How To Write Better Articles For Your Blog

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I get asked a lot of questions and one that people struggle with is writing articles.

So, here are some things I include in most of my articles and reviews.

1. Headline

This would have to be one of the most important parts of your article.

You need to grab the visitor/readers attention within a couple of seconds so having a good headline is crucial.

2. Tell them straight away what the article is about.

This will qualify them and get them interested in reading the rest because they know it’s what they originally searched for.

3. Introduction.

Not many people do this with their articles but I ALWAYS introduce myself or introduce myself as a pen name.

I then give a short story about myself and talk about the problem which the article is about.

4. The pain/problem/struggle/how it relates to the reader.

The reader has most likely landed on your page because they’re interested in what your article is about. This is where you remind them of their pains, struggles, problems or whatever it is the article is about.

5. The discovery

Now it’s time to talk about how you found the ultimate solution to all these problems. This is where you introduce the product or offer you’re promoting.

Tip: you’re not selling, you’re telling the story of how you discovered this amazing solution.

6. How this product/offer works.

Time to tell them how this works, what it does, what’s included, features and benefits.

7. Proof it works.

This is where I show proof that the product/offer does what it says it does. Having proof will dramatically increase your conversions.

Share your experience or an experience that you would have if you used the product – visualize.

Tip: if you find lots of social proof – use that to your advantage.

This could be showing screenshots of positive reviews or people talking about it in groups, forums or communities. Maybe even celeb endorsements if there are some.

8. Address Skepticism and things they are worried about.

Because we are promoting online, people are naturally skeptical and they worry about big and small things that hold them back from entering credit card details in the vendor’s cart.

You need to find what people are worried about and address them in the article so they have no problem whipping out that credit card.

9. Conclusion & where to buy it

Some people leave this out but I think it’s very important.
Why? Imagine you’re in a bookstore and wanting a new book to read. What do you normally do? Most people look at the cover, flick through the contents then read the back of the book for the brief description – this is much like the conclusion.

^ After years of testing, I’ve found people will land on a blog post, scroll up and down as if they are skim reading (flicking through the contents.) Then they read the conclusion (like the back of a book). Then, if the conclusion gets them curious they read the whole thing.

This is why I have a conclusion. Some say don’t bother, but I always have it. It can be Conclusion, Final Words or Wrapping it Up…

10. Add comments

This not only builds social proof, it also adds some extra word count on your blog posts.

Create some fake comments asking common questions people may have – then answer them as the author.

^ This also encourages people to contribute.


Don’t sell! Just tell a story that will relate to people, show them what you discovered, how you overcome the problem at hand and then recommend the product you’re promoting.

Just like you would recommend something to a friend. This can be for your articles, reviews or videos.

Things to avoid:

Avoid using big buttons saying buy now. They do sometimes work, but I’ve found adding links within your article content that builds curiosity works better.

Don’t use big fancy words. Write like you’re talking to a friend. And write that friend hasn’t got the best education.

I also hate getting articles back from writers that include words like – therefore, one must do this or words you just wouldn’t use in a real conversation.

Don’t use big blocks of text. Break it all up so it’s easy to digest and easy to read on ALL devices. I normally write one sentence, new paragraph.


Be fun and entertaining. Don’t be scared to have some fun with your articles and add some comedy.

Depending on the article, you can make it dramatic and tap into their emotions.

Gossip – people love to gossip. If you can find gossip in your topic, share that stuff. Just make sure you back it up with facts! Or say where the gossip came from.

Tell stories that are engaging and relate to people. Maybe you’ve seen a story in the news, a movie or you or a friend have experienced something that relates.

People love reading this stuff because it hits close to home with them.

Use good images that paint the picture. A picture is worth a thousand words so they say, so take advantage of images that are related to your article or topic.

Smart calls to action. Sometimes you need to tell people what to do, so telling them to click a link to see X, will help get them to where you want them to go.

Biggest tip:


^ This is the most important part. If someone lands on your page looking for answers and you give them an answer that wows them, there’s a good chance they will do one or all of the following:

a.) Buy something you recommend.
b.) Share your post with others.
c.) Bookmark and be a loyal reader of your blog.
d.) Subscribe to your email list.

Have some fun with it guys n girls. Writing is boring but you can make it fun. Tell those stories!!!

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4 thoughts on “How To Write Better Articles For Your Blog”

  1. Hi Warren 🙂
    Good article. With an outline like that it gets easy to fill out the article to over 1000 words also without writer’s block.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    I have a question about articles for web 2.0 ́s and backlinks if you don’t mind.
    This is not really related to this post, but how many times would you say it is okay to link to your blog from 1 web 2.0 blog if you have more than 5 posts?

    Can you link more than once from a web 2.0 blog to your main money site without raising flags?


    • Hi Daniel,
      I recommend linking back once per post unless you’re linking to different articles on your blog you’re trying to rank. As long as you’re not using automation tools that blast bulk + link back where it makes sense to do so, I don’t see any problem it. Google has their own blogs where they link to their own products and services as do many other big brands.



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