Clickbank Affiliate Niche Site & Coupons Case Study

SEPTEMBER UPDATE: Made $39,826.06 In 8 Months!!!)

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For those who don’t know, my name is Warren Wheeler and I’ve been creating niche websites for almost a decade.

Today I want to share something I’ve been posting in my Affiliate Marketing Ninjas Facebook group, it’s a bit of a case study that I started late January 2018.

So far the site has grossed $5,137.35 with $4,407.31 in profit (after refunds) all using 100% free traffic methods.

98% of the earnings are from March when the site started to take off and it’s now averaging around $250 to $300 per day which is a very nice addition to my income stream.

You’ll be surprised at how much this case study costs me to run, more on that a little later so keep reading…

Before I go any further and tell you how I achieved these results, I will try and quickly explain the tactics and process I’m using to make money in this niche site case study.

Below is an image to help visualize this process…

To sum it up, I’ve created a niche site about a niche which then has Clickbank product reviews, articles, and some how-to type articles.

Traditionally, most people have their affiliate link in their content and I still do, however, I’m also using a bit of a tactic that’s been working amazingly well and I will go into more detail why it works a little later.

Instead of sending all my traffic directly to my affiliate link like most do, I’m sending them to another website of mine which looks like a deal/coupon site.

Each product review I write I will link to this deal site with a landing page for the product I’m promoting.

The image above should explain it but I will share an example layout of the coupon page I’m using below…


If you don’t know what’s going on, here’s another image showing the elements that make this successful.

As you can see it looks like a coupon or a deal site. It’s a very simple layout and it’s also very effective.


Understanding the Niche Site to Coupon Code Site Method

Here’s a video I uploaded to Youtube explaining things a little more in detail…

So again, here’s what’s going on…

Website #1
This is a niche website with reviews and articles. In total, I now have 6 reviews of products from the Clickbank marketplace in a specific niche. I also have 9 articles that are related to the niche and products.

These articles are what I call supporting articles to help boost my buyer intent (reviews) pages in the search engines AND help the reader learn more about topics or problems they might be looking for related to the niche.

Other pages I have are the home page, contact, about, privacy and affiliate disclosure.

That’s it…

My review pages range from 1700 words to 3000 words long and my supporting articles are around 1500 -2000 words long.

Website #2 (Coupon Site)
This is a separate website that looks like a simple coupon deal site which consists of landing pages for each product I reviewed on website #1 (6 in total).

In the beginning, I was collecting emails in exchange for a coupon code. What I mean by that is, when the visitor landed on a landing page (example: Product Coupon Code page) I would tell them to click the Activate Button and when they did, a pop up appears asking to enter their email to receive their coupon.

This worked pretty well but because a lot of people don’t like giving their email on sites like this I started thinking I could be missing out so I tested without email optin.

The results shocked me because I started making more sales without the email optin.

So now what I’m doing is simply giving the coupon code straight up without asking for an email address but I tell the visitor to activate their coupon they must click the Activate Now button which is my affiliate link.

That’s it…This is the whole method in a nutshell.

What I Did & How I Started…

Both domain names are registered at NameSilo..

After registering the niche site (website #1) I quickly installed WordPress, GeneratePress theme a few plugins and began writing straight away.

I smashed out 3 reviews in the first couple of days and then began writing articles on topics people are searching for to help them find solutions to their problems or better understand the niche and products.

Then I created the coupon site which is on the same hosting ( I used SiteGround GrowBig plan , you can have multiple sites on the one plan.).

Again, I quickly installed WordPress, installed GeneratePress theme (which is free by the way) and then I installed Shortcodes Ultimate plugin and customized the site to look the same as the example I showed earlier.

Once I had both sites up I began creating social media accounts for each.

I set up a Pinterest account, a Facebook page, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr and a WeHeartIt account.

Just so you know, I created a new Google account for Google+, Gmail, and Youtube.

On each of the social media accounts, I began to share other peoples stuff, wrote some posts on each, shared some images and also shared links to my articles.

Joined two forums and made some posts and answered people’s questions to get my post count up so I can drop links.

In the forum, I asked a question about the product I’m promoting and dropped a link to one of my reviews. I don’t say it’s my site – I ask if people agree with what’s said in the review.

Twitter & Quora, I searched for topics in my niche and found people asking questions so I answered them and dropped my link saying this product helped me.

If you put the time and effort in you can smash all of this out pretty quickly and to this date, I haven’t used any automation tools.

Time For Some Web 2.0’s

When I create Web 2.0’s I create each as if they’re a mini website. All of these will have 3-5 or even more articles on each.

You might already know from in the Facebook group or from reading my blog posts, I love to write so I can get content out pretty fast.

Each article on my Web 2.0’s are about 500 – 1200 words long.

What I do is use the articles I wrote on website #1 and completely re-write them so they’re 100% unique or I will write completely fresh articles that are closely related to my niche site.

Web 2.0’s that I’ve created for this case study so far are:

  • (4 articles + about, contact and homepage)
  • (3 articles + about, contact and homepage)
  • (3 articles + about, contact and homepage)
  • (5 articles + about, contact and homepage)
  • (2 articles + about, contact and homepage)

As you can see this is a lot of work but trust me, it’s worth it, especially if it helps you rank your website in Google and makes you money.

For each of these I will also share them on social media accounts that I created. Ohh and don’t be scared to add your affiliate links in your web 2.0’s.

I also visited other peoples blogs on each of these platforms and commented on them leaving a link back to my Web 2.0.

Blog Commenting & Forums

So far I haven’t done all that much blog commenting or posting in forums. I have signed up to a few forums and replied to a few peoples threads and I have commented on a couple of websites that are in my niche.

The sites I found look to be very active and the comments I left are all the same way I explain here

I could definitely do a lot more blog comments and be more active on forums but I’ve been very busy with other things.

The Rankings That Shocked Me…

Each of the keywords I was trying to rank for are very low comp and low search volume keywords but I didn’t expect to rank as fast as I did.

The review pages, however, are medium competition and average around 3k per month search volume.

Please note, I don’t take too much notice of keyword tools. They are good to get a ballpark figure on data but the majority of the time they are way off.

In the first month, my site was live my articles started to rank and my review pages started bouncing around in the first 3 pages of Google.

Around the 22 of Feb, I started seeing some traffic trickle in from Google which in my opinion is faster than normal.

Most sites take around 2-3 months before seeing these kinds of results.

Then, on the 25th of Feb 2018, the site started making money which totally blew me away…

Here’s a screenshot from my phone (more updates below).

From there, the site just began to rank higher and start getting traffic from long tail keywords.

Disclaimer: You have to remember, I’ve been doing this for a decade now and I’ve spent years crafting my skills and learning how to write content that converts.

But don’t let that discourage you from taking action and starting your own site if you wish to follow this method.

Here’s why I think Google ranked me so fast…

  • The keywords I’m targeting are low comp and have an easy score via kwfinder.
  • My articles are long and I use synonyms and related keywords in my articles.
  • I submitted them via Google Search Console – Fetch as Google
  • The web 2.0’s I created helped index them fast and sent some juice.
  • My content provides a lot of value and people to hang around and read it.
  • My site loads super fast on both desktop and mobile (thanks to SiteGround hosting)

Case Study Costs – How Much I’ve Spent So Far…

So far my costs are extremely low.

You might be thinking to make this kind of money you need to spend a lot of money.

In this case study my only costs where domain registrations x2, hosting and time.

  • 2 x Domain names @ $8.99 via = $17.98US
  • GrowBig Hosting Plan at = $71.40 ( Half price deal )
  • Around 30 hours of my time.

Not bad considering the site is starting to make $200 to $300+ every day now..

How I Plan To Scale This Into $500+ per day..

1. Write more product reviews and articles for the site targeting related products and keywords.

2. Find blogs in my niche and around the products I’m reviewing that allow comments and write comments to get more people to my coupon landing pages AND review.

3. Create more sites targeting the same keywords and reviewing the same products – I want to dominate the first page of Google for each keyword that’s bringing in the traffic and sales.

4. YouTube and video marketing – I think this niche will be great for YouTube. I have been looking at some whiteboard explainer videos on Fiverr that I might get. Plus I will try to make my own videos with slideshow presentation and voice over.

5. Continue building backlinks to my review pages to rank them higher and for other related keywords.

6. Be more active on social media especially Pinterest.

7. Find more forums that are niche related. I might outsource some of this work to build accounts up.

8. Look into PPC and even reach out to related websites to buy banner space from.

My goal is to get this site earning over $500 a day before May 2018. I was very close to this today (27/03/2018) earning $419.

The way it’s going I think it’s very achievable.

Once I hit that, I will aim for $1000 daily by the end of the year. This may happen sooner…

I’m also making some Amazon sales now as well. These are coming from a link in my own comment section which is an add-on to the Clickbank product I’m promoting (something that helps them).

However..this is only a $19 product and the commissions aren’t very high at all from Amazon – BUT money is money.

Clickbank Earnings Updates – From Start To Present.

Before I show you what’s possible and share screenshots of my earnings for this case study I think it’s important to share the refunds I’ve received so far as well.

Refunds do suck, but it’s a part of business.

Not everyone is going to like the product but as long as I’m making more sales than refunds, I’m pretty happy.

I will keep a close eye on my refunds over time. If it starts becoming more regular, I will go over my review to make sure I’m not promising anything that’s not in the products or reach out to the vendor and asks what’s going on…

The earnings – nom nom!

Below I will try and keep this updated weekly with screenshots of my earnings and add anything I think is important. Hopefully this will inspire and motivate you to take action on your own case study.



UPDATE: 2018-04-02 Biggest Day Yet!



UPDATE: 18th April 2018

The site has been going from strength to strength, and it hit a new record of $650 in a day.

To be honest I haven’t really touched it for a couple of weeks. Traffic is going up, earnings are fairly steady but I think with some more work and content the site can definitely hit $1000 in a day.

Here’s there latest updated screenshot.

Mid May Earnings. $2000+ per Week & More $500+ days

This month has been a good month considering I have not touched this site for over a month now.

Rankings continue to rise for other related keywords and the traffic is sitting around 800 visitors per day.

This site converts extremely good.

One thing I’d like to do is revisit the pages and check to see if I’m misguiding the reader in any way. I am getting refunds but that’s too be expected, however, I will do what I can on my end to minimize that.

Steady $2200+ every week now.

As the site sits, I could probably sell this for around $150k – $160k..Not bad for a side project.

And here’s the payouts so far…


Hopefully, by the end of the year, it will be well and truly in the 5 figures per month.

Not bad I must say…

September Update: $39,826.06


I’ve been so busy and a bit slack with the updates lately for this, and get this ninjas, I have NOT touched this site for about 3 months.

The only thing I’ve done is logged in to update plugins (3min work tops).

I’ve built no more backlinks, I haven’t added any extra content – NOTHING.

Best part is, the site is still generating between $250 – $400 per day. Now that’s what I call passive income.

Quick Heads Up…

I’m working on a new case study which I started about a month and a half ago. I wasn’t going to share this but I feel it will help EVERYONE, especially those who find it hard to write content.

This will be epic, so keep an eye out for my next post. Bookmark my blog and check for updates OR subscribe to my email list using the form below.

Also, the comment section has some killer questions and I’ve done my best to answer them all – please read over them before asking your questions, it may have already been answered.

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  2. Hi Warren, you are king of AM. Your content is so clear and easy to understand. I am in your facebook group and I am happy to be part of it. You have inspired me and will definitely do some affiliate sites. Right now I am I have a travel blog and niche site that I am monetisizing through adsense, I am in the ranking phase cause are new sites.
    Thanks for this awesome post!

  3. Thanks a lot Warren. Love from India buddy. Thanks a lot for this amazing way to try to
    get many sales rather than spending on ads.

    • For each page I normally target 3 main keywords but have synonyms and related keywords mentioned throughout my articles. I don’t stress over it when writing, I try and have a good flow that’s more for the reader and not search engines. Then I edit my article and sprinkle the keywords in where I think will make sense.

  4. Your Article have gave the strength to start working on my Project. It’s really informative case study. i will start implement your Strategies.

    I have also subscribed your YouTube channel the videos are very useful.


    • High quality web 2, blog comments, guest posts, some forum and profile links, video sharing sites – mostly content marketing. If I can get a link that my competitors have I will try get a link from the same place.
      You need good content on your site as well.

  5. Hi Warren

    You’re very down to earth and honest

    Can I ask about the keywords if using 3 you use put H1 FOR main KW

    AND H2 for 2nd and H3 for 3rd

    Or just sprinkle the 2nd and 3rd keywords

    Thanks a lot

    With the coupon site. Will it also work if I just put the coupon CTA In my main site…under the banner or images in the body of the article like Click here to get your Coupon codes or say Click to activate

    • Thanks for your kind words.
      I will have my main keyword in the h1 tag, seo title tag and description.
      I then have different variations of that keyword in h3 tags and naturally mentioned in my article body.

      I always use h1 and h3 tags. I rarely use others…

      As for the coupon code, you can. One trick would be to write a fake comment as someone else saying something like “Hey guys, I just got this from (affiliate link) and used the coupon code (coupon code). Saved me some money – hope that helps”

      ^ Something like that will work fine as well..I’d also mention in the review that someone in the comments said they got a coupon. More or less telling the reader to check the comment section OR quote their comment somewhere in the review thanking them for sharing it.

  6. Truly amazing and inspirational to share stuff that beginner are looking for.

    Few things
    1) What is the search volume for the keywords you are targeting?
    2) Are the products in $ or $$ or $$$ range?
    3) Can you drop a link in article which guides people how to find a good product/niches on click bank?

    It’s amazing to be part of your Facebook group. I came here from there. Hats off. Hope I can make something like this too.

    • Just general type articles talking about the niche. I try to make them look like a personal blog but you can definitely do product reviews on them

  7. Hey Wazza, just had the chance to read to the bottom of this page and, without asking any specific questions (which I’ll do soon), I just wanted to say that you are so generous when it comes to sharing quality, actionable content and info….and all pro bono!!
    So glad I came across your sites, you are the real deal.

    • Hi Mark,
      Thanks reading mate and glad you like it. I will try and share more stuff soon, been super busy but I do have a lot of tricks up my sleeve that I’m sure will help people.

  8. Hi Warren . I have to say a big THANK YOU for all the content you have put out as it is truly helpful for a newbie like me 🙂 . A question I have for you is about the backlink building strategy. I have read somewhere that one shouldn’t just post only the naked url of the page he wants to rank but also dilute with branded and generic urls . What’s your take on this ? What would be a sensible ratio of branded / naked urls?

    Thank you for you time again :).

    • Hi Alex.
      That’s great, glad it’s helping.
      As for building backlinks, yes I like to mainly have either naked url branded these days but don’t be scared to use keywords as well. It needs to look natural so use a good mix of naked url, brand, domain, keyword and generic words like ‘visit website’ ‘check out their page’ ect…

      As for ratio, I don’t really stress over it percentage of this and that I just make sure to mix things up.
      Hope this helps.

  9. Hey Warren, thanks for sharing, great article. Just a question on the coupon site. Do you offer a discount of some sort and if so does this come out of your own pocket or do you ask the vendor for a discount to offer your readers.

  10. Hey wazza,

    The best article I have ever seen. It’s also a good step by step training. I have some questions.

    1.Can i create website #2(coupon website) using web 2.0’s like blogger, Weebly.?

    2.How to get a Coupon code for every product. If they not have mean what should I do?

    3.How to select a product on clickbank. Its with high gravity or what?

    4.Why you dont use H2 headings.

    I hope you will respond to me soon.Any you are a great person. SALUTE!

    Thank you,

    • Heya Haseen,
      Thanks for the feedback mate, glad you like it.
      1.) You can but I don’t know if the conversions will be as good. It looks more professional with your own domain. You can have this separate domain on the same hosting plan. I recommend SiteGround’s GrowBig plan
      2.) Not all products and product owners will have a coupon for you. You could alternatively have a landing page that says Activate Deal, then just say it’s X% off the price. Or Say the coupon has expired Click Here To See Latest Deal.
      3.) I promote all kinds but I find I have most success with products that are between 20 – 80 of gravity. No exact number but if I know I can rank something I will find the best product that suits.
      4.) I will either use a h1 and h3’s only or a h1 and then h2’s only. Most of the time I only use h3’s because I think a h2 is more a second big heading.

      Hope that helps. Good luck!

    • Hi Jo,
      I actually closed my newsletter but might re-open it. I didn’t really have the time to keep it running. Best way to connect is via the Facebook group or via my Youtube channel.
      Thanks for reading and glad you like it.

    • You can do both. Link to the offer and to your review pages.
      That way, people who click your affiliate link might buy – some might click your review and read then buy and you also get the SEO benefits of the article linking to your review.

  11. Do you have sample site of your niche related site?

    Is the domain name can be any? Or related to niche keyword?

    How do we get traffic organically that fast? How much traffic do you receive per day/month per niche site?

    As a beginner, how would you guide me to start the affiliate marketing? I have a Clickbank account already!

    • Hi,
      Sorry I can’t reveal that but I will be doing a tutorial soon.
      The domain name for the review site can be niche related, brandable or something you think fits.
      The domain name for the coupon site I normally choose something that sounds like a coupon site. Like fantasticdiscountcodes,com or couponcodefinders,com

      You need good quality content on your site. Make sure it loads super fast, gives a good user experience and is structured in a way search engines and users can easily navigate.
      Then build strong backlinks and share on social media. You have to replicate organic links and while doing so, be active on social media accounts, forums, blog commenting – join the conversation and engage with the community I guess you could say.

      I help people in the Facebook group ( ) and you can also subscribe to my Youtube channel ( ). And of course, keep checking back on my blog here to see if I’ve updated with tutorials. Thanks for reading.

  12. Hi Love this info! I just wanna know won’t google consider it as a spammy website if u have more review articles with affliate links than information articles (such as how to articles)

    • Hi Richard,
      I have supporting articles as well as the reviews. What I like to do is have 3 supporting (how to, more info type or best of) type articles that link to my reviews.
      Also, as long as you’re providing good information in your reviews and giving the reader what they want – answering their questions and queries, then this will keep Google happy.

      Google wants their users to have the best experience possible so if you can give them everything a user is looking for when they land on your site after searching for their query then great!
      Just don’t spam your site with spammy backlinks or do shady things to game the system. Yes, building backlinks can be looked at as shady or blackhat but at the same time you also need links to show search engines the page is popular and people are linking to it because it’s good content..

      Also, having GOOD content will make your job easier because people will share it and link to it naturally.
      Hope that helps.

      • Thanks for answering! 😀 I see!! For the coupon site tricks, does it work on amazon affliate? Because it might be against their terms of services and concerned about them tracking the earnings from.

        • Amazon does give out coupon codes actually, but I don’t promote Amazon products this way. I’m not 100% if you are aloud to do it with amazon, I mainly focus on clickbank and a few other niche affiliate programs that allow it with no problems.
          Always read up on the programs rules and TOS.

          • Thanks for the great response! I was thinking of buying your course soon! I would like to know if your course does cover alot of more tricks under your sleeve with amazon products! 😀

  13. How many words of content do you have on your sites?
    How many articles have you written
    Are they like these
    “clickbank product review”
    “How to increasses your self esteem”
    How did you rank your site so fast? was it expired domian or auctioned old domain?
    Thank you so much regardless, Your huge fan i am gonna implent your strategy for sure

    • Most of my review articles are over 2k words.
      BUT, I will look at the top ten ranked articles in Google for the keyword and see how many words they have.
      Then I will base my word count around those. If the top 3 have an average of 1700 words I will do 1900 or so..

      Yes very similar to those that you mentioned.
      No expired domains. I created a few web 2 blogs, commented on a few other blogs, stayed active on social media accounts and posted in a few forums. Nothing fancy, no secret seo tricks or anything like that. Just good content, well planned site structure with good user experience and good content..

  14. I was wondering, why do you need a second site for the coupon. I use Thrive, can’t I just use a popup with the coupon page and all the info when they click on my site?

    • The reason I have a separate site for the coupon is so it doesn’t look like I’m trying to sell the product. It looks like you’re saying ohh hey, I got a coupon code from this site (coupon landing page link) and it saved me some money. Rather than saying here’s a coupon if you buy through my link.

      You can still have your affiliate links within your review page because people may also buy through there but if they know they can save money and see that someone else used a coupon and it worked they will follow like sheep.
      Hope that helps.

  15. Hello Sir and congrats for your successful website !

    I have a small question about the social profiles that you create to promote your site..
    How many times do you usually share a link to your website by using 1 social media account ?

    To paraphrase do you have your website url (e.g. in your profile details or you prefer to post links to your website when posting content (e.g. pics or videos).


    • Hi there and thanks.
      I just do it randomly. I try to be as active as I can, when I’m building them up I will have an account logged in on my phone to different social accounts and like and share other peoples stuff. Then randomly link to my stuff every now and then or every new post I publish.

      A lot of the time I will create an account that is for the website – it’s own social account. On this account I will have the site url and details.
      The second social account will be as if I’m a real person sharing stuff and then share pics, videos and anything interesting. It is time consuming but if you make it a habit it because the norm..Definitely worth it if you stay consistent plus you can use this account for other projects as well.

  16. Hey Warren, Great idea and thanks for that , i will for sure try to implement this. I have already the siteground, will go for the theme you have suggested. which Web 2.0 you suggest starting with ? thanks

  17. great content
    time to take some actions!
    I am part of your fb group. I will be needing your help in the upcoming weeks
    cheers mate

    • Love it! Ya got to take action to get traction 😉
      Thanks for being a member of the group, feel free to ask your questions.

  18. Hi Warren!
    Thank you so much for all the stuff you shared! I will do my best to do the same 🙂
    Just a little question, I’m French and my English is not perfect, do you think I can succeed anyway? Another question for the domain name, do you use fresh new domain with exact match or is it better to try to find an expired domain?
    Again thank you for sharing this
    Best regards!

    • Hi Dav,
      You can definitely still succeed – there is always outsourcing to native english writers or you could even promote in your language. So a site in French, actually there was some really good offers on Maxbounty a while back – might even still be there. I haven’t been doing too much CPA stuff lately but will be soon.

      I normally just go with fresh domains. Every now and then I will grab an expired domain if it’s a good domain but I like fresh because you don’t need to worry about them being toxic or ever had penalties.
      Glad you like the content and thanks for reading. Don’t forget to join the group if you haven’t already done so.

  19. Hi Warren,
    Thanks for posting your results they are motivating. I appreciate seeing how to best use clickbank products and how your getting your backlinks.

    I just started a new site, but as soon as I get it built out (there are no clickbank products that I can use for it), I’m looking at doing a clickbank site.

    • Hi Earl,
      If there isn’t Clickbank products simply search for affiliate programs in your niche. A lot of the time there are good affiliate programs for just about any niche.
      Or you could create a sub niche within your site for Clickbank products. Clickbank has thousands of products so I’m surprised there isn’t anything for you.
      Also there is Amazon, and a bunch of other big networks.

      Good luck, keep us updated.

  20. Hello Wazza.

    I tried to find products on Clickbank with coupons, but something did not work out for me, I found only one, maybe I was not looking that way?
    Could you show an example of such a product or suggest how and where to look for them?
    Or it is necessary to ask about coupons of managers of the affiliate company?

  21. Hey there Warren ! Congrats on your success with your site and long may the profits continue flowing :). I have a couple of questions fo you too …

    When you populate your web 2.0s with content , do you link from them to both your review and supporting pages on the money site ?
    Also, when generally building links to your money site , do you prefer to link more to the review pages or the supporting articles ? Obviously , the review pages are the money makers but if supporting pages are ranking I guess with some internal linking , we can redirect traffic to the review pages without them ranking high ?

    Thanks !

    • On one page I will link only to the review, on another page (same web2) I will link to another article on my site.
      I will mostly focus on the review but also build links to other pages. This builds authority to the whole site that way.

      Good content, good links and good internal linking makes it all a lot easier to rank.

  22. Hi Warren,
    Thanks for awesome content you share! It’s GOLD!)
    I have a question about review articles you use on your site. In one of your blog articles, you’ve explained how to write a proper product review. You’ve mentioned that you introduce yourself in a second or third paragraph, and then tell a story about “how did you found the product”. So, do you put “introduction” or “about me” in every product review article you have on your website? Doesn’t it look to spammy?

    The same question regarding “how did you found it”. As I see, for every product you have to tell a bit different story, or just explain that you like to “test and share” different products.

    Good luck with your journey!
    Following and starting my own website =)

    • When writing reviews I like to write them just like the review template I have or very similar. You have to remember, when someone lands on the review page it will most likely be the first time they see your site. They might not even look at your other pages and if you have your review set to full width then you shouldn’t have any leaks.

      With the intro, don’t have the same thing all the time. Just a simple intro so people reading will know who you are and feel like a real person has actually wrote it. They can also relate more and put a face/name to the text.

      With the how you found it section, always something unique that relates to the product. You definitely can mention you test and share different products. But again, most people will only see that one page and then click through to your affiliate links.

      Thanks for the kind words and good luck with your personal journey. Please let me know how you go.

  23. Its not worth it at all especially if you chose the wrong niche or wrong product

    let make a math

    1- The original article for 700-1000 words $60 to 250$

    2- For WEB 2.0 :
    Each article for re-write or “completely fresh articles” lets say $50 or more maybe the good one in fiverr take $150 above
    “SO” ==> WordPress 4 articles + Blogger 3 articles + Weebly 3 articles + Jimdo 5 articles + Over-blog 2 articles = 17 * $50 for each article + Hosting $75 for 1 year + $20 for 2 Domain (.com) + the original article $60 = $1005 mabye more idk

    Do you think this Case Study provide GOOD for “Newbies” or for “investors” or for “non speakers ENG” ?

    I know you good writer and you can write all ur articles by ur self but that dont mean that everyone can be write something so he can avoid more $$$ to tell someone (pls write me some good articles especially in first investing will lost alot of $$ to find good one)

    I’m sorry this this case study not working well for Newbies+non ENG speakers even with investors and its working well with who know “writing good articles and professional”

    but if you want this case study work to all your readers without losing more than $1000 I suggest to be clearly in the first line in this article ( how much money will invest – what experience you need )

    for me i dont need to spend more $1000 for unknown things and dont forget google hit us eveyday .. Good luck

    • Hi,
      If you don’t already know, you can create an affiliate site in your main language. There are products on Clickbank and other affiliate networks in different languages so why not write to people who speak your language? The good thing about that is, less competition.
      I know people promoting to non-english speakers who are making a fortune.

      Also, you’re looking at this all wrong. You have to treat this like a real business.
      If you had to spend $1000 on outsourcing, this is still a very cheap business. Imagine trying to start an offline business – most cost tens of thousands of dollars to start.

      And starting an offline business has it’s risks as well. It’s very much the same thing.

      Also, Google only gives penalties if you’re doing dodgy stuff or building spammy, useless links.
      I’ve literally had hundreds of websites in the decade that I’ve been doing this – a lot of them failed. If I gave up or was too scared to start, I would be still working in a 9-5 or worrying when my next meal would be.

      Good luck.

  24. This is Gold, Warren!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills. Am so grateful to you for that!
    I’ll start working on this strategy now!

  25. I am very much impressed with your layout. I myself have found my mistake after reading this post.
    When can I buy that coupon site template ? Can you share the link?

    • You can use just about any free theme for the coupon site. Just make the page a full width page and have a image of the product, 3 simple steps how to use the coupon code and a big button that says “Use Coupon” or “Activate Coupon”.

  26. Thank you for sharing your case study with us. I am looking into starting clickbank sire. But I am always confuse what niche to go to.

    I was going to ask which of the site is making the money. But from reading and re-reading the post and the comments, I assume your review site links to your coupon site?

    Thank you!

    • Thanks for reading.
      Yes, my review site links to the coupon site so it doesn’t look like I’m trying to sell to people. I do also include affiliate links on my review pages but I find I have a higher conversion rate on my coupon landing pages.

  27. Hey, I came here from franklins youtube video. I had a few questions I wanted to ask you.

    1 Do you explain this method in your free affiliate marketing course?
    2 When starting this how do you figure out if a niche is too competitive or not
    3 Does it take up to 3 months for your site to properly rank in general or is this a “the more work you put in the faster (commenting on forums writing quality reviews etc.)”
    4 is there any way you can incorporate paid ads to this method to increase revenue while decreasing waiting time?

    I hope my questions make sense as I found it hard to write down the thoughts I had.
    I also want to thank you for writing this case study as it is very beginner friendly and easy to follow

    Ps. I was wondering if there where people in the facebook group who have found success using this method as i would love to talk to people a bit further down the road

    Thank you !!

    • Looks good to me mate. Here’s a few things I would personally change and do.
      1. Take away your sidebar and make it full width.
      2. Add a photo of yourself or a photo of someone as a pen name. That way people can put a face to the text and relate to it more.
      3. Add more images in your copy. This will make it easier to read for your reader as it wont look so dull and boring. Carefully choose images to get them thinking about the product.
      4. Add some fake comments to make it look like the page has some social engagement. This will also make it look like other people are interested in the product. Don’t be scared to drop an affiliate link in the comment section.
      Just ask some common questions as a fake, then answer it as you.

      Good luck!

      • thank you man. you are a really great person.i never met a person like you.but one day I should meet you.I am waiting in the line to your updates..

      • Hey man again I have some questions

        1.How to make my site full width. you keyword research for product review posts. many products do you promote.

        4.There are tons of competition in product reviews, how you get visitors to them.

        Hope you would answer these questions. .

        Thank you

  28. How did you rank since now each site targets “clickbank product + review) like there is huge competiton in pretty much all products.

    • My long tail keywords that are supporting the review keywords ranked first. I now rank for different variations of product + review type keywords.
      I believe fast loading sites with good quality content that is easy to digest (good user experience) will rank poorly structured, slow and low-quality sites. I always make sure to give the reader what they’re searching for – answers.

  29. Hi Warren,

    Thank you for the awesome content. I’ve always been a paid ads guy but after reading this case study, I’ll start making little SEO experiments following your guidance.

    I’m curious to know how the site is currently doing and whether you’ve worked on it at all since the last update. Let us know!

    Once again thanks a bunch for the inspiration.

    • To be honest, I haven’t had time to touch the site for about 2-3 weeks.
      My wife and I renewed our wedding vowels (10-year wedding anniversary), I’ve also been very sick last couple of days and we’ve had visitors up.
      Good luck with your site, keep me posted and good luck!

  30. What are you thoughts on this? I already have a site which is a year old but only one buying guide and few product reviews. The site is untouched and only baught a hoth pbn package. Should i do product reviews for click bank on the same site or should i buy a new fresh domain to start it all over? The site is in kids toys niche althought there arent any clickbank products in kids but there are plenty on parenting. So i can do them. Thoughts? Also i even have one in camping niche with one article and like 6 months old? Should i make a new one or work on existing one as they are old and probably out of sandbox.(older than 6 months)

    • Being kids toys niche I would probably start over unless you promote parenting guides or add a category for parents and then start promoting stuff that helps moms and dads with different problems. I know there used to be a potty training guide that converted great, not sure if it’s still on Clickbank but worth looking at.

      You can use your camping one to promote survival guides and products and take advantage of the age of the site. Best thing to do is just take action and test. Document everything and analyze results to see what works for you.

  31. Hey Warren, great case study! Loved it. I have a few questions.

    1) What copy do you use to direct visitors to your coupon site, like how do you make it sound natural?

    2) Do you have sufficient search volume for products that you want to promote?

    3) Where do you include the links to the coupon website in your review site? At the end or somewhere in the middle?

    4) How many pages do you have in your review website?


    • Hi Nalin,
      1.) You simply tell them they can save money by going to the url of your coupon page. So you could say something like: “This product works great and the good thing is, you can get a coupon code via (coupon page) to save some money. I used it and it worked great!”
      2.) Not really, most of the keyword research tools are out a fair bit so if it says 0 search volume but the product looks good and I know it will do well, I will promote it. But, it’s good to go for something that does have proof that it is selling. So, if the product is on Clickbank for example, I check the gravity of the product. If it has some gravity I know people are making sales with it.
      3.) I actually do both. I will mention the coupon link somewhere around the middle then at the end and say something like ” don’t forget to take advantage of the coupon code here at (coupon page), it will save you some money”. I also add the link in some comments in the comment section.
      4.) Most of my review sites have about 30 pages of content. All ranging from 1200-5000 words each. This site for the case study has around 18 from memory.

      Hope that helps.

  32. Warren, this is an awesome case-study bro. Learnt a lot from it. May I know which plug ins you generally use when you start a WP site? Secondly, do you create back-links to the web 2.0s? Thanks.

    • Glad you like it mate.
      Here are some plugins I normally use:
      Yoast SEO
      Wordfence Security
      UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin
      W3 Total Cache
      Google Analytics
      Ninja Forms
      WP Smush – Image Optimization
      Shortcodes Ultimate
      WP Maintenance Mode
      Optin Forms Plugin.
      Polylang – Making WordPress multilingual
      Autoptimize – Autoptimize speeds up your website

      As for building backlinks to web 2’s. YES and do interlinking as well – just like you would with a money site. Hope that helps.

  33. Hi Warren

    Thank you so much for this awesome website and contents. you really give gold dust here.

    Do you recommend using Fiverr because it is cheaper than Upwork and for some like me, English is not my native language?

    • No problem at all mate, glad you like it.
      Yes, you can definitely hire on Fiverr or upwork. BUT, when ordering your articles make sure you give good clear instructions of what you want. Fiverr can be very hit and miss but always check out their ratings and reviews before you order. I don’t recommend buying in bulk, I’ve always had a bad experience with bulk orders because the first few will be good then the quality drops off…

  34. Hey man awesome content.I have some questions:

    1.How to make my site full width. you keyword research for product review posts. many products do you promote.

    4.There are tons of competition in product reviews, how you get visitors to them.
    5.can you explain little more detail about supporting articles?

    6.Can I promote product in the niche “make money” and “affiliate marketing”? ALREADY it’s too to stand out?

    Hope you would answer these questions. .

    • 1. this will depend on your theme you are using. Some have a feature that says in your post editor – full width. If not, you may have to google your theme + full width.

      2. I use SEMRush and spy on competitors keywords. I also use Google trends and tools like kwfinder to find related keywords.

      3. For this case study from memory, I have 6 at the moment. Other sites I have more, some less.

      4. I make sure my content is good, site loads fast, good user experience and then build good quality links. (Never be scared of competition, just be smarter)

      5. Supporting articles are just articles that are related to your main article. These can be a how to use the product or tutorial style article, tips on the problem the product solves, more info about the product or anything related to your article.

      6. Of course, you can. Just be real and honest. People love honesty and can see through those who fake it till they make it. Use Youtube and other video sharing sites to get traffic and also create a facebook group or be active on social media. Work hard and your efforts will stand out.

      On top of that last question pick a niche in a niche. So this could be how to make money as a Clickbank affiliate, how to make money as a supplement affiliate, my journey on making money as an affiliate.

      In this niche, it’s all about building a following and relationships with people. I don’t make money in the ‘make money’ niche.

      Maybe a few dollars here and there promoting hosting but my efforts are in things I’m passionate about like health and fitness, sports, gardening, and gaming.

  35. Awesome case study Warren, but I have two questions in my mind. Hope you won’t mind answering them!

    The very first question is – Did you built any backlinks for the web 2.0 properties ? If, yes then how many and what kind of backlinks?

    The second question is – Which theme you used for the coupon website ?

    Thanks & Regards

    • Thanks for the feedback mate.
      Yes I did to a couple of the web 2’s just some blog comments on other web 2’s that have a link back to mine. I also have a profile link as well to one of them but to be honest, not much. I focus on adding good content to them – share them on social media and bookmarking sites plus like and share other peoples blog posts.

      For this case study, I use generatepress. I have other sites and also other coupon sites that use different themes. Any free theme that is clean and easy to work with will do..

    • Narrow niches are easier to break into because there’s less competition. Once you start ranking and your site has aged and has some trust you can then expand into broader topics.

  36. Hi Warren

    Awesome contents. I finished watching your course videos.

    Did you upload the video 8 ( creating website and coupon site ) on your course?

    I bought domain and web hosting. 🙂

    I have to finish my site and make running this month.

    Thanks in advance

  37. Hey I have a serious question.

    My niche is make money online. This niche have some good products I can promote. Competition is quite high for this niche. After your advice now I am not scared of competition. But I need to do more hard works to stand out the competition.

    And the thing is I requested for some product vendor’s for discount codes.But no one gave me a one.I said you this before.Then you said to create the discount page like “Your discount is not available, click here to check the latest price”.Here are the questions about thus:

    1. If I make my discount page like “Your discount is not available, click here to check the latest price”.what if they go back from my site and searched for another discount offer and purchase the product through another affiliate’s link.

    2.Can I make all of my discount pages “Your discount is not available, click here to check the latest price”.

    3.If you don’t mind can you explain little more detail about this.

    I hope you got the point and will reply me soon.

    Thank you.

    • If you word it like –
      “This coupon has expired. Click here to check their latest deal.”

      ^ This will get them to your affiliate link. You could also say, “this is their only running deal” or something similar.

  38. Hi Warren,

    I have created two sites, one for review purpose and another one for coupon discounts. On the review site I have published two articles out of which One is for relevancy and the second is the review of a clickbank product.

    The first 10 sites ranking on that keyword have words in their article ranging from 700 to 1500 and I have written a 1800+ words review.

    I have already shared my website + articles on Google+ & Facebook.

    Now, what’s next? Can I start building backlinks now or should I publish more supporting articles before building backlinks ?

    • I would add more content to your site. If you only have the two articles, this is not enough.
      Find more subjects to write about to support your review page AND also find new products to write reviews on and then write more articles to support new pages you want to rank.

      After this, you then need to keep promoting. Build backlinks, if you can, do videos and share on youtube, post helpful info in forums and communities, do guest posts, make web 2.0s.

      Also, find your competitors backlinks and if you can, get a link from where they have backlinks.

  39. Hey there ninjas!

    Hope you doing awesone.I have couple of question with the niche site case study and with web 2’s. I Hope anyone help me.

    1.if I create web 2(, i need to submit them in search engines or it will automatically will fetch.

    2. I need to rank my review pages.If I link to review page from web 2.It will get rank or not?

    3. Can I create coupan site with web 2’s ?

    4. For blog commenting-do I need to put the review page link
    Blog commenting.

    Thank you…

    • Hi,
      1. You can just leave them and they will eventually get indexed because the sites are crawled a lot. But, I would build some backlinks to your web 2s – just a few. Some blog comments, bookmarking, social share ect…Don’t go overboard with them, they will get more and more powerful over time. I also try and log into these accounts once and a while to update them and stay active.

      2. It will all depend on the competition and a bunch of other factors like:
      – is your page optimized?
      – the niche and how competitive it is.
      – your word count and relevancy.
      – Amount of backlinks your competitor has and the quality of those links.
      – many more…

      But if you keep working on it you can rank it over time. Just don’t give up, no matter what.

      3. You can but it wont look as professional as your own domain.

      4. You put what ever page you are trying to rank. I normally drop the whole url rather than the keyword as anchor text. I have a post on how to do blog posts

      Hope this helps.

  40. Hi Warren I recently found you via Frank . I must say your journey is very impressive and your earnings must be even higher now …
    So I was wondering if the bulk of the traffic that comes to your website is from your longer tail keywords which you managed to rank for more easily , because you practically started to make sales after a few weeks of getting the site up , which is pretty cool .
    Also , if the answer is no , did you actually manage to rank the review articles at least in top 5 ?
    Keep up the work man !

    • Hi Kostas,
      At the start, that’s where most of the traffic came from – long tail easy to rank keywords. In those articles, I link to my review pages I want to rank which builds relevancy. Now most of my traffic comes from reviews, and other buyer intent keywords. Think of keywords people use to research a product before buying – they’re the ones you want to rank.
      Things like:
      Does X do Y

      There’s heaps, just think outside the box.

  41. I want to say congrats for your website Wazza !

    I saw a question in the comments by someone who asked about the traffic and where it comes from … You said that in the beginning your site drew traffic from the easier to rank long tail keywords and that it’s better to get creative when looking for buyer intent keywords.

    I am a bit confused though , should the supporting articles be populated with those buyer intent keywords variations , or should they be present only when writing a review of a product , or maybe write some extra articles based on those keywords alone ???

    I am asking because through my research I found that stuff like ”product name + review” is too competitive to rank for alone , maybe I wrong and you can actually rank for those terms even if it takes a few months ? It’s just the fact that you ranked so fast the review pages that amazes me to be honest 😛 .

    Also , do you think it would be productive to just write a few articles answering questions in the niche that are not necessary related to the products themselves , you know to build relevance perhaps .

    • Hi mate,
      I will write an article ‘product name review’ regardless of how competitive it is. Reason being, even if you can’t rank for those keywords you can still rank for related keywords if you make your review long and informative. Also, you can drive traffic to those reviews from other pages. So a keyword might be ‘best gaming laptops under $2000’. That might be less competitive than the review keyword so you write a big list of the best laptops or what ever it is and try to rank that page but link to your review in that page to get them interested in the product.

      I recommend writing about anything that will help your reader. So if that’s answering some commonly asked questions – go for it. Link to the main page you’re trying to rank from those pages.
      Hope that makes sense and thanks for your question.

  42. I dropped a long post but it got deleted so this one i will keep short …

    Warren , first of all , this is a kick-ass website you have here with all that info about affiliate marketing which is super helpful for newbs like me ! I really appreciate this effort you make.

    So I read a comment by someone here who was asking about where the traffic comes from and you said to try and rank for different variations of buyer-intent keywords and long-tails ones…

    I wanted to know your opinion on where to best put those buyer intent kws … Is it best to make separate articles with them or is it better to cram all these in the review page , which admitedly will result in a long ass article…

    The way I plan to go forward is write various articles about the products , that answer different questions (not big articles maybe 1000-1500 words) , write a few articles that are related to the niche for relevance and then write the reviews . Does that sound rational ?

    Oh and by the way , did you actually rank in top 3 for the review terms ? If yes , that so cool man because no matter where I looked the competition for terms like ”product”+review is pretty damn high.

    • Buyer intent keywords are keyword phrases people use to search before they are about to buy something.
      Things like:
      best/top/most popular
      where to buy

      Keywords like that. For example, Product Name Results – this might be someone searching to see what kind of results the product produces.

      Your strategy is fine. Just write articles that help people and get them to your offer or page you’re trying to rank. It’s all about helping people get the solution to their problem.
      Yes, I got in the top 3 for the review keywords. I have many sites that rank for review keywords so never think that it’s too competitive. Yes, they can be competitive but if you can do better – go for it.
      The top 3 reviews might be lacking information or maybe they’re boring to read so make your one entertaining.

      Plus there are other ways you can drive traffic to your reviews so it’s still worth writing them and trying.

  43. Hey wazza!

    Quick questions:

    1. Hey I am trying to rank a product. But there’s high competition. I went into the competitors reviews and saw that they are not promoting this product instead they are recommending another product. Is it good to me or bad?

    2. this is my website. I wrote 4 reviews and few supporting articles. Next what should I do? How do I get supporting articles for thus reviews? Examples?

    Any recommendations about my websites? Improvements? Faults?

    Thank you…

    • Hi mate.
      Don’t be scared of competition, you never know as your content might be better than theirs and eventually end up outranking them in the long run. It might take more time and links but it is possible.

      With your reviews answer any questions, address objectives and tell a bit of a story where possible. Something people can relate too – this might be a story of how you struggled to find a good system to follow and then discovered the product which ended up being the ultimate solution.

      I recommend keep adding content, promote your pages via social media, build backlinks (quality links) and make some Youtube videos and add the links in your description. This will also help get traffic. You don’t have to be on camera – just screen record or do a powerpoint presentation.

      As for your site design – I would invest in a logo, consider changing to SSL so it’s https instead of http. Add a photo of your face or add an image of a persons face to your content so it looks more personal and people can put a face to the text.

      Other than that you’re doing great. Don’t give up, just stay consistent and promote.
      Keep an eye on your Google Search Console search queries that Google is giving you impressions for and work on ranking them higher as well.

      Hope that helps.

  44. Hi Warren,

    I have some questions regarding your ‘web 2.0’ properties. First is How do you use them? Do you use them for sending links directly to your site’s homepage or you point them on the articles that you want to rank?

    How many links do you often send from your web 2.0 properties to the site or the article that you want to rank?

    And how do you juice up your web 2.0 properties other than doing social sharing and blog commenting on similar web 2.0 properties?

    Thanks & Regards

  45. Hi mate,
    I normally link to a page on my site that I’m trying to rank. I rarely try and rank my home page – I focus on the articles and reviews.

    I try and do as many as I manually can. So I normally set up a blog on as many different platforms as I can – this takes time but once it’s done it’s done + you can use it for other sites you create in the future and it adds value to your site.

    I don’t really keep count but I normally try and stay active on each so I will drop a comment or do find link opportunities to post too using semrush or

    Hope that helps

  46. Thanks a lot Warren.

    You have helped me a lot. Can you please take a quick look at my affiliate site and let me know what improvements should I do? Or if you can tell me the reasons why my site is not ranking?

    Thanks once again.

    My site is :

    • You’re doing great!
      I would add more content and continue adding content until you get 20-30 pages of good solid content. I’d also focus on building links, at this stage you only have 2 that I can see.

      One thing I noticed, the domain has history on

      Have you owned this domain for the whole history or did you start this just recently as an expired domain?

      There could have been a penalty in place or it may have had bad links previously? Is anything showing in Google Search Console?

      I’d focus more on getting some more content and links. Then see what happens from there.

      • Thanks for your quick response Warren.

        No, I didn’t owned this domain for the whole history. I start this just recently as an expired domain.

        There is no penalty in the Google Search Console. It was having no links when I bought this domain, however I built many for it. (This is the only website which I was talking about in the Facebook group.)

        I am confused whether it is penalized or not.

        • Ohhh that’s right, sorry I get mixed up. From memory you purchased links from seoclerk?

          I would continue to add content and keep building links but build them manually and focus only on quality links.

          Time will tell, but I think it would hurt more if you simply stop doing stuff.

    • Hi mate, good luck with your affiliate site. One quick question, how did you grow DA so fast? I mean DA 14 is really good for a new website. 🙂

      • Hi mate.
        Thanks for reading. The site doesn’t have DA of 14, not sure where that’s mentioned? All I basically do is write really good content, manually build links, share on social media and that’s it to be honest. Nothing fancy just quality content.

  47. man your real life case study of your affiliate site was great,i got a lot of value out of your content,easy to follow road map of how your getting there and where you started with all the links and tools,and of course the hard work you put by in by taking action in the right direction.Im so glad i found your site,keep up the awesome value Darren(idiot shinny object person who takes no action) cheers bro you just brought me back down to earth hahahah#!!!

    • That’s great Darren, glad it helped.
      Shiny object syndrome is a bitch man, I’ve been there but you HAVE to try and avoid those shiny objects and keep your eye on the prize. Consistency pays off, especially if you work hard and smart.
      Good luck bro!

    • You can use Thive Architect for this. For the example I used GeneratePress as the theme then Ultimate Shortcodes as plugin for shortcodes.. Any theme will do really as long as it is clean and easy.

    • You can use any theme really. The idea is to make it look like a coupon site.
      For the example shown, I used GeneratePress as the theme and the plugin is Ultimate Shortcodes.

  48. Hey Warren,
    I know it’s been brought up above but I’d be interested to know what you think if you’re not able to get a coupon. I’ve reached out to some decent products I’d be interested in promoting but I’ve been told they can’t give me a coupon. Would setting the coupon site up like “claim the latest running deal now”, something like that you mentioned above, convert almost as well? I could just move on to other products but wanted to know your opinion if there’s any need to.
    Cheers mate and wanted to mention your new video with semrush keyword research was brilliant. Really valuable stuff!

    • Heya Zack!
      It can work but it can also do the opposite.
      If the vendor’s order page does NOT have a coupon box or do not offer a discount, sometimes it’s better to not mention it at all. Just send them straight to the sales page instead of going the coupon route…

      It’s something you can test and tweak over time. Then compare results – did it convert best with a discount landing page or without it.

      Test out different calls to action on your buttons as well. Things like:
      Activate Discount Now
      Check Discounted Price
      Get Deal Now

      These are all great but you need to test to see which is best for you. Or come up with your own as well.

      Hope that helps and glad you liked the video. Thanks for watching it.

  49. Hi Warren,

    I recently started a niche blog thanks to your videos on youtube but one post in and I’m lost. The niche is saturated and when I type in a keyword on Google it comes out with over 50 million results. Even the clickbank products in that niche. But the thing is that most of these keywords has low competition but huge search results. For instance, lose belly fat by exercise has a search volume of 14k and competition of 0.02 but 59 million results. Do you suggest I dump the site and start a new one in a less competitive niche or continue with it? Site is

    Lastly, your fiverr and youtube tutorial has really helped me. I published 3 videos and I’ve made a sale already. Thanks

    • Hi Sabrena.
      I’m really glad the content has inspired you to take action.
      Never be scared of a little competition. I actually outrank some really big brands and authority sites just by providing more value than they do.
      Yes, the health and fitness industry is saturated but I’d much rather have a small piece of a BIG pie than a big piece of a SMALL pie.

      Definitely keep going with your site, don’t give in – keep adding content that helps your reader. Write articles around topics people are searching for that involve pain, frustration or buyers intent.
      Something I like to do is search for questions in that people are asking – then write content that answers their question in detail. OR, another handy tip is to search Google in brackets like this: “Help I need to lose weight fast” + forum

      ^ This string will bring up forums with that question on the forum page. Because a person is looking for help, they often have a pain or something they’re struggling with. This can also be good for finding stories that you can write about.

      Aim for 30 pages of good solid content. Then start promoting each page via social media and build links to help Google understand what your pages are about.

      I’m really happy for you making a sale – big congrats! I love action takers and you certainly did that, so good for you. Keep doing what works.
      Hopefully you make many more…

  50. Hi, Warren.

    I have some questions about this case study.

    1. Do you targeting product name keyword or general keyword?

    2. How many daily traffic you get so far?

    3. Does sales still coming in?

    Thanks, mate! 🙂

    • Hi mate.
      I will answer in order:
      1. I target both. I have my product name reviews that also target other buyer intent keywords and I target keywords that help the visitor with certain pains or struggles in the niche.
      2. The site gets around 900-1000 visitors per day.
      3. Sales are still coming in. I rarely see a day under $250. The site is averaging around $400 daily but some days I hit $500, had a couple of $600+ days as well. I will update again with screenshots soon.

      Also, rankings are always improving and I’ve noticed in Google search console I’m starting to rank for new keyword phrases related to the niche which is a big bonus…
      Hope that helps.

  51. Hi Warren,

    Excellent content and very inspirational… pushed me to get a similar site going with the aim of getting a minimum of 30 pages/posts of content.

    As mentioned, you have several product review articles and support articles targeting other keywords. In the support articles, do you ever direct link from them to the clickbank products (in your case the coupon site) or do you send ALL your support article traffic to your various product review articles?


    • Hi Christian,

      That’s great! Glad it motivated you to do something similar. To answer your question – YES, definitely. Any opportunity I can get, I will drop my affiliate link. I even put them in backlinks (my web 2’s for example).

      Thanks for your questions.

  52. Hey Warren I still confused in keyword research. Please can you explain a step-by-step guide here. I would love to learn it.

    Thank you.

  53. Hi Warren,

    I just stumbled across your video and tutorials – abit of an overload of information.
    Would you be able to direct to the first part (ground level) that I should start reading from?

    Thank you & kind regards

  54. Thanks Warren for this great case study. I have doubts.
    1. What does the coupon Website have on home page (just incase, the visitor wants to click home page after viewing the deal of aff product from website -1)
    2. Also, how do we get coupon codes? I mean are you choosing the products on clickbank which are offering discounts with coupon codes?
    3. Can this work on mini niche sites only or broad niches aswell like I have MMO niche focused on affiliate marketing (still in process of building) can I link the same to coupon site and promote CB products? Same applies for health care niche like say weight loss or fitness (gym and yoga)
    Ps, I’m sharing my website link would appreciate if spend few moments for a quick glance for review.
    Many thanks

    • Hi mate, sorry about the late reply.
      1. Just make it a generic home page with a write up – maybe for vendors. So you could say, if you would like to host your coupon with us so your wonderful customers can enjoy discounted shopping with your store simply submit your coupon here or contact blah blah..Nothing fancy just something simple.
      2. Contact the vendors via their contact details and simply ask for one. Some wont some will – if no coupon is available either don’t mention a coupon or create a landing page with Latest Price or Activate Deal.
      3. Yes of course. Make the coupon site a generic coupon domain like crazydiscounts,com or couponcodesgalore,com

      Had a quick look – definitely not a fan of that green. It hurts the eyes and green backgrounds doesn’t do your site any favors.
      Hope that helps.

  55. Hey Wazza great content. Just wanted to know something. Hope it has not been asked already (way to many comments to read all of the answers). Your product review pages are targeting the kw “product name” review or are you going for easier kw that have a decent amount of searches? or do you go to target “product name” review and get help ranking with your supporting articles? If the kw “product name” review is a hard one and has high comp would you recommend targeting easier kw*s and work a review in it as a sort of recommedantion within the targeted kw article. Hope I wrote the question understandable enough.

    • Hi Jaka,

      Yup, I go for both product name review type keywords and other long tail keywords. Some are buyer intent, some answer questions related to the product or are about a pain someone has that needs the product. I then funnel those to the main review by writing supporting articles which also helps with SEO for your reviews.

      Hope that helps. Ohh and don’t be scared of a bit of competition. A lot of the time they come and go or your content might be a lot better than theirs. Get the review up regardless as it will help your visitors learn more about the product. Hope that helps.

  56. Hey Warren,

    great idea!

    Do you have some statitistics?

    – How many visitors do you get, how many sales, how many visitors do you need for one sale?
    – How many people landing on the coupon site actually go to the product site? (Reason I ask I had done a small test, but the minority landing on my coupon site actually clicked the button to go to the product site)
    – How many people landing on product site actually buy?

    Do you have a feeling on how much the conversion rate increases via the coupon site (compared to having no coupon at all)?

    Thanks and Cheers,

  57. Amazing update!!!!

    I’m about to get started and had a quick question, I know you’re busy but hopefully you see this!

    I found a potential niche. The problem is, it is health related. Like medical health, not fitness lifestyle health.

    KW research showed a high volume low competition keyword/search for a few really good searches. Everything I see says “low” competition, so that looks promising. But… the sites that do show up on Google are big sites like webmd, mayohealth, healthline, etc. So my question is what is your experience with going after something like that? Is the “low” competition mean I can beat these giants? Are they only showing up because no one has done a better job? Thanks Warren!!!!

  58. Hey Warren! Great stuff and I’m looking forward to this journey.

    Real quick.. I’m looking into a health related offer. It is more medical than fitness type health, like “diabetes” which you list in your niche ideas. When I look at the search results, some big names appear like mayo, webmd, etc. But.. when I use tools for keyword research, the competition shows “very low”. So i’m just a bit confused. Tools say go for it, your niche suggestion page shows it, but search results show some big names coming up. Can these guys be outranked? Thanks for your time!

  59. Hi Wazza,

    Just reading through ALL the comments, amazing interaction, tons of value again, I have a few questions, to the point. I know your super busy, so don’t expect immediate answers.

    When you say you promote 2-6 products in the same niche, for a niche review site, do you mean example niche “dog training” – find 2 – 6 separate products whether clickbank or another – promoting this niche, and write reviews about each?

    Also on the web 2.0 properties, may I ask Wazza, how many words of content do you recommend writing for each below that you mentioned earlier? (4 articles) (3 articles) (3 articles) (5 articles) (2 articles)

    Should the main review articles be “higher search 3k ish plus” keywords? And supporting articles, less comp, lower search long tail keywords?

    Is the overall niche site better as static home page, or as a blog with lots of articles aka posts? When you mention add more content, more pages, do you mean add more posts aka articles? Hope that makes sense.

    Thank you so much 🙂

    • Hi Karen,
      Thanks for dropping by and thanks for being a loyal member of the group.
      1. Yes they can be from any network. I normally pick a few good products to write reviews. I do focus on clickbank because of the high commissions.
      You can find multiple products in the same niche to promote from Clickbank but yeah there’s also Amazon, CJ and a bunch of others.
      2. I mix things up with word count there’s really no exact number. They range from 500 – 1700 words. Does take work but it is worth it and you can do it over time.
      3. For the review, don’t concentrate too much on search volume because say someone promotes the product to their email list and hundreds or even thousands start looking for reviews of the product – if yours shows up and reads your review you have a chance of making the sale.
      4. Over time I do add an article or a short post to keep them site fresh and updated.

      Hope that helps.

      • Thanks Wazza! I just read through your blog post: How Many Pages Should My Niche Website Have? – and found more great answers to these questions. It never stops Wazza, the content! Thanks for your prompt response. 🙂 Yes helps a lot, understanding the puzzle which doesn’t seem to be one, as you say, don’t over complicate.

  60. Warren,

    I’m in it for the long haul. Can this approach work if we want to take the authority route? Lets say were in the health niche.. Having a general health website writing about the most common categories within it, then monetizing those articles that are generating traffic. Have you taken the more authority route with success and do you recommend it?

    Thanks again for the value you give. Found you through Franks youtube channel and also subscribed to yours.

    • Hi Noel.
      Yes of course, this can definitely work and could be more rewarding if you stick to it and really grow it.
      Glad you found the site, Frank’s got some good content out there.

  61. Hi Warren

    It has been a good reading. I am so motivated and pump up to take action on this strategy.
    I am all together new to this but I have been searching for opportunity online to make a living.
    What goes around comes around. So the good that you have done giving out this knowledge and experience with utmost good heart will definitely return to you. Thanks a trillion

  62. Hey Warren, thanks for this case study! I just have 2 questions:

    1.) Whenever you interlink your reviews into your supporting articles, do you interlink on relevant keywords without featuring the fact that you’re linking to a review in any way or will you say something along the lines of “If you’re looking for a well-known way to learn to play piano then read our PRODUCT XYZ review” to essentially entice people to potentially click more theoretically?

    2.) How many times will you link to a relevant review in one supporting article?

    I, like the commenter above, also found you through Frank’s youtube channel and I’ve been taking a lot of action thanks to you and the transparency of your case study. Thank you so much for creating this.

    • Hi David.
      Sorry to me so long to reply.
      I do a bit of a mix – sometimes I will use relevant keywords and sometimes I will link with text which has ‘click here to read my full review’ or ‘you can read the review here’ ect. I also have things like ‘I highly recommend Product NAME if you want to get serious. I’ve written a PRODUCT NAME review here < < ' I normally link once per article but I will link out to other pages on my site or external sites with helpful/relevant pages from my supporting articles. Glad you like the case study and happy you found your way to the blog. Don't forget if you're not a member of Affiliate Marketing Ninjas facebook page you can join here

  63. Thank you for the info mate. This website is built on a .com domain or any other tld? and is it partial match / exact match / branded domain? I’m trying to read as much as possible and many are recommending partial keyword match .com domains. Please share your thoughts on this.

    • I try and stick to .com but if you want to do local affiliate sites you can do the extension for the target audience you want to targt. So for me, becuase I live in Australia I could register a domain.
      Or you can use .net or .org but I generally stick with .com

  64. Great post!
    I’m new to blogging/content marketing and not much of a writer.
    So I was thinking for me to be able to rwally write content often it would have to he something I’m passionate about and know alot about.
    This would be a blog about dog training, feeding, caring and raising a dog. Do you think there is money in a blog like this? Or should I sick it up and pick a different niche with more money to be made?

    Thank you in advance for your help

    • You can definitely make money doing that. It’s all about helping people with their questions and struggles within your content then recommend a product that is the solution – which also generates commissions for you as well 🙂

  65. Amazing case study. I have one question. Should I redirect the visitor to checkout page of the product or the landing page of the product after coupon website?

  66. It’s one of the best and trustworthy case study I have ever read on internet.
    I have taken away some great point about creating link juice from web2.0 sites.
    Thank you so much

  67. Now that’s some motivational stuff! You’re inspiration for many, bro! Keep it going.

    I havea1 Q. By product review articles do you mean you target ” {product name} review” or the actual problem that the product solves e.g ” How to train your puppy fast” and follow your article copywriting blueprint ( the one you have here on amninjas and use puppy training for an example)?

    • Hi Danail, glad you liked it and thanks for reading.
      WIth the product reviews, I target {product name review} but I also do write informative articles and top list type articles like {best puppy training courses}. The idea is to find what people are searching for and write content that helps them answer the questions they’re asking or struggling with. You can definitely follow my blueprint/template with just about any type of content, it works great!

      Thanks for your question.

  68. Hey warren,

    I built up a website – sshtec(dot)com. I posted many articles. But i dont recieve any traffic.

    My native language is not English. So i write my own articles.

    Can you please review the site and-

    -Can you understand my articles? I mean my English?is persuading?

    -if this your site what you would do?

    -what is recommendings?

    BTW Thank you for all your golden nuggets…

  69. What kind of products are you linking to from your coupon page? For example how would you make this work with Amazon not all products have a coupon or discount. If your using click bank only do most products allow you to promote with a discount coupon? Just curious how you are finding the coupons you are promoting.

    • I reach out to the vendor and ask for one. If they don’t have a coupon then I sometimes still create a coupon landing page but get them to click the link to discover latest deal.
      Just be careful doing this with other affiliate programs, some don’t allow you to promote coupons. Clickbank is cool with it but.

  70. Hi Warren. Really excited with the latest update. Just want to know if your site experienced any downturn in traffic as you’ve not added any new content and backlinks since June?

    • Hi Isaac.
      No, it actually gained traffic but it’s now levelled out and gets around 750-900 visitors per day. I’m going to start publishing more content on the site very soon but I’ve just been way to busy with other stuff. I may even outsource some of the content to build it up to 30+ pages, see if I can ramp it up.

  71. Hello!
    Thanks for the free information you gave. I’m glad I learnt something without paying for it LOL. I just started affiliate marketing 3 days ago and I am using wordpress for the advertisements. I’m having a hard time sending traffic to the blog and even getting emails using the this method (Ask for their email address to know how to earn blah blah blah) and I still have none. Can you please advice me on the steps to take? Thank you!!

    • Hi Cherie.
      Are you using a free blog at ?
      If so, invest in a domain name and some hosting – this will cost you about $100. I recommend going with ( for plans).

      Then add lots of content and give value. Be in the business of helping others – so search for what your visitors are looking for and help them by giving answers and guidance.
      To get traffic you can do paid, SEO, social media or Youtube. All of them are great if you focus and dedicate time to them. It’s not an overnight thing, this takes time and can take money but if you stay consistent and put the work in, you’ll see results. The challenge is half the fun 😉

      Have you downloaded my cheat sheet? Top navigation bar – Cheat Sheet will get you there.

  72. Hi wazza,
    I sent you a lot of e-mails but you weren’t replying. I gave a question relating to all the fuss about the new google algorithm on health niche ?. would you still advise me to go ahead with my micro health-niche website.
    NB : the key word I’m targeting has tons of search volumes, but very low competition. And also, there’s only one strong competitive website that ranks highest and it’s an E.A.T website.

    • Hi mate,
      Sorry but I’ve gone through my emails and have none from you?
      If you’re going to go into health niche then make sure your content is really good! I have sites in the health space and they didn’t lose rankings, I actually improved for some keywords I was ranking for. But it does look to be a bit harder. Really good content, quality/strong backlinks and try back it up with facts.

      I can’t say how it will go, but if you work at it, stay consistent and add nothing but quality content you should be right.

  73. Hi Warren. Your updated result continues to motivate me. Great job mate!

    I’ve been doing web 2.0 backlinks for a few months now and while I can see the backlink count increase, my website traffic decreases! Any idea on what could possible happen?

  74. Hi Warren,

    Great content! Most “gurus” would make us pay for this kind of information nowadays.

    Some questions. I got confused with what you mentioned that you had 6 product reviews – are these reviews on 1 Product that you promote, or is it 6 products (1 review for each product so to say).

    If so, then do you make 6 coupon websites – 1 site for each product review?

    Sorry that I got confused, but I think the details matter for me.

    Thank you regardless.

  75. Are your planning on creating a new case study or updating this one? Another question relating to SEO, do you think that writing fake/your own comments do bad things for your SEO? I heard that google checks if the user is not a newly created account and has been on google multiple times.

  76. Hey Warren, I started using Clickbank in 2014, its started out great, i had 100 hundreds of ads on Craigslist in different countries, it was great, i made $250 dollar in one day in my first month but then Craigslist blocked me and the traffic slowed way down. But after reading your article it has inspired me to start again. Thanks!

  77. Dear Warren,

    Really want to say thank you for your genius sharing. You did so well in making everything simple & effective.

    Can I ask something about this strategy?

    1. Does this site is about MMO (internet marketing) niche? If not, did you write the content by yourself or hire writer?

    Can you share with me some trust platform that I can hire writer because I’m not a native speaker, I’m Asean.

    2. With this strategy, can I build a site with general niche such as: health & fitness so that I can review & do affiliate for all of products in this niche on Clickbank?

    3. Do you think about using paid traffic to scale the income?

    Thank you so much. I hope will see more case study about Clickbank.

    • Hi Zen,
      Glad you liked it.
      I’ll answer you questions in order:
      1. No it’s not in MMO and I wrote most of it myself but did hire a writer to do some articles. I actually have an article writing service here – but there’s always upwork, problogger and iwriter. You just need to give good clear instructions of what you want.
      2. Yes you can. Do try to organise your site so the content is in relevant categories. I think site structure is important. But there’s plenty of sites that are in multi-niche that do really well – sites like are a good example of this. BUT I do recommend starting with a small handful of categories and gradually add more over time.
      3. Yes, I’m actually dabbling in paid traffic at the moment and it’s kind of new to me because I mainly focused on SEO and other methods. I have done paid ads in the past but never really went hard on it – this year I plan to somewhat master it 😉

      Thanks for dropping in and for reading the case study. Hope that helps.

  78. Hi Warren,

    I want to ask something about the strategy that on this site you review 6 products in same niche. I get a little confuse about this.

    Are these 6 products different in content or purpose? Is it ok for us to review many products in same niche (products found on Clickbank marketplace)?

    Take an example, in Paleo diet niche, Clickbank has 5 products with similar content. We review 5 products on our site, so what is the point to make sales? Does this make visitor get confused and dont know what to buy?

    Hope you can share more about CRO on affiliate site like the one you’re talking in this case study.

    And will you have more case study in near future? 😍

  79. Hello Warren,

    You have done very good results and I hope you are still doing that great. I am considering to implement some of the things, you have mention.

    Recently I started making sales with Clickbank from a blog only free traffic(SEO, social media, blog comments), but I want to ask you something else.

    As you know there are often some google algorithm updates and they move your sites in the ranks at least in my case, I dropped drastically, I haven’t used any black hat techniques, illegal things etc. I don’t know, if it has happened during your case study.

    For example 5-6 days ago, I was getting like 100 visitors per day from one article, which I have just posted, ranking at first page for at least 15-20 keywords, back then and after 19 July, I am getting like 10 visits on my site.

    I want to ask you what would you advise me to do ? Some people say to wait till the next google update and then the ranks will recover or the post constantly content, doing web 2.0 etc or just to wait.

    I suppose that you have experienced such thing as an affiliate marketer with a lot of experience in that area. What do you usually do in such cases ?

    I would really appreciate, if you answer,

    • The site averages 800 – 1000 visitors per day which really is not much at all. Goes to show, you don’t need tonnes of traffic to make good money.

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