5. Joining Affiliate Programs

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How To Join Affiliate Programs & And How They Pay.

Okay, you now know the basics of what an affiliate program is and what you should look for when signing up.

This step is pretty basic really because most affiliate programs have good clear instructions for signing up, so I’m not going to go to far in detail with the sign ups.

In the up coming videos, I’m going to be creating an affiliate site as an example for this course and it’s going to have a mix of different products from different affiliate networks.

That way, you can all watch over my shoulder as I create a website step by step showing you the exact steps that I take to create these types of websites.

The main affiliate programs I will be signing up for will be:


Clickbank is an online retailer for digital products (intangible goods) like eBooks, Software, Video courses and membership sites – basically most kinds of digital downloads.

Product creators or ‘vendors’ can submit their digital products to be reviewed by Clickbank and if accepted they will be displayed in the marketplace.

Clickbank handles the payments for the vendor when a customer buys something or subscribes to a membership and they also handle the payments when paying affiliates.

Basically, they’re are a payment gateway and middleman between the vendor and affiliate.

The reason why I personally like Clickbank so much is because of their high commission rates.

Because they have very little costs involved product creators don’t mind giving affiliate a larger commission.

Sign up to clickbank: https://accounts.clickbank.com/signup/

Simply follow the instructions on the sign up page to get started with clickbank.com

I will be promoting products from the clickbank marketplace in the example affiliate website.

Amazon.com (Amazon Associates Program)

Amazon is one of the largest online retail stores for physical products. There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of amazon.com but may not have known about their affiliate program which is called the Amazon Associates program.

With millions of products that you can promote as an affiliate, they are one of the most popular affiliate programs on the net.

The commission rates are fairly low ranging from 1% to 10% depending on the category.

Here is a table of fixed commission rates they offer:

Don’t let the low commission rate put you off because you can still make a LOT of money promoting their products.

Amazon Associates Sign up: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/welcome

Simply follow the prompts that amazon ask in the sign up process.

I will be promoting products from Amazon in the affiliate website as an example.


Maxbounty are a CPA network that has all kinds of offers you can promote including:

  • Email submits
  • Game downloads
  • Zip code submits
  • Surveys
  • Give aways
  • Pay per sale offers.

They do have others but we will be looking at some CPA offers for this example affiliate website.

Maxbounty Sign Up: https://www.maxbounty.com/signup.cfm

Simply sign up by following the instructions on the sign up page.

Each one of these affiliate networks have different products and offers you can promote, but they have a very similar sign up process.

Once you’re signed up to these you can follow along with the rest of the course.

These will give you a good idea of how to sign up for just about any affiliate program if you choose to go with a different network.

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