Choosing & Buying A Domain Name

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Buying A Domain & Hosting For Your Affiliate Site

Affiliate Marketing Crash Course:

Read this if you’re serious about affiliate marketing…

You can make a LOT of money as an affiliate marketer but if you come in thinking you can do this all for free, you’ll fail hard! 

If you want to make real money, you have to spend some money.

But don’t stress, here’s some of the best hosting providers where you can get a domain name and hosting for under $100 for a whole year!

A lot of people think making your own website is super hard and you need to know coding, programming and all the techy jargon that gets thrown around, but I’m here to tell it’s really not that hard.

Having your own website is an asset you can sell and have full control of..Free blogs however can shut you down without warning, lack much needed features and they display their own ads which can cause your visitors to leave!

I show you how to make your affiliate website in the next video but before you jump to the next steps, check out the hosting deals below.

I suggest grabbing your domain and hosting from the one company, it might cost an extra dollar or two but it’s so much easier..

Top 3 Hosting For Affiliate Sites:

SiteGround are super fast hosting and what I personally use for most of my affiliate sites. You get free SSL, One click WordPress install and they’re officially recommended by This site you’re on is hosted at SiteGround and what I recommend to all my students..

have been around for years and have one of the most affordable hosting online. They host millions of sites and you can get a months worth of hosting for as cheap as a cup of coffee. At just $3.95 per month and plenty of bandwidth, Bluehost is a great choice.

Another hosting company that has been around for over a decade. Hostgator host millions of websites worldwide and they’re also dirt cheap. Out of the 3 SiteGround are definitely the fastest but Hostgator aren’t too bad and are just fine for hosting your affiliate site.

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