Legit Affiliate Marketing Courses

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Legit Affiliate Marketing Courses

I’m working on this page at the moment so please bear with me until it’s fully up. (maybe bookmark this page or come back later)

Before I start recommending courses or people to follow I like to make sure they’re 100% legit and not making false claims, their course is up to date and worth the price they put on them. Plus I will try to update this page as much as possible in the future – adding courses I find to be worth investing in.

Some tips before purchasing a course:

  • Do your research – Make sure the course seller/instructor knows what they are talking about. Do they have a proven track record that they actually practice what they teach? Is there evidence they are actually doing and not just regurgitating other people’s content and selling you a course to make money?
  • Are they sharing their real results? Screenshots and even videos can be faked – these days it’s very hard to tell which is real or fake but always do your research. Also, are they sharing results from what they are teaching or their results from what they have sold to their students? I’ve noticed a lot of ‘gurus’ who share their earnings are showing earnings proof from either selling their course OR from promoting stuff to the students as an affiliate.
  • Are they making false or unrealistic claims on their sales page or content they produce? Affiliate marketing, dropshipping/ecom, drop servicing, or any online business is just like a real business – it takes work – lots of work and time to build. It can sometimes take money to make money and you can go without making any money at all for a long period of time which can make or break you! If someone is promising you will make $XX,XXX in a short amount of time with little to no work, avoid them!
  • Be careful of reviews, testimonials, and feedback – if you’re reading a review and notice an affiliate link there is a good chance that the reviewer is only writing a positive review to make a commission. Look for unbiased reviews and opinions. The same goes for testimonials – these are sometimes faked or paid for. Do your research before giving anyone your hard-earned money.
  • Are they authentic and original? With some people, you can just tell they are being authentic but some you can just tell they are selling a course as a cash grab. Do they really want to help people? Sure it’s fine to make money selling courses but in my opinion, they must also be passionate about helping people. And are they somewhat original with their content or are they just copying and regurgitating everyone else content? If they are just copying other peoples stuff or pumping out all kinds of random stuff there’s a good chance that person isn’t practicing what they preach.
  • Course Pricing – Personally, I wouldn’t spend too much on a course. I’ve seen them ranging between $15 all the way up to $5,000+ for a course. If they don’t have any creditability like major awards, achievements or proof of serious results, I wouldn’t go handing over thousands of dollars to them. I’ve seen good courses (Which I will share) for $50 to $300. You might be thinking – but if the course price is high, that means it’s a good course right? That is far from true, I’ve actually seen courses that sell for $1000+ have very little value or information. I will go more in detail once I share legit online courses once I vet them…

It’s also important to know that the majority of the stuff in these courses can be found online for free. If you’re good at learning and don’t get easily distracted from shiny objects – by all means, learn for free. BUT…to become successful you MUST take action.

Always do your due diligence before buying anything online. I hope to have this page up within a few days.


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