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Your product reviews are some of the most important pieces of content on your affiliate website. After all, these pages are going to be earning you money. So you need to get them right.

I’ve written hundreds of product reviews over the past decade. Whilst also reviewing thousands of affiliates’ product reviews. Now, I’m going to be able to share with you the perfect affiliate product review template.

A good product review should be packed with lots of information. But it also needs to be easy to read and digest. You need to make sure you don’t give away the ending before someone has even considered buying! And most importantly, the review must build trust with your audience that you are standing by your recommendations 100%.

In this article, I’m going to go through all of these points in more detail.

You’ll learn how to create a product review that will drive clicks back to your affiliate links, boosting your earnings in the process.

Let’s get started!

What Should Your Product Review Template Include?

In this section, I’m going to cover everything that you need to include in your product reviews. This will help you avoid leaving out any crucial information and make sure that the review is properly structured.

Product reviews are not too complicated, more often than not they all follow the same structure.

Affiliate Product Review Infographic

Let’s look into each of the sections in more detail.

The Hook

The hook is one of the most important parts of the product review. It’s basically what grabs the visitor’s attention. We only have a few seconds to convince them to stay, so you should spend a lot of effort on getting the hook right.

This section is also ideal for capturing the text featured snippet, which if you can get will help you generate a lot of traffic.

For the hook, it only needs to be a couple of paragraphs long. Remember it’s not an introduction but a hook.

Now there are 3 different ways that I like to craft a hook.

  1. The Review Intro
  2. PAS Formula
  3. AIDA Formula

The Review Intro

The first way is the simplest and often the one that most affiliates will go for. It’s simple, straight to the point but might not grab the visitor’s attention as much as the other two methods.

With this, you are simply explaining what the post is talking about. So along the lines of;

“In this article, I’m going to be reviewing [product name]. It’s one of the most well-known [niche/product type]. [Product] is said to help with [benefit 1], [benefit 2] and [benefit 3].

Read on to see if [product] is right for you…”

PAS Formula

PAS is a copywriting formula and is a great way of grabbing attention. It stands for “problem”, “agitate”, and “solve”. The idea is to show the problem, exaggerate the problem and then give a solution.

Problem: You want to lose weight, but you don’t have the willpower to stick with your diet.

Agitate: We all know that losing weight can be hard and it’s even harder when we’re not motivated. Losing weight is also a long process that makes us give up easily, so most of us fail before we’ve even started.

Solution: [Product] is here for you! It helps you burn fat faster than ever before by boosting your metabolism and increasing energy levels. This way it doesn’t matter if you miss one workout or eat something unhealthy once in a while – as long as you use our product, nothing will stop you from achieving the body of your dreams!

AIDA Formula

A more well-known copyrighting formula is the AIDA model. AIDA stands for;

Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. This formula works great in product reviews because you need to get the interest of users (A), then make them want more information (I), before finally convincing them that your product is the solution to their problem (D). They will then hopefully click your call to action (A).

Attention: You’re looking for a fat burner that works.

Interest: We know you want to see results, and we’ve got them for you. [product] is the most effective fat burner on the market today. It helps your body burn stored fats faster than ever before, speeds up your metabolism so you burn more calories throughout the day, suppresses your appetite to prevent snacking between meals, and boosts energy levels so you stay motivated all day long!

Desire: With just three pills per day, [product] can help give you an edge over other products on the market by helping your body reach its full potential in terms of weight loss. And with a money-back guarantee, there’s no risk involved – if it doesn’t work for you then they will refund every penny of what you paid them!

Action: Click here right now to place an order for [product]!

You should now know how to make a hook that’s going to grab attention and keep the visitor reading.

Product Display Box

Now you have your hook done, I like to add in a product display box. This box is going to give a bit more information about the product and really summarise the main benefits in one place.

You have to remember not everyone is bothered about reading your entire review. Some just want the key benefits and to click through to the offer page. This will help with that.

You’ll find your click-through rate increases by including a product display box.

There are some key things I like to include;

  • Product Name
  • Benefits or Overview
  • Star Rating
  • Clear call to action link

Below are a couple of examples of product display boxes.

Product Overview Example 1

Product Overview Template 1

Product Overview Example 2

Product Overview Template 2

For my product review boxes, I like to use Affiliatable. Its uses lightweight code to display these boxes. Helping to provide eye-catching boxes, without the bloat you get from page builders.

Introduction/Ice Breaker

Now that you’ve introduced yourself and told them what you’re reviewing tell them a bit of a story to break the ice, something that the reader will relate to.

I always think about problems a reader may have that are related to the product. Try and hit some emotions or make it entertaining and fun to read…

Make up a funny story or a sad story that’s related to the product. Even better, talk about a common problem the reader would have and turn it into a story.

I normally write 2 or 3 paragraphs telling a bit of a story.

Example #1

The other week I took my wife out for a meal, I enjoyed a nice bit of steak with smooth creamy mash. The mash potato was amazing…

All the mashed potato I make tends to have lumps in them, no matter how much I mash them down.

I asked the waiter how they get it so smooth and he told me about a potato ricer. I got home, Googled it, and purchased one right away. This is one that you are reading about now…

Example #2

So I’m in my mid-thirties, I’ve never really needed to worry about my weight. No matter what I’d eat, I just kept the fat off. This changed when I entered my thirties.

I got married and was pretty content with life, soon enough I noticed I was about 4 stone heavier than I wanted to be.

I lost a little weight with dieting and exercise but we’re only talking 1 or 2lbs. My goal was 4 stone so I needed to find something to speed it up. Someone recommended taking a weight loss supplement.

So the research began and I tried so many. It’s crazy how many I’ve tried. By far the best was PhenGold and below, I’ll run through my review of it and why it helped me reach my goals.

Main Product Review Content

In this section, I’m going to go through different sub-sections of a review. Some of these might be needed, whereas others may not. It depends on what you are reviewing. Simply add/remove where required.

What Is Product X?

Once the introduction has been written, I like to go into what the product is. 9 times out of 10, the visitor will have an idea of what the product is.

This section does however reinforce it. For example, if you’re reviewing a fat burner, you’d mention that it’s a fat burner and what the benefits are from using it.

How Does Product Work

Once I’ve gone through what the product is, I like to cover how it works. This gives the reader reassurance as to what it does and how it actually does what it claims.

This section is only really needed when reviewing products such as supplements.

It’s a good time to mention a couple of the ingredients and what they actually do to help the user see the benefits they are looking for.

With a supplement, this section is very important as it helps to build trust with the visitor that you know what you are talking about.

What’s Included

In this section, I like to go through what’s included in the package. This is a great time to showcase what the visitor will be getting for their money.

For example, if I was reviewing a camera kit, I’d go into details that you get the actual camera unit, a specific lense, cables, memory card, case, battery, and any other extra items.

A great section to showcase the value for money.


Let’s face it, people buy products because of the benefits they’re going to see. Whether it’s a review on a potato masher and you want to mention how smooth their mashed potato will be or the amount of weight they will use.

A benefits section will really help to pre-sell the product that you’re reviewing.

This is one of those sections that can really help to convince someone to purchase the product.

I’ll often list the benefits in bullet point form and also make sure I end this section with a clear call to action.


Many people often get benefits and features confused and mixed up.

Benefits are what you will see from the product, whereas features are more like attributes to a product.

For example, a feature of a camera lens might be the focal length, aperture, or depth of field.


If you reviewing supplements then you’re going to want to add ingredients. Don’t just list the ingredients, write a good couple of paragraphs on each ingredient.

I’d make sure to add an image of the ingredient next to the text and then even add a link to clinical studies if there are any.

This will help to build trust in the product you reviewing and help reinforce how it works.


A section that I’d recommend adding to any review is the comparisons. The aim of this is to compare a specific product against others.

Things you might compare would be features, benefits, ingredients, pricing, and even what comes with the product.

The benefit of this section is that it helps show your independence, which builds trust. It also gives the visitor options, so more chance of closing a sale.

Finally, it also helps you show why the product you reviewing is better.

Comparison table review template

Pros and Cons

A pros and cons section is very common in a review. I find affiliates’ opinions are mixed when it comes to these, some like to use them, whereas others don’t.

Personally, I’m a fan of them.

I find that they help to show that the product has been reviewed fairly and offers some independence which again helps with trust.

Although I don’t tend to call them pros and cons, I usually rename them to “what I like” and “what I don’t like”.

Affiliate review prod and cons template

SUPER TIP: It’s always possible to turn a negative into a positive. This helps you to that your non-biased but also sell the product.

For example;

  • Product XX is more expensive – You do get what you pay for and if you’re looking for long term value, it’s worth spending that little extra

See what I did there?

By explaining why it costs more and adding value to this, it turns that negative into a positive.


The FAQ is a great section in a product review and unfortunately, many people miss this out of their affiliate product reviews.

This section is a great place where you can get those additional keywords added to your content. Helping you to target those less competitive terms and build traffic.

Simply add a section where you answer questions related to the product or service.

If you’re not sure where to get questions from, search the product in Google and check out the “also asked” section. This is an excellent source for FAQ questions.

If you use Ahrefs, you can also use their questions list in the keyword explorer.


I’ve reviewed thousands of affiliate product reviews and I very rarely see an alternatives section on their reviews.

This is basically where you might mention 1 or 2 alternatives to the product you’re reviewing. But why would you recommend an alternative?

Again it’s all about building trust and showing that you are independent. It’s about giving your visitor options.

If you only recommend 1 product, they may not want it and decide to leave and you’ve lost them.

Show them alternatives and they may find one of those suits their needs better and therefore you keep them on-site and hopefully convert them into a sale.

Now the aim is not to try and get them onto the alternatives but just to mention them.

For example;

If I was reviewing a fat burner that had caffeine in it. I might offer an alternative that doesn’t have caffeine.


And finally, you’ve come to the end of your review. You don’t just want to finish it abruptly.

You want to summarise your review in a conclusion paragraph. This is useful for several reasons;

  1. It allows you to highlight the key benefits/features of the product
  2. Great opportunity to place a CTA
  3. Should always have your target keyword in the last paragraph of your content

SUPER TIP: I always find that “Conclusion” is a bit official and medical. If the tone of your site is fairly relaxed then id replace this with something like “final thoughts”

Making Your Product Review Stand Out Against The Rest

Phew, that was a lot of information, hopefully, you are still with me…

So now you have an idea of how to structure your affiliate product reviews and what to include in them.

In this section, I’m going to give a few tips and suggestions on how to make your reviews to stand out.

You want them to stand out against your competitors, as this is what will give your conversions that extra boost.


My first suggestion is to try and get samples of the products that you’re reviewing. You then want to take it a step further and actually use the products.

I don’t try every product that I review. I do however try and test those that I’m ranking as the best on my websites.

I find that when I’ve used a product for a few weeks or a couple of months, It allows me to write so much more about the product. I can write about things that only those that are interested in purchasing would be thinking.

It also makes your content more “real”. You’ll find it easier to add humor or little stories to your content to help build that relationship with the reader. A bit like I’m doing here with you.

Unique Pictures

By getting the product samples as mentioned above, also gives you the opportunity to take unique pictures.

These are great as they can really help to show that you’ve used the product and again this helps with building trust.

I would go a step further and try to remove all stock images from your website. Aim to create all your own custom images.

Use Video

Most product reviews only have text and images. Adding video can help your review stand out. Not only that but it increases the number of times people are on your site, which is better for SEO.

Also if your upload videos to YouTube, this can be a great new traffic source.

The videos don’t need to be complex or super professional. Even if it’s just a video of you unboxing the item and doing a voice-over.

Be Objective

Finally, be objective. We all want to make sales and make money from the products that we promote BUT you also need to stay real. A real person is reading your content, so don’t just sell, sell and sell.

Be objective, say what you like but say what you don’t like as well. No product or service is 100% perfect.

People are going to respect you and your content more if you are honest and objective.

Conversion Tips For Your Affiliate Product Reviews

Once you’ve written your product reviews for your affiliate website, you are halfway there. Next, you need to get them converted. Now if it’s well written and the traffic is targeted you should convert fairly well.

However, you want to also test different things to try and improve your conversion. It’s surprising how many affiliates write their reviews and just leave them.

Imagine having a review that gets 1000 views a month and converts in 1/50. Just a few changes and you could get the same traffic converting at 1/25 or even 1/10.

Below are some things I’d suggest testing to see if they help improve your conversion.

Call To Action Text

I often see affiliates that are promoting Amazon products to mention Amazon within the CTA. The thinking is that it will help to build trust in IE ordering from a reputable company.

The issue is that Amazon is a household name, so there’s nothing stopping the visitor from just typing amazon in the URL bar and not clicking your link. Resulting in you missing out on the sale.

I would also recommend testing out the different text to see which encourages click-throughs. I often use; “Click for the best price”

You’re given an instruction to click, this helps as people will often need to be told what to do. You really have to make things simple for people.

Next, we are saying that this is the best price, so they don’t need to go off and check any other sources. Increasing the chance of a click-through and hopefully conversion.

Button Colours

It might sound like it’s not worth it but just changing the colors of your CTAs can make a big impact on click-through rates. I’ve seen hundreds of sites that match the buttons to their design IE blue logo/header and then blue buttons. This makes it all blend in together.

Instead, you want your CTAs to be a color that stands out against your main branding. Something that compliments it but is noticeable.

What I tend to do is get a color wheel, pick my main branding and then pick the color that’s opposite and that’s my CTA color.

Colour Wheel Example

Don’t share the price

Now, this would want testing as the results do depend on what you are promoting and the cost of them. If I’m promoting a product that is purchased based on impulse and emotion then I don’t mention the pricing in my review.

It can potentially put people off from clicking through.

Your review is there to pre-sell the product and not sell it, save that for the offer page.

You want to be warming them up and recommending the product, leave it to the advertiser to really hard sell and tell them why they need the product.

Once they get to that stage, the price has less of an impact as they need the product.

End Review with CTA

Finally, make sure you end your review with a CTA. Few people read your entire review and get to the bottom, however, many people do quickly scroll to the bottom to see how long it is and many will click a CTA instead of scrolling back up.

Ending the review with a CTA button or product overview is a great way of capturing additional clicks.

Final Thoughts

So there we have it, a template on affiliate product reviews. I hope it helps give you some ideas on how you can improve the reviews on your affiliate site.

Making changes to your review can have so many advantages, from improved rankings to boosting conversion.

We all want to make money from our reviews but put something online that you can be proud of and that really gives the visitor what they’re looking for.

Feel free to check out product reviews here, I often follow these suggestions on all my reviews. I do however update my reviews based on tests, so ill make sure this post is also updated to reflect any updates.

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