Affiliatable Review – See How It Boosts Your Conversion

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How would you like to learn how you can increase conversions in less than 10 minutes? I’m not joking either….

The great thing about working on CRO is that you can increase revenue right away.

There are a few things that you can do to you money pages to generate you more money, without having to worry about increasing traffic.

So how’s it possible I hear you say…..

There are certain on-page elements that can really impact your conversion, such as;

  • Product Overview boxes
  • Pros/Cons Boxes
  • Top 3 Product Boxes
  • Comparison Tables
  • Vs Boxes

Now this is possible with Gutenberg and page builders to some degree BUT they tend to slow down your load time and can take awhile to actually create.

….Let me introduce you to Affiliatable

Affiliatable Review

Like the product box? This was actually done using Affiliatable & it only took less than a minute to make

What is Affiliatable?

Affiliatable has been designed to help you create on-page elements that have been proven to increase conversions.

You can easily create standout elements such as comparison tables, top 3 boxes, product boxes and even pros and cons boxes.

Its cloud based as well, so its lightweight and will not add any plugin bloat to your website. Helping to not only boost your conversions but help to keep your pages loading quickly.

What Can You Do With Affiliatable?

I’m going to show you exactly what you can do with Affiliatable. I’ll show you an example of each box and table you can easily produce within minutes. So the 5 elements you can create are;

  • Top 3 Boxes
  • Comparison Tables
  • Product boxes
  • Pros and cons boxes
  • Rating boxes.

Below you can see elements that I’ve done, with each template available on the paid plan. (You do get access to a free template on the free plan)

Top 3 Boxes

We know that visitors don’t stay long on our pages, unless we grab their attention. This is why top 3 boxes can work so well on best XYZ style content. They are usually after the best product, so if you can provide an easy to understand table t showcase the best. Your conversion will increase.

I will always use these under my initial introduction text.

There are 7 different templates that you can choose from.

Affiliatable Top 3 Box

Comparison Tables

Comparison tables work incredibly well. They are a great way for you to showcase benefits or features of a list of products. Allowing your visitor to compare them with each other.

There are a massive 9 templates to choose from;

Affiliatable Amazon Comparison Table

Product Boxes

Once you’ve introduced your visitor to the list of best products, the next step is to provide a more detailed overview or review of each one. This is where the product boxes come into action.

They take boring walls of text and turn them into something that looks good and encourages click throughs.

There are a total of 8 templates, allowing you to really test which converts better for you and your traffic.

Affiliatable Product Boxes

Pros and Cons Boxes

Pros and Cons on your product reviews and your best XYZ pages will really help improve conversion. They help to show independence, which in turn helps to build trust with your reader.

There are 7 templates to pick from and each one designed to really stand out.

Affiliatable Pros and Cons

Rating Boxes

Finally we’ve got rating boxes. These allow you to rate individual products based on features. Again helping to show that you are properly reviewing each element of a product. Building trust, which increases conversion.

There are 2 templates to choose from.

Affiliatable Rating Box

Affiliatable Features

As you can see, Affiliatable can be some impressive boxes and tables. It also has a number of features that helps make it even better.

Amazon Integration

If you’re promoting through Amazon, you can speed up creation by connecting directly to the Amazon API. This helps you pull key data straight into your elements such as product name, product image and description.

All you need is add your Amazon Associates ID and the Product Advertising API Key and your good to go. Simply add the products ASIN code and it will pull it in.

One of the things that I love is the ability to change this information. For example you will want to create a unique product overview but potentially still use the image.

Multiple Buttons

With all elements you can set up multiple buttons. I find this really useful on my best xyz style posts where I want to have a buy now CTA but also have a CTA to send people to a full, in-depth product review.

You can fully customise the text and colour of each box individually.

Schema Optimised

One feature I love is that Affiliatable will give you the option to automatically add review schema.

In the settings simply enable schema and then add the URL that the element will be on and your good to go…simple!

Colour Options

We all have different themes and have different colour palettes for our websites.

The great thing about Affiliatable is that you can adjust the colours of the elements to match your theme.

Not only that but you can fully customise the colours of your buttons as well, helping to make sure they stand out.

Optimised For Speed

Speed is incredibly important when it comes to your website. Both as a ranking factor and the fact that it has a big impact on your conversion.

Affiliatable is all cloud based, so it loads on your site incredibly quickly. You can either use code to call the elements or use a lightweight plugin. Either way, your going to get the same results as a page builder with much less bloat.

Affiliatable Pricing

When it comes to pricing Affiliatable is probably one of the best priced tools I use. Plus it’s one of those tools that can generate you ALOT more money that it costs.

I love the fact that there are NO monthly fees. There are 3 plans with a free plan if you’re just getting started.

Basic (Single)
  • One Website
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Unlimited Tables & Boxes
  • Premium Templates
  • Schema Optimized
  • Live Chat Support
  • Team Member
  • Copy Function
Pro (Single)
$39/ Year Or
$199/ Lifetime
  • One Website
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Unlimited Tables & Boxes
  • Premium Templates
  • Schema Optimized
  • Live Chat Support
  • Team Member
  • Copy Function
$89/ Year Or
$399/ Lifetime
  • Unlimited Website
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Unlimited Tables & Boxes
  • Premium Templates
  • Schema Optimized
  • Live Chat Support
  • Team Member
  • Copy Function

There are naturally limitations to the free version but its enough to test it out and see some conversion increase. However for $39 per year, I think it’s a bargain.

Affiliatable FAQ

Do you have to be an amazon affliate?

No you dont. Affiliatable allows you to manually put in images/URls etc. So you can use it no matter what affiliate program/network you use.

Can I use Affiliatable on multiple sites?

Yes you can use Affiliatable if you are on their Pro Infinite Plan. This allows you to use it on unlimited sites, so you don’t need to pay per site.

Free Plan Does What I need, Why Upgrade to Pro Plan?

If the free plan does everything then there is no need to upgrade. I soon ran into the limitations as I wanted to use different templates. With the free plan you are restricted to just the 1 design.

But like I said, this is enough to get you started and see a good improvement to conversions.

Does Affiliatable work well with page builders?

Yes Affiliatable works well with all the main page builders. If you use the wordpress plugin version then its simply a case of adding shortcode to your post.

Is it a plugin or script?

It actually gives you the option of both. So you can install the lightweight plugin and load up your boxes using short code. Or you can simply put a script in your header and then load the box up from the cloud with script.

Will it slow down my website?

No it’s been designed to be lightweight and ran from the cloud. It will take up a little resource but not enough to make you notice.

In fact I replaced the page builder I was using for this, so actually saw a BIG improvement to my speed.

My Final Thoughts

Its pretty rare that I’ll come across a tool that I feel is a must have. But ill have to admit, Affiliatable is certainly one that I would fully recommend.

Now you can do the same using a page builder BUT they are usually more expensive, take up more resources, slows down your site AND takes longer to create.

With Affiliatable you have amazing looking boxes and tables in just a few minutes. Whats even better is that you can simply copy one you have previously made and update it..saving you even more time.

So if you’re looking for product boxes, top 3 tables, comparison tables, ETC then you cannot go wrong with this. Its what I currently use for many of my affiliate websites and something I’ll continue to use.

I hope this Affiliatable review has been useful, if you do have any comments or questions please do comment below.

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