Best Affiliate Marketing Tools

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There are so many affiliate marketing tools, how many of them do you actually need?

I am going to be sharing my essential tools, these are the affiliate marketing tools that I use on a regular basis.

Ill then go into detail on other recommendations based on their uses IE hosting, themes etc. All of the tools lists are ones that I do actually use.

It’s always important to review the tools you are using, even more so those that you pay on a monthly basis. It’s really easy to continue paying for a tool, even though you might not be using it much.

You can also do affiliate marketing without a lot of these, although they do make it much easier and help you to scale.

Lets get to it…

My Essential Affiliate Marketing Tools

So below are the tools that I use on a daily/weekly basis.

Jarvis AI

Jarvis AI Logo

Jarvis.AI is a copywriting tool that is completely AI-driven. It basically allows you to have the AI create the content for you, and it’s actually decent content. This has helped me increase my weekly content creation by 500%



SurferSEO is one of my most used tools when creating and updating my content. It is used to analyse sites that are ranking for a specific keyword. You can then take these suggestions and improve your own content to make sure it matches those ranking


I’ve always been comfortable with photoshop, Canva help me to create designs in a fraction of the time. It features templates to speed workflow and the pro plan has a lot amount of stock photos for you to use. Perfect for website graphics and those for social channels.


Ahrefs logo

Ahrefs is probably the one tool that I use the most. I use it for all of my keyword research, finding low competitive terms as well as the higher link bait terms. I then use to to analyse my competitors to see their top pages as well as who links to help, this helping me build potential backlinks.