How Many Pages Should My Niche Website Have?

So…How many pages should my niche website have?

This is a question many people ask in the group so I thought I would address it here.

It’s a very good question actually and the answer might surprise some people so do read on..

A niche site in my eyes is a website that focuses on a specific topic (niche).

These can often be very easy to rank for niche specific keywords and they’re a lot easier to manage compared to an authority site that has hundreds of pages.

So, back to the question…

How many pages should a niche site have?

Here’s how I normally go about my niche sites and why I think you should follow suit..

When I’m researching a niche I will pick out some popular products – products I know are selling.

For example, if I’m promoting Clickbank products I will check the gravity score to see if other affiliates are making sales.

If I’m promoting Amazon products I will check the amount of reviews.

These products also need to solve some kind of problem or pain OR they need to make life easier.

For a niche site I normally find 3-5 products I can write reviews on.

If you decide to buy these products before reviewing them, that is up to you. I personally don’t buy everything I review.

However, if it’s a digital product I will reach out to the product owner and ask for a review copy and if it’s a physical product I will try and find one in my local shop and find out as much info about it as I can.

Then I will research what people are searching for in the niche.

This could be general questions people are asking about the niche or about the products.

I also like to write top lists. These are articles showcasing the BEST products in that niche.

Here’s a very quick example of what kind of content I would have for a niche site on Water Dispensers.

Review & Articles:

  • Kogan Counter Top Water Purifier Review.
    – How to assemble the Kogan Counter Top Water Purifier.
    – Kogan Counter Top Water Purifier Alternatives.
    – Kogan Counter Top Parts.
    – Where to Buy a Water Purifier.
    – Benefits of Owning A Water Purifier.
  • Best Water Purifiers
    – Best Bench Top Water Purifiers
    – Best Office Water Purifiers
    – Best RO Water Purifier
    – Best Water Dispenser
  • Water cooler dispenser vs Water purifier
    – Water Dispenser vs Bottled Water
    – Is it Cheaper To Buy Gallons Or Bottled Water
  • The Truth About Water Coolers (Free Report) Landing Page/Optin.

I could even do keywords like Water Dispenser Coupon Codes.

Do remember that this is just an example but it’s very similar to what I would do when shelling out the type of content on my niche site.

Let’s Recap…

  • Try and aim for around 30 pages.
  • Do a mix of reviews, Q&A’s, How-to and best list type articles.
  • Have your disclaimer, about, contact pages.
  • Make sure people are actually buying the products you’re reviewing.
  • Help people with their questions.

Once you have your content up and your pages are optimized it’s time to promote your pages where your target audience hangs out…Go get em 😉

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7 thoughts on “How Many Pages Should My Niche Website Have?”

  1. Those are some pretty interesting ideas for topics. I generally struggle when it comes to some of the more “boring” yet searched products.
    The example pages outlined are really helpful. Thank you.
    I’ve got some research to do’

    Appreciate it Warren

    • Hi Eric.
      These are just examples, but you do need to try and answer those not so interesting topics that people are searching for.
      Especially the long tail question type keywords. These are often highly targeted and if people are asking questions, they’re normally ready to buy.

      Make it yours and have some fun but. Add a story or something people can relate too – that’s where you can hook people. Most of my reviews for example are more about a story rather than the product itself.

      Glad you liked it!

  2. Hey Warren, two quick questions when you have a minute.
    I’ve got my site up and running (used your aff link 😉 ) and am working on adding content. Do you think there’s such a thing as too much content? I have buckets of time so I could get around 1500 words done per day minimum for articles to try and potentially rank for as many keywords as possible. So a month from now I could have north of 40 articles on my site. Obviously ensuring that it’s well written quality stuff people want to read, not just stuffed words to fill articles. Good idea?
    Also do you still do site reviews?

    Cheers mate and sorry for pestering you with questions 😀

    • I wouldn’t say there’s such a thing as too much content but you can have too much on the one topic. I prefer to create an epic post that covers everything on the one topic and make it easy to digest and get to each part of the page using the table of contents. Then I would have some supporting articles on similar topics to support that page and then link out to your epic post from those.

      As for site reviews, not lately but if you send an email to I will try to have a look when I do get time. I’ve been very busy lately so it might take a day or two to get to it.
      Thanks for dropping by and for asking your questions – I totally don’t mind.

  3. Hi Warren,

    I’m confused with creating a structure like a category in my website. I want to create the category like yours here.

    Is the /blog/ a category or a page?

    I want all the supporting articles to be in the blog section. Also, How do i adjust the content width length like yours?

    Mine is still long.


    • Hi Andrew,

      I have all my blog posts in the blog section. Then within the blog I have categories.
      If you want to do this simply create a page called Blog. And also create a page called something like Home (This will be your home page content).
      Then in your Settings set the Home page as your home page content and Blog as your blog content.

      As for width, if you’re using generate press – go to the customizer and then layout. In there you can adjust the width of your content box.

      Hope that helps,

  4. Hey Warren this is some cool stuff you share with us here… If I got this right, in your example about water dispensers, you’re suggesting to make review articles (the bolded bullet points in your post above) and support them with additional helpful-for-the-reader pages (the ones that begin with a dash located under the review ones)…Is this correct or am i missing something ? Thanks for these pieces of the am puzzle !

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