Jasper aI Review – Is It The Best AI Copywriter?

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I’ve wrote thousands and thousands of blog posts over the years. But i’ll tell you something Jasper AI has changed my life as an affiliate marketer (for the better of course)

Are you reading for it to do the same to you?

Let’s face it, sometimes it can be a real pain writing content.

The amount of times I’ve sat there looking at an empty document and just wishing it would write itself. With Artificial Intelligence it can…but more on that in a minute.

There are many reasons why you might benefit from using Jasper AI, such as;

  • You don’t like writing content
  • You don’t have the money to outsource hundreds of articles
  • You just don’t know enough about the topic.

This is where Jasper AI can come in handy.

Using Artificial Intelligence, it will write you content.

Now this might sound a bit scary but don’t worry there is no need to feel overwhelmed! You aren’t going to be writing a bestselling novel here, for the most part all you have to do is pose a question and Jasper AI will give you a list of options.

Jasper AI will provide you with a number of articles, blog posts or pieces on an article that can be adapted to your topic so all you have to do is read through them and find the ones suitable for your site. You can then re-write them in your own words and there you have it…a blog post!

And its not just blog posts that he writes….

There are actually 50 different templates that you can use, and ill go through the most common ones I use shortly… But you can put Jasper AI to work and create you;

  • Facebook Ads that convert
  • Instagram captions that grab attention
  • Attention grabbing blog post titles
  • Article introductions that hook the reader in
  • Generate a blog outline, so you know what to write about
  • The actual content of each of these points
  • A conclusion paragraph to end your post
  • High converting Amazon product descriptions
  • SEO focused meta tags
  • YouTube video titles, intros & scripts
  • and much more!

It is actually mind blowing what Jasper AI can do. (Some people have actually used it to write books!)

Now I actually do use Jasper on a daily basis. I am pumping out roughly 2-3 articles per day (and they are damn good articles of at least 1500+ words). I’m spending about 3-4 hours doing that.

And Im saving a lot of money & getting a decent amount of content thats generating me money!

Let’s say you pay $0.08 per word. Im getting around 10 articles a week produced (maybe a few more or a few less). We will average each article at 1500 words. Some are actually going to be between 2000-3000 words.

If I was to outsource this, it would costs me $4,800 a month! With Jasper.AI, its costing me roughly 2.4% of that! So, i’m saving well over $4,600.

And lets not forget that this content is actually MAKING me money as well…

AI is coming meme

Want to learn more? below is my full Jasper AI Review, where i’m going to share exactly how it works, show you full examples and even share my link so you get a free trial. (with 10k free credits)

Before we get started let me just throw out a disclaimer. Jasper does NOT replace a content writer. You will not be able to just press a button and copy the content straight into your website.

You will need to read through the articles, edit them and fact check. But Jasper does make the process a whole lot easier and quicker!

So, lets get started…

Jasper AI Review

Its annoying when people try to promote something but dont actually use it…

I do actually use Jasper.

I went through the Bootcamp and did everything needed to become certified.

Since testing our Jasper AI, its now a tool that I use on a daily basis.

With over 50 content templates, it makes it easier for you to get artificial intelligence to write whatever content you need. Whether you currently outsource your content or your a solo affiliate, you will be able to make the most of this great tool. Jasper will be able to help you write SEO-friendly articles, social media posts, ad copy, copywriting, email subjects and much more.

You will be able to get better copy that is also original content. This is because Jasper writes content that is 99.99% original.

content creation

Now you can get a lot of great features in the normal plan. You do however unlock so much more in the pro plan. The one of the biggest things is that you can now let Jasper generate unlimited words.

The next thing the pro plan unlocks is the long-form assistant, so you can generate long form content.

Next there is boss mode (this is what I use), its worth the little bit extra in price. it generates content faster, Jasper is able to read the last 3000 words to give him more context on what to write next.

Boss mode also unlocks recipes (more on this later), as well as the ability to give commands to Jasper. Giving you more freedom and more flexibility.

If you want to get rid of writer’s block for good and want to try out Jasper.ai use my affiliate link to get 10,000 free words. This will give you the opportunity to test it out for yourself.

I do get a small commission by recommending it, but it wont impact how much you pay! As I said I do use Jasper myself, however affiliate commissions help AM Ninjas to grow and offer more content.

What I like and Don’t like about Jasper.ai

What I like

  • 50+ Content Templates
  • AI solves writer’s block 
  • Get more content in less time 
  • Generate new ideas 
  • 26 languages supported
  • It Generates 99.99% Original Content
  • Training Bootcamp
  • Easy To Use Document Editor
  • Great Customer Support
  • Long-Form Assistant To Create Amazing Blog Posts
  • Facebook Community Full of AI Copywriters
  • Dramatically Increase Content Creation
  • 5 day FREE Trail with 10,000 words
  • Very affordable, starter plan is only $29/mo (for 20,000 words)
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee.

What i don’t like

  • Has a bit of a learning curve
  • You need to fact check

What is Jasper AI?


Jasper AI previously known as conversion ai is a cloud based software that uses artificial intelligence to generate blog posts, articles and content for you.

It can also create sales page copy, Facebook ads…pretty much anything you want!

I wont get too technical because to be honest with you, i’m not the most technical and ill just confuse myself!

I just look at it as black magic and Jasper is my content demon!

Basically Jasper doesn’t scrap the internet to find what content to write.

It works on probability.

So Jasper will basically read the previous 600 words (2000-3000 on boss mode), as well as the content title and description.

You will begin to write the sentence and then hit compose. Jasper will then go word by word and see which is the most probably to be there.

For example

If I was to write “I went to the restaurant and enjoyed…”, there is a high probability that Jasper would type “meal”

“I went to the restaurant and enjoyed a nice meal with a couple of friends. I sat along the right wall and had a clear view of the front door. It was a nice.”

The paragraph above was actually what Jasper had written based on what I inputted above. Black magic…am I right?

Now you’re not going to be able to just hit the compose button and get the article you want. Jasper AI is a copywriting assistant, it will speed it up. BUT it wont automatically do it all for you.

The more information you feed into Jasper, the better the result will be.

What about uniqueness?

As affiliates we need to make sure the content is unique. The content produced is 99.9999% the time going to be unique. This is because he doesn’t scrape the internet for content.

It’s being made up word by word as the article is being created. Even if someone puts in the same text the result will be different.

How It Works – 3 Steps To Get Jasper.AI Working For You

Have you ever heard of GPT-3 Technology? If you haven’t, don’t worry neither had I.

Its basically a type of AI that creates human-like content. This is what Jasper AI uses.

Funny enough, it surprised me how easy it was to use. Honestly I was able to create content in just a few minutes. Im talking great quality, high converting content.

In fact you can have great quality content in just 3 easy steps.

Pick A Template

The first step is to pick a template that you want to use. Think of templates as pre-designed content types. For example you have headlines, email copy, facebook ad content and many more.

In fact there are over 50 content templates.

I’ll go into detail on each one of the Jasper.ai templates shortly and then ill also share some examples.

It’s worth noting that most templates are available on the free plan. Although Long-Form Assistant is only available on the pro plan or boss mode. (Again more on this shortly…)

To use Jasper, we need to first pick which template we want to use. This is going to depend on what type of content you want to make.

Jarvis Content Templates

Input Data

Once you’ve selected the template. We need to feed Jasper some data. This is important as the data you give will determine the output from the AI. Ideally you want to provide as much details as possible. Just like you would in a content brief to a human copywriter.

I’m going to show a quick example as to what I mean. I’ll show more examples of Jasper’s replies further down as well.

So for this I’m going to create a post outline. This is going to show you just how powerful Jasper.ai is.

I know exactly how hard it is at times to workout a good outline for a blog post. Even more so when you don’t know the topic.

This is one that I use a lot.

In the templates screen, i’m going to pick blog post outline. As you can see there are so many templates to choose from.

Here we need to insert the inputs. Inputs are basically things we need to tell Jasper, in order for him to give us the outputs. As you can see in the screenshot below for the outline we only need to put in the topic/title and the tone of voice.

Blog post Outline template

Typical things you will need to input include;

  • Post Title – What the title of the post is or what the topic is about. You can also use a template to get this information.
  • Product Description – here you will normally place the content brief. IE go through what the post is about or what a section of the article is about. If doing a product focused template then you might need to describe the product, such as what it is, features/benefits etc.
  • Audience – who is the audience? are they affiliates, parents, mothers, men. This matters as it will impact how Jasper forms the content.
  • Tone of Voice – Setting a tone of voice is incredibly powerful. Do you want your content to be more casual, or perhaps professional. This will change depending on who your audience is. You can also use people, for example if you’re doing a fitness site why not try the tone of voice as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Some templates might require more information, such as product description or content brief.

Easy and amazing right?

Once you have added the required information, we hit Generate AI and you will see just what happens.

Generate AI Content

As soon as you hit the Generate AI Content, Jasper will get to work and create the output. You can select how many outputs you want him to produce. (3 is a good number).

After a minute or so, you will see the results displayed on the right hand side. Here you can pick the one you want, you can mark your favourites, you can bin any or you can flag them. (You can also check the history tab for previous ones)

You can also hit the Generate AI content button again to create another batch of outputs.

Generating Ai Content with Jarvis / conversion.ai

Now you know what Jasper AI is and how it works, let’s go into the different templates available.

Jasper AI Copywriting Templates

With content creation, there are so many different places that require marketing copy. Theres website content, ad copy, social media, email and many more. Not all of these are written the same way. This is where templates come in.

These templates help to write content for specific areas of digital marketing.

Here is a full list of the 50+ Templates available to help you write better copy;

  • Long-Form AssistantThis mode basically allows you to write long-form blog posts. You can also use it to write emails and even books. You would need the Pro version or boss mode but its 100% worth it. This is pretty much the main template I use.
  • AIDA Framework – The AIDA framework is all about writing copy to sell. It’s mainly for email marketing and Facebook ads etc. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.
  • PAS FrameworkPass is another copywriting framework. It stands for Problem, Agitate and Solution.
  • Content Improver This is a really useful template. You basically put some text and the AI will rewrite it. Aiming to make it more interesting and get your readers to engage with it more
  • Product DescriptionHave a product? this template will help you write a description. Aimed to convert better. Perfect for websites, emails or on your social media posts.
  • Blog Post Topic Ideas I love this template, perfect for when you’re suffering from writer’s block. You can get Jasper to write blog post topics. Giving you ideas on your next high ranking articles.
  • Blog Post OutlineWhy not let Jasper create an outline for your articles? I use this a lot when thinking of what sub topics to cover in one article. It works really well with listicles and how to blogs.
  • Blog Post Intro ParagraphGet Jasper to write your opening paragraph for you to blast through writer’s block.
  • Blog Post Conclusion paragraphEnd your blog posts with a good ending, thats been written for you by artificial intelligence.
  • Creative Story Creative and interesting stories will make your audience interested. Using Jasper, he will create stories that will engage and convert your visitors.
  • Explain It To A Child I always recommend that people write short sentences. This template helps to convert hard to understand content into something that a 5th grader can understand.
  • Sentence Expander Sometimes you need to expand a brief sentence or phrase into a longer one that is both creative and engaging.
  • Facebook Ad HeadlineYou need good headlines on your ads to get clicks. Jasper.ai helps you write better ones in a simple way.
  • Facebook Ad Primary Text Let Jasper write high converting primary text for your Facebook ads.
  • Google Ads Headline Need high converting headlines? well Jasper.ai can help you write these.
  • Google Ads DescriptionThe description of your ad is what gets you the clicks. So why not use Jasper to create the content for you.
  • Google My Business – I don’t do much in GMB but Jasper is able to create content for your “Whats new”, “Events”, “Product description” and “Offer post.”
  • Amazon Product Features (Bullets)Get Jasper.ai create the bullet points for your Amazon product. Perfect for the about this item section you see on Amazon
  • Amazon Product Description (Paragraph) Create Amazon product descriptions that entice people to buy. It can be short sentences or paragraphs.
  • Perfect Headline AI Copywriting at its best. Jasper will help create high converting headlines to grab attention and clicks
  • Website Sub-Headline Create sub-headings that are both informative and interesting.
  • Photo Post Captions Mainly for Instagram but get captions for your social media images created at a click of a button.
  • Javis.AI Testimonial Helper Need testimonials? This template will help to create testimonials/reviews.
  • Marketing Angles Brainstorm ways to liven up your marketing.
  • Persuasive Bullet PointsTurn those boring bullet points into something that persuades your audience to take action. Perfect on your landing pages, emails and anywhere else you need marketing copy.
  • Video Topic IdeasI get serious writer’s block when it comes to planing YouTube content. Jasper.ai can help find topics that your audience is interested in and can rank.
  • Video Script Outline Scripts are hard to write. I often miss key information. Give Jasper a chance and he can write engaging outlines. Testing this, it works better with listicle style content.
  • Video TitlesCreate titles that encourage people to click your videos.
  • Video Script Hook and IntroductionThe hook is one of the most important parts of the video. its what grabs the viewers attention and keeps them watching. Jasper can help you create an intro that will keep people hooked onto your content.
  • Video Description Create video description that will engage your viewers. One area I need to improve on is video descriptions, so i’m sure Jasper will help with that.
  • Review ResponderResponding to your reviews can help improve customer lifetime value as well as generate new customers. So you need to write public replies that engage, show professionalism but also a human side.
  • Personalised Cold Emails No longer do you have to waste time creating cold emails. Using Jasper.ai you get create emails that actually get engagement and replies.
  • Email Subject Lines I’ll be the first to admit I suck at email subjects. If you do too then dont worry, here is your solution. Improve open rates by creating compelling email subjects.
  • SEO Title and Meta DescriptionsWe know how important SEO Optimised tags can be. Why not get a robot to write the tags that a robot wants…Let’s play Google at its own game with Jasper!
  • Company BioPeople like to know the story behind a company. Get Jasper to write your company bio so that it captivates your visitors.
  • Personal BioI hate writing about myself, luckily Jasper can write about me instead. If you need a personal bio for linkedIn or any where else you can get it created. Whats great is it can be done first person or third person.
  • Feature To BenefitNot sure on how to turn your features into benefits, get it done for you.
  • Unique Value PropositionsMake a strong statement that outlines the advantages of your offer in an effective way.
  • Real Estate ListingSell houses? Jasper.ai can help create listings to help get people interested in buying.
  • Pinterest Pin Title & Description – Pinterest is an incredibly place for generating traffic. Optimise the titles and descriptions to boost engagement.
  • Press Release Title & IntroWrite the introductory section of a press release that your readers will enjoy and engage with.
  • Engaging Questions – A great copywriting method is to ask your visitor questions, this gets them intrigued and wanting more. Jasper can write content with questions to boost engagement.
  • Quora AnswersDo you use Quroa to answer questions? Sometimes its hard when you are not too familiar with a niche. Now you can get the answers written for you!
  • Text SummariserSummarising a paragraph of text to get the key points out can be really useful in copy. Jasper.ai can do it for you. (it reads the previous 600 words or 3000 if using boss mode)
  • Business or Product NameIt can be tough thinking up names, this will do some for you based on the content information you give it.

Whew!, as you can see there are a ton!

Examples of what Jasper can do for you

Think now is a good time to get showing you some examples, are you ready to see the magic?

Example 1 to what Jarvis can do
Example 2 to what Jarvis can do
Example 3 to what Jarvis can do
Example 4 to what Jarvis can do

The Long Form Assistant

The long form assistant is a template available to Pro and Boss mode users, but it is so much more than just a template. It’s actually what I use 99% of the time.

When you pick this template you can simply create an empty document or get Jasper’s help to write the post from start to finish. – This is pretty much a step by step on creating a long form article.

Creating a new document in long form assistant

Starting from scratch gives you a blank canvas, so you can do whatever you want.

The power is in the blog post work flow. It has 3 steps.

Describe the content you want to create

This step we simply need to give Jasper some inputs. We need to describe what the post is about, this is a basic content brief that you would normally provide a copywriter or whoever you use to outsource content to.

You can then add a keyword. I personally don’t tend to. Jasper is not an SEO tool, so it does run the risk of repeating the keyword too often. (Its worth testing and seeing though)

We then hit continue

Descripting content for jarvis.ai to create


The next step is to come up with a title for our blog post. We can either just write a headline from scratch if you have one, or click the generate ideas button and Jasper will get to work and create some potential article titles. You can continue clicking generate more ideas, until you find one you’re happy with.

When you find one you like, you hover over it and click use this one.

AI created titles

Intro Paragraph

Once the titles been picked, it takes us to the third step which is creating an intro paragraph. This is really important as many people struggle with intros. (I did for a long time)

With Jasper AI, he creates intro paragraphs based on your input but tries to put a creative spin on them. Again you can also click generate more ideas to get extra outputs.

When you have one, we simply hover over it and click use this one.

Setup is now done and we can open the editor.

AI created intro paragraph

The Document Editor

The document editor is incredibly basic, and this is great as it doesn’t over complicate things. On the left we have the title it generated, the content description we inputted and then we can add some additional things such as tone of voice and keywords for SEO benefit.

You can then set the output length, this determines how many words Jasper will write.

In the middle of the screen we can then see the main body of the text, which will include our introduction text.

Now the Editor has some excellently features, which ill go into now….(some of them are mind blowing!)

The jarvis.ai document editor

SEOSurfer Integration

I am a massive fan of SurferSEO and if you do have an account with them, you can integrate them straight into Jasper.AI. This basically allows you to use their content planning whilst writing your blog posts.

Lets take a look below;

Jarvis AI and surferSEO intergration

As you can see it shows the content score, which will increase as you write your content.

It will give you a rough idea as to how many words you need. I wouldn’t follow this completely as I’ve found its not always the same as going into the Serp analyser in Surfer. So I’d suggest checking both to confirm word count.

We can then see roughly how many paragraphs, headings and images we need. Now with images you cannot add them to Jasper, so know that your score will increase when you add them to your actual blog post.

Finally it’ll display the most common words or phrases and roughly how many are recommended. There is another tab which shows you what headings the ranking articles are using. If you need additional help in planning the outline for your landing pages.

My Workflow with Jasper.ai and SurferSEO

90% of the time when i’m writing an article, ill have the SEO Mode open. As i’m writing and as I’m using Jasper to write my content, ill update any words hi makes to try and match the common used words. Once the article is finished, ill then go through and see which words I can add and where. This tends to help me get content scores of 80+.

Access Templates Instantly With Power Mode

With power mode you are literally able to take control of everything to do with Jasper.ai. (Anyone else hear He-Mans voice whilst reading that? )

With power mode you can quickly and easily insert any of the copywriting templates into your long form content.

As you can see on the screenshot below, just click the power mode icon and then go through templates. Pick which one you want, add the inputs and click Generate AI Content to get the output…Its as simple as that.

If your not screaming “I have the power…” I’ll be disappointed.


Improve Content Creation With The Floating Menu

The next big feature of the long-form assistant is the floating menu. To access this menu, highlight the text you want to work with.

You have the usual text editing features such as setting headers, using bullet points and number lists.

FLoating menu in Conversion.ai

Below this you then have the follow features;


This is a great feature. You basically highlight a sentence of text, click re-phrase and Jasper will rewrite it to be unique. (Get some PLR and use this feature for some quick, original and well written content)

“You just click re-phrase, and Jasper will rewrite it to be unique.”

The above text is an example. I simply used the rephrase feature on my initial explanation. Great right?

Fix Grammar

Quickly fix any grammar issues, so your content makes sense. This will improve engagement with your audience.

##Explain It To a 5th Grader

Creating simple sentences is really important when it comes to copywriting. This feature is great and one that I use alot. Again highlight the text and hit this and Jasper.ai will rewrite the content to make it alot easier to understand for a 5th grader.

“Copywriting is important. This feature is really great and one that I use a lot. When you highlight the text, hit this button to simplify it so fifth graders can understand it better.”

Above is another example of me using the explain it like a 5th grader feature.

Jasper Boss Mode

I wanted to go into a little more detail into Jasper Boss Mode, it takes content writing to the next level.

To be completely honest I’ve not seen an AI Copywriting tool offer something like Boss Mode before.

So what exactly is it?

  • Jasper writes 2x faster – which means more content produced
  • Unlock Compose Button – So when you use the pro plan, you need to type some initial text before the compose button can be used. With this mode you can compose AI writing quicker.
  • Jasper reads more content – With the Pro plan Jasper reads the previous 600 characters. With this mode he is able to read the previous 2000-3000 characters.
  • Introducing Jasper Commands – Take full control and tell Jasper what to write, run the command and watch the ai writing magic happen.

Below are some examples of commands

>> Write some blog post titles about [topic]

>> Write some questions about [blog post topic]

>> Write some ad headlines for the product description above.

>> Write a PAS for the content above. (Problem, Agitate, Solve)

>> Rewrite the above to explain it to a 5th grader

As you can see the commands can be incredibly powerful. In fact you can create content just from commands.

This is where Jasper Recipes come in…

Jasper Recipes

I had shown you a moment ago about how to use commands to tell Jasper what to write. You can use recipes to run a series of commands to create a complete piece of content.

For example you can get Jasper to write the brief of the content, give you some title ideas, generate intro, plan an outline, write about each outline item, write an FAQ and then create a conclusion.

Here is an example of the recipe and then the output. This is one i’m currently creating. So its not finished but a good example of the power of Jasper.ai

Jarvis ai recipes

Below is an example if the output from the above recipe. This took about 5 minutes to get this information. It needs formatting and additional information etc but hopefully this shows you the power of recipes.

Jarvis output
Jarvis output

This is all done in just a few clicks. The only thing you need to do is add inputs where needed in the command lines.

I’ll be completely honest, Boss mode is worth it just for this the Jasper recipes.


A great thing about Jasper.ai is that they have a pricing model that allows for all levels of affiliates to access it.

The 3 pricing models are;

Starter Plan

Only $29/per month. For this you get access to most of the templates and you are able to get the AI to generate 20,000 word per month.

Pro Unlimited Plan

At $109/per month, you unlock some great features. With this plan you can generate unlimited words on a monthly basis. It also unlocks the powerful long-form assistant template.

Boss Mode

The final model is only $119/per month. This has everything Pro does but unlocks commands and recipes. For an extra $10 a month, this is 100% worth it.

FREE 5 Day Trial

It is possible to get a free trial for Jasper.ai. With the link below you get to test it out for 5 days. You will actually also get 10,000 words into your account, so you can really test it out.

Pay Monthly Vs Pay Yearly

Jasper.ai do offer an option to pay monthly or to pay yearly, depending on your own personal circumstances.

You can save money through the yearly option, as you get 2 months for free.

Now even though you can save money, I personally prefer to go the monthly route. You just don’t know how often you might be using a tool in the next 3, 6, 9 or even 12 months.

I’m sure i’ll be using Jasper every month but I hate being stuck into paying for something that I might not use one month. So, id always recommend going the monthly route.

Jasper Pricing Comparison

Below is a comparison of the different pricing options of Jasper and what you do get for each one.

Starts @ $29/mo*
20,000+ Words

Looking for short form content. Use over 50 templates. Create headlines, descriptions, outlines, faqs and much more

  • 50+ Short Form Templates
  • 25+ Supported Languages
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Users
  • 5 Project Folders
  • Chat Support
  • Bootcamp Access
  • FB Community
Boss (Most Popular)
Starts @ $59.99/mo*
50,000+ Words

Get all in starter but also unlock long form content. Create blog posts, scripts and even full complete books.

  • Workspace Documents
  • Long-Form Assistant
  • 50+ Short Form Templates
  • 25+ Supported Languages
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 User ($40 per user)
  • Unlimited Project Folders
  • Chat Support
  • Bootcamp Access
  • FB Community
  • *Prices may vary

Final thoughts

There we have it, that was a long read. (I hope I managed to keep your attention this long!).

There are very few tools that I say are 100% worth it, Jasper AI is certainly one of them. I have not experience a tool that can produce such high quality AI writing. One of the things I love so much about Jasper is how much content I’m now producing.

Going from writing 1 article a day (or a couple of days if its a long one). Im now writing 2-3 articles, on a good day I can get 5 good quality articles written.

With this amount of content being written, I can create content silos and clusters in very little time. Helping to build up my sites, bump up the rankings and generate alot more traffic and sales.

In order for me to outsource the amount of content Jasper is writing for me, ill be spending thousands per month.

Finally I love the fact that I’m not just restricted to blog posts and marketing copy that converts. Jasper ai is also helping me to write my social media posts, ad copy, email content and even content for my YouTube channel.

I hope this Jasper AI Review has helped and answered some questions. If you’re not sure whether or not to get it. I would 100% recommend taking advantage of the 5 day trial with the 10,000 free words.


Does Jasper generate content in other languages?

Yes Jasper is not just an English AI Copywriter, it also writes content in over 25 languages. Whats even better is that you can get him to rewrite content from one language to another.

Is The Content Unique?

Yes Jasper.ai doesn’t scrape the internet for content. It uses probability on what the next word will be. This means that it’s going to generate content that is 99.99% unique. Even if someone used the same inputs, the output will still be unique.

Who are conversion ai?

Conversion AI and Jasper AI are the same thing. They simply rebranded earlier this year.

Does Jasper ai have a lifetime deal?

No they do not have a lifetime deal, although you can save money by purchasing a yearly license.

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