Excuses Will Only Slow You Down !!

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Excuses Will Only Slow You Down !!

When I first started online I struggled with a LOT of things just like everyone else.

There’s always some kind of hurdle or obstacle in your way and more often than not, there’s just never enough time in the day to get shit done!

I’ve been lucky enough to meet a lot of people online over the past 9 years and had mentors of my own.

Here’s a few things I’ve learned along the way:

1. Excuses will only slow you down.

I’m sure we all do it and probably do so without even realising. But as soon as you stop saying I can’t and start DOING you will start to become more productive and get things done. A few of my kids have moved out but when I started, I had 5 crazy kids running around (All girls), worked a 9-5 job and still managed to get something done everyday..Stop putting things in the back burner and get it done.

2. Everything you learn – take action!

Put what you’ve just learnt to practice and DO. To many people spend years learning and not DOING. It’s the DOING that will help you become successful.

3. Surround yourself with positive minded people and always stay positive.

If people are hating on you or if they’re telling you this internet stuff is a scam or you’re wasting your time! Ignore them…I had family and friends try talk me out of doing what I do but that only made me want to prove them wrong. Lucky for me, I didn’t listen to them. You need positive people in your life to help motivate and stimulate your mind. Surround yourself with positive minded people.

4. Don’t be scared of failure.

There’s a lot of people who are too scared to start because they’re scared they will fail. I’ve ran and owned hundreds of websites over the past 9 years – the majority of those failed. Sure I spent hours and hours working on these failed sites but without failing I wouldn’t have had the winners I’ve had. Learn from failure and try figure out why it failed and how to do it better the next time.

5. Find a mentor or someone to look up too.

If you’re lucky enough to have a mentor appreciate their time. DON’T bug them with your life story or what you ate for breakfast – Most people are happy to have a chat but if you want the most out of your mentor appreciate their time.

6. To-Do Lists are worth nothing if you’re not DOING.

Having a to-do list is great but if you’re spending more time than you should writing them out or finding yourself not checking those things off – it’s time to consider a different strategy. Be realistic with your to-do list so you have WINS..It feels good when you achieve set tasks – not so good when you’re moving them to the next day or not getting them done at all.

7. Focus! This is what a lot of people lack – myself included.

Shiny object syndrome SUCKS!!!! I know it’s hard but stay focused on the one project. Master it…Fail if you have too.

But put 110% into that project and focus like a cobra on it’s prey! If you’re giving yourself too much work – minimise your work load to what you can handle.

Just make sure you’re getting stuff done on a daily basis. I’m a big sucker for this and should eat my own words because I literally have way to much going on but what can I say – I love the grind

8. Invest in yourself.

Self development is key and to grow successfully you have to invest in yourself. This could be investing money and time in learning new skills (Make sure you take action as well). It could be going to the gym or eating healthy. Maybe it’s new clothes or a haircut/style to make you feel more confident – Invest in yourself and always work on growing/improvement.

9. Give back and pay it forward.

There’s a quote by Albert Pine which goes “What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains, and is, immortal.”. I’m not saying go make a huge donation for some charity, I mean help people, be kind, compliment people, give something to someone in need..I love making money but you know what feels better – when someone says Thank you or that smile you get when someone appreciates something you done for them. I love helping people because it makes me feel good in return and brings positivity into my day.

and Tip #10.

Think outside the box but don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Most of the time you’re going to be in a competitive niche. I’m never scared to enter a competitive niche – heck all the niches I’ve had success in are in the most competitive niches. To break into those niches you have to think outside the box and do things most wont. Find ways to sneak in and do what your competition isn’t doing or isn’t doing properly.

Bonus tip:

Do what you love and enjoy it. If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing make it fun. You don’t want this to feel like a 9-5 job right? Enjoy what you do and if that passion is slowly dying off – do something to reignite that flame – make it fun!

Anyways, thought I’d share this to try help motivate your day a little and hopefully inspire someone.

Have something to add?

Drop a comment below and let’s make this an epic motivational/inspirational post for people to save and come back to when they’re feeling down..

Love ya’s all ninjas!

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4 thoughts on “Excuses Will Only Slow You Down !!”

  1. Everything you mentioned in this post is just perfect. I am inconsistently consistent. I can’t do anything on time. There are tons of excuses remble in my mind everytime i pick up my laptop. I am in the business for 3-4 years but still didn’t achieve anything. I am good at writing and can write upto 7k words articles and did it few times. But still there are some questions that pull me back. But one thing I believe is that if you focus on your goals, there is nothing to stop you.

    • Sometimes I think we double guess ourselves and over complicate things when we just need to keep it simple. Now you know your weakness, try and flip the switch and work on staying focused. It’s all about creating good habits that help you move forward. Find your balance through the day and focus hard.
      It might take a little while, but when you get things done it feels great. Having a to do list is always handy..Everyone is different but it feel great when I tick off set tasks through the day.
      Thanks for your comment Shezad.


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