there is also a link from the best xyz page (and review page) to one of the ingredients.

There are more, so you would simply expand this as you add more.

Content Cluster 2

Causes Focused Cluster

This content cluster is a little bit different as it doesn’t link direct to the money page.

Instead it links to a more related “parent” informational page that is relevant to the support pieces.

This will power up the link juice going to that, which then links through to the money page.

The money page will then link back to the informational content to help keep a internal link loop

Testosterone 101

I bet you’re thinking, what the …. when you look at this one. It does look a little confusing.

All these supporting pieces of content are more informational based, IE what is this, how does this work, etc. So it would fit nice in a 101 style cluster.

So for this, I have two target pages which also link to each other. Your money page to help build that up, as well as a hub page which will have a bit of info on testosterone and then link out to all of these individual pieces of content


And then finally we’ll end on a pretty easy one.

This one is all about nutrition, as you can see very much about food and its impact. So it makes sense to keep these together.

There is an article on food that increases and food that kills. So it does make sense to connect these together.

Linking To Product Reviews

As you can see all of the above link through to a best XYZ page. This means the commercial content to non commercial content is very good.

When it comes to product reviews, I would link to these from your Best XYZ pages and then link back from the review.

This will mean that all the link juice will also flow into your product reviews to help strengthen them. It will also link back to the bext XYZ page to again help continue the loop.

*These content clusters are just examples and you may want to mix up how you doing your internal linking. I would always try and stick to 3 links. The first being your important one (IE money page or the page you want to rank). The other two being to supporting content.

Content Planning

Structuring your content is just as important as structuring your site. You want to make sure you have the right headers, you’re covering a wide range of terms etc. Here i’ll go through the different content and recommend how i’d structure it.

Money pages

Product Review
  • H1 – Product X Review
  • H2 – What is Product X
  • H2 – How Does Product X Work
  • H2 – Benefits Of Product X
  • H2 – Who Would Use Product X
  • H2 – Product X Ingredients
  • H3 – Ingredient 1
  • H3 – Ingredient 2
  • H3 – Ingredient 3 (etc)
  • H2 – Pros & Cons
  • H4 – Pros
  • H4 – Cons
  • H2 – Are There Any Side Effects
  • H2 – Product X Reviews / Testimonials
  • H2 – How Much Does Product X Cost
  • H2 – Where To Buy Product X
Best Testosterone Boosters
  • H1 – Best Testosterone Boosters of 2021
  • H2 – Best Testosterone Boosters on The Market
  • H3 – Testogen
  • H3 – Product 2
  • H3 – Product 3
  • H2 – Testosterone Boosters Buyers Guide
  • H3 – What Are Testosterone Boosters
  • H3 – How Do Testosterone Boosters Work
  • H3 – The Benefits Of Testosterone Boosters
  • H3 – What To Look For In A Testosterone Booster
  • H4 – Ingredients
  • H4 – Dosages
  • H4 – Price
  • H4 – Reviews
  • H2 – Final Verdict On Best Testosterone Boosters

Supporting Content

Foods That Increase Testosterone
  • H1 – XX Foods That Boost Testosterone
  • H2 – The Best Testosterone Boosting Foods
  • H3 – Tuna
  • H3 – Oysters
  • H3 – Beef
  • H3 – Egg Yolks
  • H3 – Garlic
  • H3 – Oats
  • H3 – Leafy Greens
  • H3 – Honey
  • H2 – Do Foods Lower Testosterone?
  • H2 – Final Thoughts
Testosterone Killing Foods
  • H1 – XX Foods That Kill Testosterone
  • H2 – The top Testosterone Killing Foods
  • H3 – Alcohol
  • H3 – Processed Foods
  • H3 – Soy
  • H3 – Sugar
  • H3 – Fats
  • H2 -4 Ways To Increase Testosterone
  • H3 – Sleep
  • H3 – Exercise
  • H3 – Less Stress
  • H3 – Supplements
  • H1 – Final Thoughts
Ways To Increase Testosterone
  • H1 – 7 Ways To Increase Testosterone
  • H2 – Exercise
  • H2 – Get Out & Get Some Sun
  • H2 – Sort Out Your Diet
  • H2 – Get Plenty Of Sleep
  • H2 – Reduce Stress & Chill Out
  • H2 – Avoid Estrogen
  • H2 – Take A Testosterone Booster
  • H2 – Why Does Testosterone Matter
  • H2 – Final Thoughts
Can Testosterone Cause Acne
  • H1 – Can Testosterone Cause Acne
  • H2 – Hows Does Testosterone Cause Acne
  • H2 – Why Does Testosterone Drop
  • H2 – How To Treat Hormonal Acne
  • H2 – How To Balance Testosterone Levels
  • H2 – Final Thoughts
Free Testosterone
  • H1 – What is Free Testosterone?
  • H2 – What is Free Testosterone
  • H2 – What is total Testosterone
  • H2 – Free Testosterone VS Total
  • H2 – The Life Cycle of Testosterone
  • H2 – Increasing Free Testosterone
  • H2 – Final Thoughts
Do Men Have Estrogen
  • H1 – Do Men Have Estrogen?
  • H2 – What Are The Normal Estrogen Levels
  • H2 – High Levels Of Estrogen Symptoms
  • H3 – The Cause Of High Estrogen
  • H2 – Symptoms of Low Estrogen
  • H3 – Causes of Low Estrogen
  • H2 – Risks Of Having Too Much Estrogen
  • H2 – Final Thoughts
Zinc and Testosterone
  • H1 – Zinc And Testosterone – The Connection
  • H2 – What is Zinc
  • H2 – Benefits Of Zinc
  • H2 – How Much Zinc Should You Have
  • H2 – Why You Need Zinc
  • H2 – How To Increase Zinc
  • H2 – Final Thoughts
Obesity and Testosterone
  • H1 – Obesity and Testosterone
  • H2 – How Can Obesity Reduce Testosterone
  • H2 – Boost Testosterone By Losing Weight
  • H2 – Does Testosterone Help You Lose Weight
  • H2 – How To Increase Testosterone
  • H2 – Final Thoughts
Sleep Apnea & Testosterone
  • H1 – Sleep Apnea & Testosterone
  • H2 – Is Low Testosterone Linked To Sleep Apnea
  • H2 – Tips For Good Night Sleep When Testosterone is Low
  • H2 – Will Treating Low Testosterone Help With Sleep Apnea
  • H2 – Can Improving Sleep Apnea Increase Testosterone Levels
  • H2 – Ways To Help Improve Sleep Apnea
  • H2 – How To Boost Testosterone
  • H2 – Final Thoughts

*These are examples based on current rankings. This may change, so its important to always analyse your competitors.

Domain Name Ideas

It can be a pain finding niche specific domains, even more so in a competitive niche. I’ll provide some Testosterone focused ones below. if you intend to grow the site into additional niches, you might want to go more generic when it comes to the domain name.

* These domains where available at writing this.


These are brand new domains. To speed up the process an avoid the Google Sandbox, you might want to look at expired domains.

How To Monetize?

Affiliate Products

The first way and probably the best way would be through affiliate marketing. I would focus on promote supplements to help increase testosterone, such as Testogen. Below are recommended affiliate programs.

  1. MoreNiche
  2. StackedBrands
  3. SellHealth
  4. MarketHealth

Display Ads

You could then earn an additional income through display ads, specifically on your support content that would get more generic/informational traffic. This can work great to help supplement the income generated by supplements.

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