Clickbank Affiliate Niche Site & Coupons Case Study

SEPTEMBER UPDATE: Made $39,826.06 In 8 Months!!!)

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For those who don’t know, my name is Warren Wheeler and I’ve been creating niche websites for over a decade.

Today I want to share something I’ve been posting in my Affiliate Marketing Ninjas Facebook group, it’s a bit of a case study that I started late January 2018.

So far the site has grossed $5,137.35 with $4,407.31 in profit (after refunds) all using 100% free traffic methods.

*Edit: If you’re reading this in 2020 – this method STILL works and will continue working if you are going to follow this method.

98% of the earnings are from March when the site started to take off and it’s now averaging around $250 to $300 per day which is a very nice addition to my income stream.

You’ll be surprised at how much this case study costs me to run, more on that a little later so keep reading…

Before I go any further and tell you how I achieved these results, I will try and quickly explain the tactics and process I’m using to make money in this niche site case study.

Below is an image to help visualize this process…

To sum it up, I’ve created a niche site about a niche which then has Clickbank product reviews, articles, and some how-to type articles.

Traditionally, most people have their affiliate link in their content and I still do, however, I’m also using a bit of a tactic that’s been working amazingly well and I will go into more detail why it works a little later.

Instead of sending all my traffic directly to my affiliate link like most do, I’m sending them to another website of mine which looks like a deal/coupon site.

Each product review I write I will link to this deal site with a landing page for the product I’m promoting.

The image above should explain it but I will share an example layout of the coupon page I’m using below…


If you don’t know what’s going on, here’s another image showing the elements that make this successful.

As you can see it looks like a coupon or a deal site. It’s a very simple layout and it’s also very effective.


Understanding the Niche Site to Coupon Code Site Method

Here’s a video I uploaded to Youtube explaining things a little more in detail…

So again, here’s what’s going on…

Website #1
This is a niche website with reviews and articles. In total, I now have 6 reviews of products from the Clickbank marketplace in a specific niche. I also have 9 articles that are related to the niche and products.

These articles are what I call supporting articles to help boost my buyer intent (reviews) pages in the search engines AND help the reader learn more about topics or problems they might be looking for related to the niche.

Other pages I have are the home page, contact, about, privacy and affiliate disclosure.

That’s it…

My review pages range from 1700 words to 3000 words long and my supporting articles are around 1500 -2000 words long.

Website #2 (Coupon Site)
This is a separate website that looks like a simple coupon deal site which consists of landing pages for each product I reviewed on website #1 (6 in total).

In the beginning, I was collecting emails in exchange for a coupon code. What I mean by that is, when the visitor landed on a landing page (example: Product Coupon Code page) I would tell them to click the Activate Button and when they did, a pop up appears asking to enter their email to receive their coupon.

This worked pretty well but because a lot of people don’t like giving their email on sites like this I started thinking I could be missing out so I tested without email optin.

The results shocked me because I started making more sales without the email optin.

So now what I’m doing is simply giving the coupon code straight up without asking for an email address but I tell the visitor to activate their coupon they must click the Activate Now button which is my affiliate link.

That’s it…This is the whole method in a nutshell.

What I Did & How I Started…

Both domain names are registered at

After registering the niche site (website #1) I quickly installed WordPress, GeneratePress theme a few plugins and began writing straight away.

I smashed out 3 reviews in the first couple of days and then began writing articles on topics people are searching for to help them find solutions to their problems or better understand the niche and products.

Then I created the coupon site which is on the same hosting ( I used SiteGround GrowBig plan , you can have multiple sites on the one plan.).

Again, I quickly installed WordPress, installed the GeneratePress theme (which is free by the way) and then I installed Shortcodes Ultimate plugin and customized the site to look the same as the example I showed earlier.

Once I had both sites up I began creating social media accounts for each.

I set up a Pinterest account, a Facebook page, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, and a WeHeartIt account.

Just so you know, I created a new Google account for Google+, Gmail, and Youtube.

On each of the social media accounts, I began to share other people’s stuff, wrote some posts on each, shared some images and also shared links to my articles.

I joined two forums and made some posts and answered people’s questions to get my post count up so I can drop links.

In the forum, I asked a question about the product I’m promoting and dropped a link to one of my reviews. I don’t say it’s my site – I ask if people agree with what’s said in the review.

Twitter & Quora, I searched for topics in my niche and found people asking questions so I answered them and dropped my link saying this product helped me.

If you put the time and effort in you can smash all of this out pretty quickly and to this date, I haven’t used any automation tools.

Time For Some Web 2.0’s

When I create Web 2.0’s I create each as if they’re a mini-website. All of these will have 3-5 or even more articles on each.

You might already know from in the Facebook group or from reading my blog posts, I love to write so I can get content out pretty fast.

Each article on my Web 2.0’s are about 500 – 1200 words long.

What I do is use the articles I wrote on website #1 and completely re-write them so they’re 100% unique or I will write completely fresh articles that are closely related to my niche site.

Web 2.0’s that I’ve created for this case study so far are:

  • (4 articles + about, contact and homepage)
  • (3 articles + about, contact and homepage)
  • (3 articles + about, contact and homepage)
  • (5 articles + about, contact and homepage)
  • (2 articles + about, contact and homepage)

As you can see this is a lot of work but trust me, it’s worth it, especially if it helps you rank your website in Google and makes you money.

For each of these I will also share them on social media accounts that I created. Ohh and don’t be scared to add your affiliate links in your web 2.0’s.

I also visited other people’s blogs on each of these platforms and commented on them leaving a link back to my Web 2.0.

Blog Commenting & Forums

So far I haven’t done all that much blog commenting or posting in forums. I have signed up to a few forums and replied to a few people’s threads and I have commented on a couple of websites that are in my niche.

The sites I found look to be very active and the comments I left are all the same way I explain here

I could definitely do a lot more blog comments and be more active on forums but I’ve been very busy with other things.

The Rankings That Shocked Me…

Each of the keywords I was trying to rank for are very low comp and low search volume keywords but I didn’t expect to rank as fast as I did.

The review pages, however, are medium competition and average around 3k per month search volume.

Please note, I don’t take too much notice of keyword tools. They are good to get a ballpark figure on data but the majority of the time they are way off.

In the first month, my site was live my articles started to rank and my review pages started bouncing around in the first 3 pages of Google.

Around the 22 of Feb, I started seeing some traffic trickle in from Google which in my opinion is faster than normal.

Most sites take around 2-3 months before seeing these kinds of results.

Then, on the 25th of Feb 2018, the site started making money which totally blew me away…

Here’s a screenshot from my phone (more updates below).

From there, the site just began to rank higher and start getting traffic from long tail keywords.

Disclaimer: You have to remember, I’ve been doing this for a decade now and I’ve spent years crafting my skills and learning how to write content that converts.

But don’t let that discourage you from taking action and starting your own site if you wish to follow this method.

Here’s why I think Google ranked me so fast…

  • The keywords I’m targeting are low comp and have an easy score via kwfinder.
  • My articles are long and I use synonyms and related keywords in my articles.
  • I submitted them via Google Search Console – Fetch as Google
  • The web 2.0’s I created helped index them fast and sent some juice.
  • My content provides a lot of value and people to hang around and read it.
  • My site loads super fast on both desktop and mobile (thanks to SiteGround hosting)

Case Study Costs – How Much I’ve Spent So Far…

So far my costs are extremely low.

You might be thinking to make this kind of money you need to spend a lot of money.

In this case study my only costs where domain registrations x2, hosting and time.

  • 2 x Domain names @ $8.99 via = $17.98US
  • GrowBig Hosting Plan at = $71.40 ( Half price deal )
  • Around 30 hours of my time.

Not bad considering the site is starting to make $200 to $300+ every day now..

How I Plan To Scale This Into $500+ per day..

1. Write more product reviews and articles for the site targeting related products and keywords.

2. Find blogs in my niche and around the products I’m reviewing that allow comments and write comments to get more people to my coupon landing pages AND review.

3. Create more sites targeting the same keywords and reviewing the same products – I want to dominate the first page of Google for each keyword that’s bringing in the traffic and sales.

4. YouTube and video marketing – I think this niche will be great for YouTube. I have been looking at some whiteboard explainer videos on Fiverr that I might get. Plus I will try to make my own videos with slideshow presentation and voice over.

5. Continue building backlinks to my review pages to rank them higher and for other related keywords.

6. Be more active on social media especially Pinterest.

7. Find more forums that are niche related. I might outsource some of this work to build accounts up.

8. Look into PPC and even reach out to related websites to buy banner space from.

My goal is to get this site earning over $500 a day before May 2018. I was very close to this today (27/03/2018) earning $419.

The way it’s going I think it’s very achievable.

Once I hit that, I will aim for $1000 daily by the end of the year. This may happen sooner…

I’m also making some Amazon sales now as well. These are coming from a link in my own comment section which is an add-on to the Clickbank product I’m promoting (something that helps them).

However..this is only a $19 product and the commissions aren’t very high at all from Amazon – BUT money is money.

Clickbank Earnings Updates – From Start To Present.

Before I show you what’s possible and share screenshots of my earnings for this case study I think it’s important to share the refunds I’ve received so far as well.

Refunds do suck, but it’s a part of business.

Not everyone is going to like the product but as long as I’m making more sales than refunds, I’m pretty happy.

I will keep a close eye on my refunds over time. If it starts becoming more regular, I will go over my review to make sure I’m not promising anything that’s not in the products or reach out to the vendor and asks what’s going on…

The earnings – nom nom!

Below I will try and keep this updated weekly with screenshots of my earnings and add anything I think is important. Hopefully this will inspire and motivate you to take action on your own case study.



UPDATE: 2018-04-02 Biggest Day Yet!



UPDATE: 18th April 2018

The site has been going from strength to strength, and it hit a new record of $650 in a day.

To be honest I haven’t really touched it for a couple of weeks. Traffic is going up, earnings are fairly steady but I think with some more work and content the site can definitely hit $1000 in a day.

Here’s there latest updated screenshot.

Mid May Earnings. $2000+ per Week & More $500+ days

This month has been a good month considering I have not touched this site for over a month now.

Rankings continue to rise for other related keywords and the traffic is sitting around 800 visitors per day.

This site converts extremely good.

One thing I’d like to do is revisit the pages and check to see if I’m misguiding the reader in any way. I am getting refunds but that’s too be expected, however, I will do what I can on my end to minimize that.

Steady $2200+ every week now.

As the site sits, I could probably sell this for around $150k – $160k..Not bad for a side project.

And here’s the payouts so far…


Hopefully, by the end of the year, it will be well and truly in the 5 figures per month.

Not bad I must say…

September Update: $39,826.06


I’ve been so busy and a bit slack with the updates lately for this, and get this ninjas, I have NOT touched this site for about 3 months.

The only thing I’ve done is logged in to update plugins (3min work tops).

I’ve built no more backlinks, I haven’t added any extra content – NOTHING.

Best part is, the site is still generating between $250 – $400 per day. Now that’s what I call passive income.

Quick Heads Up…

I’m working on a new case study which I started about a month and a half ago. I wasn’t going to share this but I feel it will help EVERYONE, especially those who find it hard to write content.

This will be epic, so keep an eye out for my next post. Bookmark my blog and check for updates OR subscribe to my email list using the form below.

Also, the comment section has some killer questions and I’ve done my best to answer them all – please read over them before asking your questions, it may have already been answered.

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  1. Hi Wazza,

    Just reading through ALL the comments, amazing interaction, tons of value again, I have a few questions, to the point. I know your super busy, so don’t expect immediate answers.

    When you say you promote 2-6 products in the same niche, for a niche review site, do you mean example niche “dog training” – find 2 – 6 separate products whether clickbank or another – promoting this niche, and write reviews about each?

    Also on the web 2.0 properties, may I ask Wazza, how many words of content do you recommend writing for each below that you mentioned earlier? (4 articles) (3 articles) (3 articles) (5 articles) (2 articles)

    Should the main review articles be “higher search 3k ish plus” keywords? And supporting articles, less comp, lower search long tail keywords?

    Is the overall niche site better as static home page, or as a blog with lots of articles aka posts? When you mention add more content, more pages, do you mean add more posts aka articles? Hope that makes sense.

    Thank you so much 🙂

    • Hi Karen,
      Thanks for dropping by and thanks for being a loyal member of the group.
      1. Yes they can be from any network. I normally pick a few good products to write reviews. I do focus on clickbank because of the high commissions.
      You can find multiple products in the same niche to promote from Clickbank but yeah there’s also Amazon, CJ and a bunch of others.
      2. I mix things up with word count there’s really no exact number. They range from 500 – 1700 words. Does take work but it is worth it and you can do it over time.
      3. For the review, don’t concentrate too much on search volume because say someone promotes the product to their email list and hundreds or even thousands start looking for reviews of the product – if yours shows up and reads your review you have a chance of making the sale.
      4. Over time I do add an article or a short post to keep them site fresh and updated.

      Hope that helps.

      • Thanks Wazza! I just read through your blog post: How Many Pages Should My Niche Website Have? – and found more great answers to these questions. It never stops Wazza, the content! Thanks for your prompt response. 🙂 Yes helps a lot, understanding the puzzle which doesn’t seem to be one, as you say, don’t over complicate.

  2. Warren,

    I’m in it for the long haul. Can this approach work if we want to take the authority route? Lets say were in the health niche.. Having a general health website writing about the most common categories within it, then monetizing those articles that are generating traffic. Have you taken the more authority route with success and do you recommend it?

    Thanks again for the value you give. Found you through Franks youtube channel and also subscribed to yours.

    • Hi Noel.
      Yes of course, this can definitely work and could be more rewarding if you stick to it and really grow it.
      Glad you found the site, Frank’s got some good content out there.

  3. Hi Warren

    It has been a good reading. I am so motivated and pump up to take action on this strategy.
    I am all together new to this but I have been searching for opportunity online to make a living.
    What goes around comes around. So the good that you have done giving out this knowledge and experience with utmost good heart will definitely return to you. Thanks a trillion

  4. Hey Warren, thanks for this case study! I just have 2 questions:

    1.) Whenever you interlink your reviews into your supporting articles, do you interlink on relevant keywords without featuring the fact that you’re linking to a review in any way or will you say something along the lines of “If you’re looking for a well-known way to learn to play piano then read our PRODUCT XYZ review” to essentially entice people to potentially click more theoretically?

    2.) How many times will you link to a relevant review in one supporting article?

    I, like the commenter above, also found you through Frank’s youtube channel and I’ve been taking a lot of action thanks to you and the transparency of your case study. Thank you so much for creating this.

    • Hi David.
      Sorry to me so long to reply.
      I do a bit of a mix – sometimes I will use relevant keywords and sometimes I will link with text which has ‘click here to read my full review’ or ‘you can read the review here’ ect. I also have things like ‘I highly recommend Product NAME if you want to get serious. I’ve written a PRODUCT NAME review here << ' I normally link once per article but I will link out to other pages on my site or external sites with helpful/relevant pages from my supporting articles. Glad you like the case study and happy you found your way to the blog. Don't forget if you're not a member of Affiliate Marketing Ninjas facebook page you can join here

  5. Thank you for the info mate. This website is built on a .com domain or any other tld? and is it partial match / exact match / branded domain? I’m trying to read as much as possible and many are recommending partial keyword match .com domains. Please share your thoughts on this.

    • I try and stick to .com but if you want to do local affiliate sites you can do the extension for the target audience you want to targt. So for me, becuase I live in Australia I could register a domain.
      Or you can use .net or .org but I generally stick with .com

  6. Great post!
    I’m new to blogging/content marketing and not much of a writer.
    So I was thinking for me to be able to rwally write content often it would have to he something I’m passionate about and know alot about.
    This would be a blog about dog training, feeding, caring and raising a dog. Do you think there is money in a blog like this? Or should I sick it up and pick a different niche with more money to be made?

    Thank you in advance for your help

    • You can definitely make money doing that. It’s all about helping people with their questions and struggles within your content then recommend a product that is the solution – which also generates commissions for you as well 🙂

  7. Amazing case study. I have one question. Should I redirect the visitor to checkout page of the product or the landing page of the product after coupon website?

  8. It’s one of the best and trustworthy case study I have ever read on internet.
    I have taken away some great point about creating link juice from web2.0 sites.
    Thank you so much

  9. Now that’s some motivational stuff! You’re inspiration for many, bro! Keep it going.

    I havea1 Q. By product review articles do you mean you target ” {product name} review” or the actual problem that the product solves e.g ” How to train your puppy fast” and follow your article copywriting blueprint ( the one you have here on amninjas and use puppy training for an example)?

    • Hi Danail, glad you liked it and thanks for reading.
      WIth the product reviews, I target {product name review} but I also do write informative articles and top list type articles like {best puppy training courses}. The idea is to find what people are searching for and write content that helps them answer the questions they’re asking or struggling with. You can definitely follow my blueprint/template with just about any type of content, it works great!

      Thanks for your question.

  10. Hey warren,

    I built up a website – sshtec(dot)com. I posted many articles. But i dont recieve any traffic.

    My native language is not English. So i write my own articles.

    Can you please review the site and-

    -Can you understand my articles? I mean my English?is persuading?

    -if this your site what you would do?

    -what is recommendings?

    BTW Thank you for all your golden nuggets…

  11. What kind of products are you linking to from your coupon page? For example how would you make this work with Amazon not all products have a coupon or discount. If your using click bank only do most products allow you to promote with a discount coupon? Just curious how you are finding the coupons you are promoting.

    • I reach out to the vendor and ask for one. If they don’t have a coupon then I sometimes still create a coupon landing page but get them to click the link to discover latest deal.
      Just be careful doing this with other affiliate programs, some don’t allow you to promote coupons. Clickbank is cool with it but.

  12. Hi Warren. Really excited with the latest update. Just want to know if your site experienced any downturn in traffic as you’ve not added any new content and backlinks since June?

    • Hi Isaac.
      No, it actually gained traffic but it’s now levelled out and gets around 750-900 visitors per day. I’m going to start publishing more content on the site very soon but I’ve just been way to busy with other stuff. I may even outsource some of the content to build it up to 30+ pages, see if I can ramp it up.

  13. Hello!
    Thanks for the free information you gave. I’m glad I learnt something without paying for it LOL. I just started affiliate marketing 3 days ago and I am using wordpress for the advertisements. I’m having a hard time sending traffic to the blog and even getting emails using the this method (Ask for their email address to know how to earn blah blah blah) and I still have none. Can you please advice me on the steps to take? Thank you!!

    • Hi Cherie.
      Are you using a free blog at ?
      If so, invest in a domain name and some hosting – this will cost you about $100. I recommend going with ( for plans).

      Then add lots of content and give value. Be in the business of helping others – so search for what your visitors are looking for and help them by giving answers and guidance.
      To get traffic you can do paid, SEO, social media or Youtube. All of them are great if you focus and dedicate time to them. It’s not an overnight thing, this takes time and can take money but if you stay consistent and put the work in, you’ll see results. The challenge is half the fun 😉

      Have you downloaded my cheat sheet? Top navigation bar – Cheat Sheet will get you there.

  14. Hi wazza,
    I sent you a lot of e-mails but you weren’t replying. I gave a question relating to all the fuss about the new google algorithm on health niche ?. would you still advise me to go ahead with my micro health-niche website.
    NB : the key word I’m targeting has tons of search volumes, but very low competition. And also, there’s only one strong competitive website that ranks highest and it’s an E.A.T website.

    • Hi mate,
      Sorry but I’ve gone through my emails and have none from you?
      If you’re going to go into health niche then make sure your content is really good! I have sites in the health space and they didn’t lose rankings, I actually improved for some keywords I was ranking for. But it does look to be a bit harder. Really good content, quality/strong backlinks and try back it up with facts.

      I can’t say how it will go, but if you work at it, stay consistent and add nothing but quality content you should be right.

  15. Hi Warren. Your updated result continues to motivate me. Great job mate!

    I’ve been doing web 2.0 backlinks for a few months now and while I can see the backlink count increase, my website traffic decreases! Any idea on what could possible happen?

  16. Hi Warren,

    Great content! Most “gurus” would make us pay for this kind of information nowadays.

    Some questions. I got confused with what you mentioned that you had 6 product reviews – are these reviews on 1 Product that you promote, or is it 6 products (1 review for each product so to say).

    If so, then do you make 6 coupon websites – 1 site for each product review?

    Sorry that I got confused, but I think the details matter for me.

    Thank you regardless.


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